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Manchester United have confirmed the signing of 17-year-old right-back Saidy Janko from FC Zurich.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. When you’ve watched Manchester United for nearly 60 years – the best and the worst – not just for the history, but especially for a style of play that has drawn a massive global audience over the decades, it takes great forbearance to stomach the last three years.
Of the many stolid, desperate matches in that time, including far too many at the ‘Theatre of Dreams’, the two that best summed up the failings of David Moyes and Louis van Gaal were the 2-0 loss to Olympiacos and 2-1 to FC Midtjylland, respectively. Carlo Ancelotti would have been by far the best successor to Sir Alex Ferguson, but Real Madrid and then Bayern Munich nicked him first.
And so the dreary matches and the stultifying boredom of sitting at Old Trafford watching patient buildups and 70% possession – but no end product – led to one natural conclusion: it had to be Jose Mourinho.
By the time Moyes and van Gaal had decimated the Red Devils’ style and success there could no longer be any resistance to Jose. Leaving aside the Chelsea rivalry, the most obvious objections were ‘the Special One’s’ style of football and his neglectful underuse of homegrown talent.
For those who point to his track record there are still many who remember how Inter Milan won the Champions League. So if supporters can persuade themselves that the season was a success on the back of that Cup win, then, set against the torpor of Moyes and van Gaal, they can rationalise and even enthuse about Jose Mourinho. Only a few months ago emails would have been pouring into Old Trafford imploring Ed Woodward to get rid of the Dutchman.
The Media may have mercilessly hounded a decent man, resulting in his inevitable despatch, but rational voices, especially Paul Scholes, Owen Hargreaves and Rio Ferdinand, were capturing the fans’ despair, not just their own. So while the process of replacement became inevitable, and despite the desperate efforts of journalists, only one realistic alternative presented itself – the man who was said to have cried when Moyes was appointed the ‘Chosen One’.
Ironically, the two previous flawed choices actually made Jose the only possibility, the potential downsides easier to swallow.

We have to accept not only that football is a results business, both commercial as well as sporting, but also that Mourinho may himself be adaptable. For the many supporters who have rationalised his choice as being preferable to his two predecessors, the doubts will have been about playing style and the advancement of youth. Sir Bobby wasn’t the only person to be seriously disturbed by Mourinho poking Tito Vilanova’s eye in El Clasico. But if Jose has coveted the United job for years and has a genuine affinity with Sir Alex, he can have the job as long as he wants, provided he restores the team to its recent pre-eminence, blends the burgeoning youth with ‘marquee’ players and gets us supporters off our seats at Old Trafford. Sir Bobby Charlton is above all a fair man and if he is prepared to give Jose a fair chance to demonstrate that he fits the United tradition and values, no doubt he and we will be watching for how the manager handles himself. The press conferences will be absorbing – once more United will have a manager winding up the opposition and rampaging down the touchline – and the team surely cannot be less entertaining and enterprising than for the last three seasons.
If this is the job he so desperately wants, he must show he is a reformed character, restoring and enhancing the club’s reputation.
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He joins United in a deal understood to be worth A?700,000 after impressing United scouts at the FIFA Blue Stars Tournament earlier this year.
Janko completed his move before the deadline on Monday evening and joins Marouane Fellaini and Guillermo Varela as David Moyes' 3rd and final summer transfer.
It wasn’t just the poor results, culminating in the Stoke City defeat, that unleashed a torrent of despair; it was the abject capitulation and the dreary football. His style of football may be functional, even pragmatic, at times, but that is surely infinitely preferable to the Dutchman’s chess and Moyes’ ‘safety first’. These points will surely have been emphasised by Sir Alex and Sir Bobby before appointment. This has exercised Sir Bobby’s concerns in the past and hasn’t endeared the Portuguese manager to United supporters either – especially at Chelsea.

He cut his teeth as assistant to Sir Bobby Robson, who some may argue was England’s best ever manager.
He won the domestic league title in his first season at Porto, Chelsea and Inter; and in his second at Real Madrid.
Every time he has won a domestic league his teams have been top or second highest goalscorers.
While he has clearly dreamed since 2010 of succeeding Sir Alex, both United and their fans would like long term continuity. He also has a suspended Champions League sentence hanging over him, while his behaviour towards former Chelsea club doctor Eva Carneiro was an utter disgrace and may ultimately have lost him the dressing room, contributing to Chelsea’s spectacular decline. Because trashing the values United stand for would be a far greater sin than winning trophies playing pragmatic football.
United representatives are reported to have been taken by Janko's performances against United in particular. He is not expected to be involved with the first-team this year and will ply his trade in the lower age groups.
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Robson appointed him at Porto, took him to Barcelona (where Jose also served two years under van Gaal) and was desperate to get him to Newcastle United. If you'd like to guest post for Just Football check out the 'Come Join Us!' link at the top of the page for details on what we're looking for.
Like Zidane at Real Madrid, Guardiola and Tito Vilanova at Barcelona, the dream successor would be someone with Reds blood in his veins.

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