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Manchester United have changed home kits on an annual basis, with the exception of one season, since 2006 and for 2014-15 they will proudly brandish Chevrolet's logo instead of Aon, their sponsors over the last four years. Nike's partnership with United began just when the American sportswear giants' kit designs began to regress, which hardens the credibility of the unofficial image.
Sporting a thick black strip and equally thick black trimmings, it looks like something a Formula 1 pit lane official would wear.
Stoke city’s bojan krkic marks first start since twanging his acl in january with goal against leicester (video), It took bojan krkic just 13 minutes to find the back of the net against leicester city this afternoon – his first premier league start for stoke since tearing an acl back in january. Stoke city’s bojan krkic marks first start since twanging his acl in january with goal against leicester (video) - It took bojan krkic just 13 minutes to find the back of the net against leicester city this afternoon – his first premier league start for stoke since tearing an acl back in january. SOCCERTODAY – Liverpool scored a stunning 3-2 win over bottom side Queens Park Rangers with four goals coming in a frenzied seven-minute finale at Loftus Road as the drama continued in the Premier League on Sunday.
SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. SOCCERTODAY – Stoke came from behind to beat Swansea 2-1 at the Britannia Stadium on Sunday as they climbed to 10th in the English Premier League table. Is it any wonder Adidas just enjoyed their most successful year ever when they have on their roster the likes of Stormzy and David Beckham? And despite his name being just as big as Beckham’s across the UK right now, he still took time to fan boy. It had been a long day for Stormzy, whose album is expected some time soon, as he’d only just returned from New York. Landed from New York went straight to the section show, few hours sleep then came adidas to link David Beckham.
His team-mate Daniel Sturridge believes minutes - not money - will make up Sterlinga€™s mind on whether to sign a new contract. About The AuthortomgatehouseBased in London, I am a freelance journalist and a real football fanatic. They?re probably regretting their decision after becoming the laughing stock of football fans all over the country. The release of their away kit and their 3rd kit have been met by laughter and Pepe Reina?s goalkeeper kit is also a travesty.
The training kits, which were released this week, can be seen on the left whilst the other kits can be seen below. Although, to be fair, the biggest shock would be a team saying: ?We?re just going to use last season?s kit again.
Luckily, it seems that Nike haven?t set out to sabotage Arsenal in their last year (that?s Andre Santos? job). Aston Villa?s kits will be made by Marcon this season and they'll be launched on June 15th, 2013 with a music festival to help celebrate its release. The Cardiff owners aren?t giving up on having the Bluebirds play in red, as opposed to their traditional blue.
After the initial choice of having shorts a different shade of red to the top was panned by fans, the club gave season ticket holders a chance to vote for which shorts colour they do want. Chelsea were one of the first clubs out of the official kit release starting blocks, releasing this promotional image that looks like the club has decided to embark on the world?s worst children?s arts & craft TV show (despite similar hairstyles, we doubt David Luiz is a patch on Bob Ross) back in April.
After last year?s gold trim to signify their Champions League win (and doing nothing to signify that they finished 6th in the league within the kit), they have gone back to basics this year. Crystal Palace have not just unveiled their new kits, but they?ve also committed the risky move of unveiling a new badge.

However this Palace logo is actually quite a nice redesign that keeps most elements of their old crest and just gives it a little update. When you compare it to the old Palace badge, it looks like the original badge was a Pokemon, and the new one is the Pokemon in its evolved state. The Eagles must be hoping to follow in FC Basel?s footsteps by beating Spurs, as they have decided to replicate their kit.
So we can only speculate what the kit will be like, but if Fulham continue their tactics from last season of relying on Dimitar Berbatov to do everything, then it will probably be designed, manufactured and sold by him.
Famous for having the worst kit in English football history with this travesty from 1992, expectations have been low for Hull kits since. There hasn?t been any home or away kit leaks at the moment, but Hull City?s MD have announced that the Tiger?s will have their stripes back for the return to the top flight.
Adidas will continue to make the kit and Cash Converters will sponsor them again, with their deal ending at the end of the season. Let?s start on a positive note, Liverpool's new home kit, which they debuted on the last day of the season against QPR, is quite nice. But the leaked away and third kits, according to The Metro, have obviously been designed by someone with a grudge against the seeing world. Looking at the away and third kits, Warrior have decided to live up to their name by declaring war on anyone with eyes. The away kit looks like it was coloured in with MS-Dos and the third kit appears to be a plain black kit being physically assaulted by a pack of white and purple rhombuses. According to Manchester United's official website, their kit for next season will be launched on the 6th of June. This leaked kit, according to talkSPORT, shows that Manchester United are following up on the worst ever kit worn by a Premier League winning team last season, with quite a dull number for the next campaign.
If this is to be the true kit, it would conflict with the reports from The Metro that claim United will unveil the below as the new badge.
When Norwich decided to preview this season?s kit at the end of last season, it got some bad press?but we can?t really see why.
The traditional yellow and green of Norwich aren?t the easiest colours to work with if you are doing anything besides making traffic signs, so less is definitely more.
The block green sleeves compliment the logo of sponsors Aviva, as opposed to making it stand out.
No away kit news as of yet but we?re hoping it?s a tribute to Norwich owner and celebrity chef, Delia Smith; maybe in the design of a cake? The club will again be sponsored by aap3 but fans will probably be hoping that they will return to their traditional red and white stripes, as opposed to last season?s mainly red kit. The uniform would have been easier to look at if it wasn?t for the horrible white hexagons and pentagons dotted around the sleeves and collar without a care in the world. It's the sort of ELECTRICITY that makes you want to pull the plug and shun all modern technology. No news on the home kit yet, but with Mark Hughes in charge, it?ll only be a matter of time before we see Jose Bosingwa modelling it. They have announced a new shirt sponsor, South African food company BFS Group, and the kit will manufactured by Adidas again. Current sponsors 32Red, Samsung, Nexon and Black and Decker are said to be other options for the kit, which will be, like most Premier League kits this season, made by Adidas.
UnderArmour will again be manufacturing this season?s Spurs kit and it?s said to be something along the lines of this?according to the subtle image watermark from Live For Football Shirts.

We have to say we think we?re warming to the inter-war period style neck tie up on the home shirt. Another club with little to report, so we've stuck up Albion's anti-smoking kit from the 80s. We know West Brom will be sponsored by Zoopla again and, no prizes for guessing, made by Adidas.
The away and third kits aren?t anything to write home about (because we always write home about West Ham kits), but the home shirt has the makings for a classic kit. Chelsea will kick off their Premier League title defence against Swansea City but it will be Brendan Rodgers who has most to fear on the opening day of the 2015-16 season with Liverpool facing a nightmare return to Stoke City.Liverpool face an immediate return to the Britannia Stadium, the scene of their 6-1 humiliation on the final day of last season. The opening day records over the last 10 years for each team in the Premier League next term shows that Chelsea are masters of the season opener, winning nine times and drawing once over the period.
Victory left Mark Hughes’s men level on points with Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. English rapper and MC Stormzy is now pretty much Mr Adidas too, flying out to Tokyo recently to link with Nigo and seemingly never wearing another brand. The England international was modelling the New Balance strip, fresh from snubbing the cluba€™s recent offer of a five-year deal on £100,000 a week. A graduate from the London School of Journalism, I am passionate and determined to bring an impartial view on the game we all love and crave.6 CommentsSphe11 June, 2014Yoh!
So if you like Aston Villa kits, and music (or if your dad does?it's on fathers day) get down to that. But, in fairness to them, they?ve won the league every season (once) they?ve played in red. However, you wouldn?t put it past the owners to not give them a blue away kit and give them a Swansea City style white one instead.
However, football fans?who rarely embrace a change from tradition, still might not like it.
The club have seemingly stripped away the motto and the wreath things, and left only the date of the club?s formation, and that castley-turret building. The double lined effect on the sleeve is a particularly nice touch and it recalls the Liverpool kits of the glory days.
In comparison to the home kit, it?s like looking down a dark alley you have to walk down in a dodgy neighbourhood. Perhaps the club finally going back to a collar?and quite an obvious one?is their attempt to tempt Eric Cantona out of retirement? The away and third kit seem pretty inoffensive, even if we aren?t massive fans of the yellow.
The white collar in particular really goes well with West Ham?s traditional claret and blue. And things will get no easier for Rodgers, who faces trips to Arsenal and Manchester United within the first five games of the new season followed by Everton, Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester City in his next away matches.United host Tottenham Hotspur in the most mouthwatering fixture of the opening round on August 8 - but which team Harry Kane will play for is not yet certain given Louis van Gaal's interest in the young Spurs striker. While the blue remains from the previous incarnation, it seems to be a darker shade (although this could be an issue with the image quality).What do you think?

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