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This is a reach, but Garoppolo has the tools and comes into a good situation to be groomed.
Barring injury, there is no way Garoppollo starts, but it has been said they are grooming him as Tom Brady’s replacement.
Stork shows good movement in the running game and is a very tough player, but he really needs to work on his technique as a pass protector and his length and strength really hurt him.
I don’t think that Stork will be starting year one and he has to improve on a lot to have a chance of seeing the field. I am lower on him because I think he is maxed out as an average player, but he can contribute very quickly. He is likely going to see snaps in a deep running back rotation and has a chance to play on special teams and get some third down duties.
I think this is a bit of a reach, but no doubt Fleming’s size is hard to pass on here.

Halapio has a lot of upside due to his impressive strength and this is very good value for him. Belichick has a history of bringing athletic, versatile freaks like Moore into the front seven and Moore could see the field sooner than later.
Thomas at the very least can be a stud special teams player but I think could develop into a good nickel back who provides help in run support as well as coverage.
Incredibly smart player who works underneath, finds soft spots in zones and has soft hands.
Gallon is going to be a contributor in the NFL and it is best to snatch him up here than let him get stolen by a team in free agency. Gallon will likely start low on the depth chart, but expect him to be starting in the slot in two to three years.
Easley is in my top five and if he can get back to full health, this might be viewed as one of the steals in the draft.

He can play inside, outside, one gapping, two gapping, it doesn’t really matter, he is an impact player and Bellicheck will find a way to get him out on the field. If he can clean up his work in the pocket, he could be a very good starter down the line, but that is a big flaw to fix. He needs to adjust his instincts and learn to use his frame a bit better for power, but the sky is the limit. He has great all around strength and does a great job of using multiple moves to make it into the backfield. He does have two ACL injuries to his name, but if he can be healthy, he could be one of the best players from this class.

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