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If you’re like most fans around the world, NBA 2K13 is a staple of your basketball world. I don’t know about everyone else, but whenever I play 2K, it’s all about run and gun.
With his post-proficiency and finishing Signature Skill, he’s a great option for an inside offensive player.
His defensive pressure is as good as his real life counterpart though, so if you’re still rocking 2K13, make sure you’ve got an updated roster with Andrew Bogut included to make up for that.
Klay Thompson is a pretty one-dimensional player when it comes to 2K, which isn’t very fair, considering his vastly improved defensive repertoire, which we saw during the previous season. His Spot-Up Shooter and Deadeye signature skills make him almost automatic if he receives the ball in a position to shoot, with latecomers to the defence party barely having an effect on his shot.
In fairness, Andre Iguodala hasn’t played a minute on my Warriors 2K squad, as he’s been a Nugget for all of the current generation, but if his ratings and play style hold up for the next game, he’s going to be blowing up opponents on either end of the court. The greatest part of playing with Andre is that when he gets close enough to the rim with a running start, there is nothing that is going to stop him from dunking on his opponents. He’s a great defensive player also, guarding 1-3, and it makes for some freedom when picking defensive assignments.
Now, Harrison Barnes isn’t the greatest player out of the box, but it’s the long haul that you want to keep him around for.
He has an outside game, which helps to spread the floor, but it’s his inside presence and athletic ability that makes him a great member of the team. We all know that Stephen Curry is an All-Star, and the league took notice of that once he was overlooked for the 2013 game. His outside shot is deadly in the game, as it is in real life, able to hit almost anything from the perimeter.
He has a great passing ability and ball-handling, and lesser defenders will find themselves on the back end of some nasty step-back J’s and drives to the rim, which improve with time in the game. His defence is lacking, which the creators of 2K14 have also noted, giving him a fairly low ball 88 ranking for the upcoming release.
Sprite Slam Dunk: Zach LaVine Zach LaVine will showcase his dunking ability in the 2015 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. This special edition of Real NBA uses Kobe Bryant's recent 61 point performance at Madison Square Garden as a launching point to look back at his most spectacular individual performance - his historic 81 point game in 2006.

Lakers G Kobe Bryant scored 81 points--the second highest point total of all time--and the Lakers defeated the Raptors in a historic game. Lakers G Kobe Bryant scored 24 of his 65 points in the fourth quarter and added nine more in overtime, powering the Lakers to a 116-111 victory.
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The latest roster for NBA 2K15 All Star Roster 24 January 2015 will be downloaded automatically as long as your PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, or PC is connected to the Internet.
Special thanks to r00t for converting Charlotte Bobcats to Hornets and for updating all the coaches. Important note: Most new players that you guys requested can be found in the free agency pool.
OK thanks rookie face problem is solved, but still the national team has the same shirt for away and home.
From the casual fan, to the hardcore, to the actual players, 2K is a franchise that is built on great simulation of the sport we know and love. Get the ball, outlet pass, and go to work with either Stephen Curry or a SF, so David Lee gets left behind quite often. His Hustle Points skill also makes him a great rebounder and put-back king, so even if you’re not controlling him, he’s great to have on the floor.
It does make for some frustrating moments during the game, but his shooting stroke is deadly, which makes him a great part of your 2K squad.

When playing Association, I constantly find myself extending his contract due to his potential, which he always seems to take advantage of, becoming an All-Star in 2-3 years.
He only has Spot Up Shooter in his Signature Skills, but it’s the Black Falcon highlight plays that make Barnes worthy of keeping on the squad, even when 6 or 7 seasons have passed.
Well 2K knew that he deserved it, and it doesn’t take Curry long to get that Star next to his name in the game, developing his game to new heights across a short few seasons. Spot up Shooter, Shot Creator and Heat Retention make for some uncannily similar games to his 54-point performance in New York during the 2012-2013 season.
His Pickpocket skill makes him useful, but faster and stronger players can burn by him quickly.
It includes the 2014 draft picks, new coaches, latest trades & transactions, and the newly named Charlotte Hornets!
If I miss anything in this roster, leave it in the comment section below so that I can add it in the next update. Adding USA national teams is very good, but its not possible to play for instance with usa 2014 team vs. He’s deadly around the rim, but also has a great passing ability, which we hope to see in game and on the court for the Warriors next season. All trademarks, images and modified files referenced and featured here are property of their respective owners. This is for those who are always requesting if they can only download the 2014-15 season update. Since there’s no alternate jersey slot for the CHA r00t replaced the old Bobcats NBA (green) with the new teal uniform. Lockdown Defender and Interceptor skills make him a handful, even for the best of the best.

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