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The WMD civil support teams are able to deploy rapidly, assist local first-responders in determining the nature of an attack, provide medical and technical advice, and pave the way for the identification and arrival of follow-on state and federal military response assets. They provide initial advice on what the agent may be, assist first responders in that detection assessment process, and are the first military responders on the ground, so that if additional federal resources are called into the situation, they can serve as an advance party that can liaise with the Joint Task Force Civil Support. The units provide critical protection to the force, from the pre-deployment phase of an operation at Home Station through redeployment.
These National Guard teams provide DoD's unique expertise and capabilities to assist state governors in preparing for and responding to chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) incidents as part of a state's emergency response structure. With RAID teams renamed WMD-CST, the first 10 teams were based in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, California, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington; with each team being originally fielded in each of the 10 Federal Emergency Management Agency regions.
These states were selected after a very careful and objective analysis that places the teams closest to the greatest number of people, minimizes response time within a geographical area, and reduces the overlap with other teams' areas of responsibility. In Fiscal Year 2000, Congress established an additional 17 CSTs to expand the nation's capability and decrease response time for WMD incidents. If the situation were to evolve into an event that overwhelmed state and local response assets, the governor could request the president to issue a declaration of national disaster and to provide federal assistance. Each team has two large pieces of equipment, a mobile analytical laboratory that it deploys with, that is utilized for field analysis of chemical or biological agents, and they also have a uniform command suite that has the ability through multiplexing systems to provide interoperability of communications to the various and sundry responders who may be on scene.
The Department of Defense notified Congress on February 26, 2002, that the Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team (WMD-CST) from the Ohio National Guard, the 52nd WMD-CST stationed at Columbus, OH, was certified, and thus fully ready to assist civil authorities' response to a domestic weapon of mass destruction incident, and in possession of the necessary skills, training and equipment to be proficient in all mission requirements. The Ohio team newly certified is part of the 17 teams authorized in the National Defense Appropriations Act for fiscal 2000.
It should be noted that, as of mid-2002, only 32 WMD-CSTs had officially been formed by the Department of Defense and were being federally resourced, trained, evaluated, and operated under federal doctrine. On February 5, 2003, the US Department of Defense notified Congress that Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Teams (WMD-CST) from the West Virginia, Tennessee, and Michigan National Guard were now certified.
On March 6, 2003, the US Department of Defense notified Congress that the 46th WMD-CST from the Alabama National Guard, stationed in Montgomery, AL, was now certified. On March 9, 2004, the Department of Defense announced that it had notified Congress of the fielding plan for 12 additional Weapons of Mass Destruction-Civil Support Teams (WMD-CSTs). On November 22, 2004, the Department of Defense announced that it had notified Congress of the fielding plan for 11 new Weapons of Mass Destruction-Civil Support Teams (WMD-CSTs). On Jul 25, 2006, DoD announced that the 13th WMD-CST in Coventry, RI, the 14th WMD-CST in Windsorlock, CN, the 42nd WMD-CST in Greenville, NC, and the 102nd WMD-CST in Salem, OR, were now certified. On September 21, 2006, DoD announced that the 32nd WMD-CST at Fort Meade, MD, and the 47th WMD-CST in Jackson, MS, were now certified. On April 06, 2007, DoD announced that the 33rd WMD-CST of Washington, District of Columbia, was now certified, thus bringing the total number of teams certified by DoD to 49. On May 30, 2007, DoD announced that the 85th WMD-CST of Lehi, Utah and the 92nd WMD-CST of Las Vegas, NV, were now certified.
On November 30, 2010, DoD announced that it had notified Congress that the 24th WMD-CST, based in Brooklyn, NY, had been certified, making it the 2nd WMD-CST certified for the New York National Guard. Copyright ©2016 Armorama and Kitmaker Network, a subsidiary of Silver Star EnterprisesAll Rights Reserved. Close Protection Unit Royal Military Police (CPU RMP) is a unit of the RMP that specialises in protecting high ranking military personnel and other VIPs. CPU RMP typically deploy in small 3-person teams but can also work as 4-person Special Escort Section. The training course culminates in an extended exercise in which the students must protect a 'VIP' over a period of several days. A pair of Royal Military Police (RMP) Close Protection Operatives, carrying C8 CQB carbines, guard British Lt.
Members of 156 Provost Company, RMP CPU protect Brigadier Giles Hill, the then commander of 16 Air Assault Brigade during a training exercise.
The story of the British Army sniper who achieved the world's longest successful sniper shot while serving in Afghanistan. The United States Army is an elite fighting force known around the world for producing the finest soldiers through intense, superior training. The US Army’s foundation can be traced back to 1775 with the formation of the Continental Army. The Army consists of three main elements: Active Duty (regular army), the Army National Guard, and The Army Reserves (both of which are reserve components). Regardless of their job specialty once in the US Army, each serviceman or woman is a Soldier first.
Today, the Army has bases and facilities all over the world, and they enjoy a stellar reputation as a premier fighting force.
At the outset of WWII, the US had yet to commit troops to the Allied effort but the American War Machine was already picking up steam.
Unfortunately, over the five years it took to develop the Mars bomber, the US Navy’s defensive requirements evolved away from necessitating coastal patrol bombers, rendering the Mars prototype obsolete before it ever got off the ground. Testing was concluded in November 1942, but by that time the war situation in the Atlantic and the Pacific had changed considerably. Still called the Mars, the newly minted cargo plane carried a crew of four (with enough room to accommodate a secondary relief crew for long-haul flights) as well as up to 133 troops, seven jeeps, or 84 litter patients and 25 medical personnel — 14,500kg of stuff altogether. Around this point in the mid-1950s, Western Canada was being decimated by raging wildfires.
Unfortunately, McIvor was too late to get them direct from the Navy, Hugo Forrester of the Mars Metals Company has already snatched them up for a tidy total sum of $US24,000. The Hawaii Mars and Philippine Mars in fact is still in service in Western Canada, working for FIFT’s successor, Coulson.

NBN Co just moved 1.2 million premises from the "HFC" pile to the "FTTN" pile in its construction planning, which is bad news for anyone living in those premises. Time-travelling problem-solver Dr Sam Beckett experienced plenty of bizarre situations over five seasons of Quantum Leap, but certain episodes stand out as pushing the boundaries of weirdness to the extreme. Naval Academy in May 1998, President Bill Clinton announced that the nation would do more to protect its citizens against the growing threat of chemical and biological terrorism. They are joint units and, as such, can consists of both Army National Guard and Air National Guard personnel, with some of these units commanded by Air National Guard lieutenant colonels. Each team consists of 22 highly skilled, full-time National Guard members who are federally resourced, trained and exercised, and employs federally approved CBRN response doctrine. An additional 17 teams, were announced in January 2000, to be based in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Virginia. The resulting distribution of the teams provides optimum response coverage for the entire population of the United States. The population criteria explains why California, with 10 percent of the population of the nation, had a second team recommended for Northern California.
They are federally resourced, federally trained and federally evaluated, and they operate under federal doctrine. At that point, the team would continue to support local officials in their state status, but would also assist in channeling additional military and other federal assets in support of the local commander.
Following this, and as mandated by Congress, each WMD-CST units is evaluated for operational certification by the Secretary of Defense. Rumsfeld announced the stationing plan for five additional National Guard Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Teams (WMD-CST) authorized in the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2001. All 10 of the teams authorized in fiscal year 1999 had already been certified, while 15 of the 17 teams authorized in fiscal year 2000 were certified and five more teams authorized in fiscal year 2001 were being organized.
In addition to those 32, a number of other units existed within various state's National Guard with the WMD-CST designation, thus explaining the existence of more than 32 WMD-CST units. These teams were thus considered fully ready to assist civil authorities respond to a domestic weapon of mass destruction incident, and possesses the requisite skills, training and equipment to be proficient in all mission requirements.
On March 14, 2003, the US Department of Defense notified Congress that the 73rd WMD-CST, stationed at Topeka, KS, from the Kansas National Guard was now certified.
20, 2004, plans were underway to stand up additional National Guard-staffed civil support teams. Congress had directed the establishment of 23 additional teams in the National Defense Authorization Act for FY03 and funded the establishment of the first 12 in the Defense Appropriations Act for FY04.
The fielding and certification of these final 11 teams will bring the total number of WMD-CSTs to 55. Of course I think some were also painted over for the desert and had no numbers or markings.
Royal Military Police Officers can apply for the Close Protection Unit after six months service with the RMP.
Exceptional personnel and first rate equipment work together to provide exemplary protection for Americans and to secure the United States’ interests around the world. Soldiers in the US Army carry the primary responsibility for most military land-based operations, and it is considered by many to be the most powerful branch of the United States military. This organization was established before the United States had officially become a sovereign nation by Congress that was in control at that time to meet the needs of the American Revolutionary War that was currently underway. Soldiers who enlist in the United States Army display the utmost physical and emotional strength. While most outdated systems are simply scrapped, a lucky few find new purpose after their time in service — like the Martin JRM Mars, a coastal patrol bomber that now demolishes wildfires instead of invading armies. Nearly identical to the PBM Mariner in shape and construction, the Mars Prototype measured 36m long with a 60m wingspan and stood nearly 12m tall (that’s a two storey tall plane). But rather than scrap the project entirely, the US Navy instead opted to convert the coastal bomber into a gigantic long-range transport aircraft. The US Navy initially ordered 20 of the humungous planes in 1943, but as the war progressed and the Allies goose-stepped Hitler’s forces right the fuck back to Berlin, need for these huge aircraft fell drastically. In 1949, the Caroline Mars set a world record by toting 269 people from San Diego to Alameda, CA.
These fires proved incredibly difficult to fight given the region’s remoteness and challenging terrain.
Forrester, however, was willing to sell them to FIFT for $US25,000 a pop, which McIvor was able to swing with his superiors. They have, of course been continually upgraded since the middle of last century in order to keep up with evolving aviation safety standards. They are, of course, our very favourite QL episodes, and with a little help from Ziggy, we've gathered them here. As part of this effort, he said, the Department of Defense would form 10 teams to support state and local authorities in the event of an incident involving weapons of mass destruction. They are a key element of the Department of Defense's overall program to provide support to civil authorities in the event of an incident involving weapons of mass destruction in the United States. But they will perform their mission primarily under the command and control of the governors of the states in which they are located. Indeed, teams within the Department of Defense are military response teams developed to support force protection requirements associated with overseas warfighting missions. As far as can be ascertained, these units' missions are similar to the federally-mandated WMD-CSTs. With $88 million recently approved to field 11 more teams, the DoD was reportedly planning to field a total of 55 WMD civil support teams.

The twelve scheduled for FY04 are: Connecticut, New Jersey, North Carolina, Indiana, Wisconsin, Maryland, Oregon, Mississippi, Utah, Nevada, Nebraska, and Rhode Island.
The bumper numbers are usually the battery letter and numbers 11 thru 14 for guns 1 thru 4. Adds some good detail - especially teh loading mechanism - it will have an 8inch round being hoisted!! Initially trained by the SAS, the RMP now runs its own close protection courses which train other units. John Cooper, the Deputy Commanding General for Multi-National Force-Iraq in As Samawah, Iraq. With nearly a half a million soldiers serving on active duty, a generous budget and vast fleet of the most technologically advanced equipment that exists, this is no surprise. After the Revolutionary War ended in 1784, Congress formed the United States Army to replace the Continental Army. Army Reserve and National Guard soldiers attend basic training just like Active Duty personnel, but they then return to their civilian lifestyle and careers.
They fulfill service to our country by being ready for combat or other missions wherever they are needed at a second’s notice. Martin Company to develop an oversized version of their existing PBM Mariner patrol bomber for use defending America’s lengthy coastlines. Navy decided to have the Mars prototype converted from a patrol bomber to a transport aircraft. As such, the Navy reduced its order to just five units, essentially the aircraft already under construction. In response, a conglomeration of Canadian lumber companies including MacMillan Bloedel Ltd, TimberWest Forest Corp. And while he couldn’t get the planes themselves for cheap, McIvor did have the foresight to collect every single spare part he could get his hands on which is a big part of why the Big Four were able to operate well into the modern era. The modern Hawaii Mars boasts an all-glass cockpit, digital avionics and environmental monitoring, and GPS positioning.
When considering their use domestically - albeit in support of civil authorities - the department must carefully weigh such use in light of potential threats against U.S. The five additional teams are to be stationed in Alabama, Kansas, Michigan, Tennessee, and West Virginia, bringing the total number of National Guard WMD-CSTs to 32. These units are state-sponsored and do not, however, fall under the guidance of the Department of Defense as they were not expressely established by Congress. In certain situations, a number of CPU RMP Operatives will act as a counter-attack force, ready to back-up another deployed CPU RMP team. The RMP is part of the Provost Branch of the British Army's Adjutant General's Corps (AGC).
Traditionally, the birth of the US Army is considered to be in 1775 when the Continental Army was established. Their units assemble to train one weekend a month throughout the year as well as for an annual training exercise. US Army soldiers are prepared at all times, and have a strong sense of purpose that enables them to perform at the highest levels possible. This meant the removal of its gun turrets, fuselage and wing bomb bays, armoured plating and other offensive provisions.
Operationally, they fall under the command and control of the adjutant generals of those states. If federalized, the civil support teams would fall under the operational command and control of the recently established Joint Task Force-Civil Support, based in Norfolk, VA, and led by a National Guard brigadier general.
This option allows those who do not want to give up their previous lifestyles to serve in the Army while simultaneously continuing their civilian lifestyle. Instead, the aircraft received additional cargo hatches and cargo loading equipment, existing hatches were enlarged and the decking was reinforced.
It was actually Dan McIvor, one of MacMillan’s most senior pilots, to strike upon the idea of converting these enormous transport craft into flying water bombers. As a result, they will be available to respond to an incident as part of a state response, well before federal response assets would be called upon to provide assistance. Although it has no standing forces, the task force will respond to requests for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for the purposes of domestic WMD consequence management support. Furthermore, even if available for domestic use, these other response units would be available only as part of the federal response effort initiated by the president after state and local resources become overwhelmed. These teams are part of the five teams authorized in the National Defense Appropriations Act for fiscal 2001 and brought the total number of certified teams to 30. It will have robust planning and command and control capabilities and the ability to mobilize a military task force quickly in support of FEMA requests. As of this announcement, all 27 of the teams authorized in fiscal 1999 and 2000 had already been certified.
It will also have rapid access to military forces and quick reach-back capability to subject matter experts, labs and medical support.

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