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It’s the worst kept secret in football since anything else the club has done all summer.
Widely leaked across the web before today’s announcement, the kit remains true to the traditional red and white colours.
The red shirt as expected comprises two different shades on the front with a honeycomb pattern separating them. The collar is the lighter red tone, fed by the left side of the shirt which houses the red and yellow club crest. Completing the kit is black socks with a thick red band on the turnover and woven depiction of the Red Devil from the club crest. UKSoccershop are a leading football shirt retailer, selling official club and international football kits.Trading since 2004, UKSoccershop are a leading online supplier of football merchandise and ship worldwide via a range of international delivery options.
En su segundo ano vistiendo a los Diablos Rojos, adidas, que sigue su linea de diseno con las tres bandas a los costados, ha basado este diseno en la historia ilustre del club, presentando un diseno en 2 tonos de rojo divididos por graficos que hacen referencia a un panal de abejas, que tiene su origen en la Revolucion Industrial de la cual la ciudad de Manchester desempeno un papel fundamental, tomando como base el uniforme utilizado por el Newton Heath en 1878.

El uniforme se completa con shorts en color blanco y medias en color negro o blanco, ambos con detalles en rojo. Manchester United, que confirmo a Jose Mourinho como nuevo entrenador hoy, ya presento su camiseta de visita para la temporada que viene.
Having already lost Mats Hummels to Bayern Munich and with star striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in demand from Europe's top clubs, Dortmund were reluctant to wave goodbye to another key man this summer. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Manchester United did just that last week, littering their typically over-the-top announcement of a new kit with references to how the newly-black collar harked back to the glory days of Eric Cantona.
The right side of the body is a darker tone to the left with the sleeves providing the contrasting tone. Un dia despues te mostramos una foto de la local, y hoy nos han llegado unas cuantas mas que permiten apreciar la camiseta con mayor claridad.

But with Mkhitaryan entering the final year of his deal, Dortmund simply could not turn down such a lucrative offer, with United having effectively forced their hand with their enhanced bid.
Each cuff is then a different shade to the sleeve, giving a patchwork quilt effect to the front to the shirt’s front. Vemos mejor el patron de hexagonos que divide los dos tonos de rojo, y los detalles dentro y fuera del cuello, que aluden al pasado (Newton Heath) y presente (MUFC) de los Red Devils.

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