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Manchester United have changed home kits on an annual basis, with the exception of one season, since 2006 and for 2014-15 they will proudly brandish Chevrolet's logo instead of Aon, their sponsors over the last four years. Nike's partnership with United began just when the American sportswear giants' kit designs began to regress, which hardens the credibility of the unofficial image.
Sporting a thick black strip and equally thick black trimmings, it looks like something a Formula 1 pit lane official would wear. Chevrolet has a collaboration with Manchester United, one of the most recognized British football clubs in the world.
And as has been in the news, the company has launched special Manchester United editions of their Beat and Sail hatchback in India, which they had showcased at the Delhi Auto Expo as well.
These cars have been designed by General Motors Technical Centre India, Bangalore and have been priced at Rs 69,000 over their original versions and will be available only in the mid LS variant in both petrol and diesel engines.
The company has even made a special video featuring the legends of the old and the present singing the club’s theme song ‘Glory, Glory Man United!’ ending with their striker Wayne Rooney saying ‘This shirt belongs to you; always has, always will’. The Chevrolet Beat and SAIL Hatchback Manchester United editions will conclude the multi-city tour called ‘Chevrolet Fast Moves’ on July 8 in India. Sales of both Beat and Sail Manchester United Edition have begun from yesterday and though the official price list has not been shared, here is how the respective variants of Beat and Sail should cost. These are indicative prices after adding Rs 69,000 to the prices of the current LS variants of both these cars on the ex-showroom Delhi prices. New Punto Evo Spotted Along With Old; Interiors Revealed; Launch SoonWill You Buy a 7-Seater EcoSport?

A billion dollars to be on the front of a shirt of a team that won’t even be in the Champions League next year let alone being champions of England’s Premier League. The same applies locally with the Singapore Lions XII (not quite in the same league but a similar story). The problem is that The Lions have performed more like pussycats this year and just like Manchester United have gone from champions to also ran’s in the bottom part of the Malaysian League in which they play. Are StarHub worried that rival SingTel have the ultimate football content on a Saturday night, the English Premier League, and at the same time they’re showing the Lions lose to some lowly Malaysian team? StarHub’s problem with The LionsXII pale by comparison with Chevrolet’s problems of marketing their association with Manchester United next year. You don’t pay a billion dollars to be in The Europa Cup and finish 7th unless you want to sponsor Newcastle United that is and if you do fancy that it certainly doesn’t you cost a billion dollars.
Chevrolet and Manchester United will argue, with some justification, that like Liverpool their brand is global, their reach undimmed by a lack of success and their history and tradition has built up a brand that other global brands will happily pay millions of dollars to be associated with. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorization. The club recently unveiled their new kit for the 2014-15 season with a giant Chevrolet logo poking out of it as a part of a 70 million USD deal for this season. Chevrolet has not specifically mentioned if they will be available in the regular LS (without ABS) or with ABS variant of Sail. Chevrolet is GM’s most successful brand (at least right now) and getting their logo on the shirts of a football team which has a fan base throughout the world (to give you an idea their official Facebook page has nearly 52 million likes) would definitely help the brand.

Through a unique contest, GM India is giving a golden opportunity for two winners with a friend each to watch the team’s first match in North America in August 2014 in the new shirt.
They did very well last year, won various things and so this year StarHub decided to launch a cinema campaign celebrating the return of legendary Singaporean icon Fandi Ahmad as the new manager. They’re not exactly short of adverts, they could change it until they start winning again (which could be a long time admittedly).
I am certain that when they did the deal 18 months ago that they had no inkling that Manchester United would not be either winning or very close to winning the Premiership and that they would certainly be in the ultimate club trophy competition The Champions League. Just ask Chevrolet how they currently feel about spending almost a billion Singapore dollars on sponsoring Manchester United from next year. The commercial says “the legend returns” and that they’ll win everything before them when in reality they’re being beaten by much less resourced and much worse teams on paper (the parallels with Manchester United are uncanny). There’s not even any ticket promotion of discounted tickets or competition winning opportunities on their facebook page that I can see.
The LionsXII play in front of half empty arenas so ticket promotions shouldn’t be a problem yet where are they?

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