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Louis van Gaal will obviously be preparing for that home fixture against Aston Villa next Saturday, but the Old Trafford board will have one eye on next season – and that brings a new kit from a new manufacturer. Adidas will be taking the reigns as the new kit designers, and this picture below is the reported kit the lads will be wearing next season.
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Old Trafford Faithful is a Manchester United blog that aims to bring you all the latest club news as quick as possible, whilst bringing fantastic opinion pieces to the table. Supporters from both sides of the Manchester footballing divide said they considered the shirt, which costs A?55, to be sexistSarah Penman said: 'Sexist? The views expressed on this noticeboard are expressed by the fans themselves and do not necessarily reflect the views of Manchester United or any of its representatives. I know LVG used , or is thinking of using 3-5-2 for Holland, but for the love of god I hope he don't use it in the EPL.
Failliani in def is a no no , however Carrick moving back there could work, he may lack a touch of pace though.

I dont get why all of a sudden because there were a couple of rumours Van Gaal would use Fellaini as a CB (which is absolute BS) that everyone is jumping on the bangwagon. For the centre-back, I'd want a top replacement for Vidic who will play almost every game, not another upcoming defender.
Home Kit comes with a unique v-collar, while the kit design is dominated by an eye-catching vertical red and white stripe on the front, which are continued on the back of the shirt. The new PSG 14-15 Away Kit is simple white with navy elements while the Third Kit is mainly red with navy logos and a red polo collar.
On the back of the neck is a small detail of red and blue stripes to represent Paris Saint-Germain’s home colors. We'd like to send you the most entertaining World Football articles, videos, and photos from around the web.Subscribe now! We created the site back in 2012, and it has already gone a long way in such a short space of time. The viewing and posting of messages on this noticeboard is subject to the Forum Terms, which can be viewed here.

PSG logo is on heart and  Fly Emirates ,the official sponsor is well featured on the front. If he refuses, drop him, and sign a new creative midfielder along with the more defensive minded one. He wouldn't be expecting to play every game, so he could rotate with Januzaj, Mata, Kagawa, Rooney etc. Frankly perhaps be grateful there is an option?!'A Natalie Dickinson posted a picture of herself proudly wearing the new kit and said: 'I love my shirt.

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