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Manchester United fans are eagerly waiting to find out what next year’s kit is going to look like.
It will be the first year of a new kit manufacturer deal from Adidas so there is understandably a bigger than usual buzz around the launch. With that in mind, there have been plenty of mock-ups as to what the new home and away kits are going to look like under Adidas next season.
There have been plenty of mock-ups which have already been released and now there are two more.
As for the away kit, the Chevrolet logo looks far more natural there with the white background matching the shirt so it looks even cleaner than the home kit. Sam founded The Peoples Person back in 2011 after writing his university dissertation on The Munich Air Disaster. Consisting of two tones of blue, the kit is inspired by United’s tradition of blue kits from the 1980s, as well as uniform worn when they became the first English side to win the European Cup in 1968. The shirt, shorts and socks are all a rich and vibrant blue on the front with a darker tone of the same color on the entire back, as the pics below show. I personally don’t mind this kit but every big team team with kits by Nike is going to have a third with the same template and two tone design.
Minus that Man Utd logo and Chevrolet logo, it looks a bit like India’s Nike cricket shirt. The shirt is predominantly red with white collar and cuffs and features red and black trim. The delay occurred because Man Utd’s new kit deal with Adidas (valued at ?750m over 10 years) officially kicked in today (August 1, 2015). This is not the first time United have worn Adidas kits, and the German manufacturer has taken inspiration from classic MUFC Adidas strips from the 80’s, and added modern touches to make it more relevant to the public today. The shirt, made by designer and lifelong United fan Inigo Turner, features a v-neck design and the famous Adidas stripes down the shoulders. The new home top will make its debut next weekend in United’s opening Premier League game against Tottenham Hotspur. It’s the little touches that make this kit look good- that hem graphic and the socks to name a couple. Not very chuffed with the goalie top, but otherwise it looks like Adidas have done a more than decent job here. Well the home kit must be a bit of a let down for United fans after all the wateing around for it.
I think this is quite a cool and classic looking Utd kit and much better than the earlier leaked kit images. Like it or loathe it, soccer teams are into the fashion of changing kits every season — even third shirts, which 75% of the teams in the Premier League currently wear and sell. In today’s world of instant social media and commercialization it’s just as important to look good as being successful, so here is the top 20 in reverse order (an accumulation of all team shirts to determine the list).
Swansea’s home shirt is classic and traditional white kit made by Adidas via their Condivo 14 template.
Although an effort has been made by clothing manufacturer Warrior to go back to the Stoke City 1970s style shirts with navy blue sash, the shirts still look and feel bland and ordinary.
Leicester’s home shirt is very classic with a collar style identical to Borussia Dortmund’s Champion League kit. Liverpool’s position is only this low by the fact of Warrior’s constant inability to get their away shirts right. Soccer fans don’t embrace change especially when it comes to their traditional home colors and shirt designs.
Aston Villa’s shirts have a strong element of classic styling from Italian manufacturer Macron.
Over the last few seasons, Newcastle’s home strips have become blacker, featuring fewer black and white stripes.
QPR’s home shirt is very traditional, based on Nike’s Hoop III teamwear template, featuring a white rounded collar and cuffs accompanied by the classic blue and white hoops. Sunderland has kept a classic look for their new home kit.  The prominent red and white stripes are completed by the gold collar trim along with black shorts and socks.
The home shirt for Tottenham incorporates a horizontal blue line across the chest with yellow trim on the sleeves.

After switching from Nike to Puma, Arsenal fans will be pleased with the home and away shirts. It’s back to the 1980s for West Ham United’s new home shirt, a throwback to the classic adidas strip from their successful 1985-86 season where they finished third in the First Division.
Having signed a four-year deal with Umbro, this is the first of The Tigers’ new kits with them.
Having re-signed with Umbro for the next 5 years, Everton fans will look forward to having unique kits according to an Umbro exec.
Last year’s champions of England are champions of Premier League football shirts this season. I know this will sound biased, since i’m a villa fan, but their kits are gorgeous this year. The new Adidas Manchester United 15-16 Third Kit has been spotted in an official Adidas store in Dubai, giving us a first look at the unique gradient design in person. Adidas Manchester United Third Kit - On SaleThis is what the new Manchester United 15-16 Third Kit looks in full, as seen in the Dubai Adidas store.
After Manchester United and Adidas in the end only launched the new Home Kit last Saturday, United supporters are waiting eagerly on the releases of the new Adidas 15-16 Away and Third Kits.
Whether the Manchester United Third Kit will be launched as early as next week remains to be seen, but we can already say that it's by far the most adventurous of the set, with both the new Manchester United Home and Away Kits drawing inspiration from classic 1980s Adidas Man United Jerseys. A black shirt is combined with striking red accents and unusual 'gradient' shorts which fade to white socks to create an unprecedented Manchester United Kit design.
Hey, I want to know if Manchester United goalie David De Gea drinks 7UP and Diet 7UP, he will support the team to win their 20th league title. Does anyone know where I can get a pair of large yellow keepsake shorts, I have been looking for them at a decent price for ages… No one sells them!!! Not much can be done about the Chevrolet logo given how much they paid to have it on there but apart from that, it looks like a decent example. Since then, the website has been creating daily Man United content on everything from transfers and features to full match day coverage.
Made by Nike, the all blue uniform was officially unveiled on 29th July, 2014 and made its debut in United’s pre-season US tour fixture against Inter Milan, which they won on penalties. The two tones are divided by a red stripe on both sides of the kit representing United’s famous home color. The Red Devils are the last team to unveil their new kit, while rivals like Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool have revealed atleast two, and in LFC’s case, all three of their uniforms for the new season. Check out the hem of the shirt- it features a graphic design taken from the famous 1990 jersey worn by Ryan Giggs in his debut season. The collar is quite cool with the retro feel but it’s not retro enough for my liking. However, it loses it style by the oversizing and shaping of their sponsor GWFX (Goldenway). Liverpool’s home kit is smart and stylish with a clean and curved white trim with the Hillsborough ’96 tribute on the back of the shirt. WBA’s new shirt uses the same template as Swansea and Sunderland (Condivo 14), but the difference is that they have moved away from the classic blue and white large stripes shirts to a pinstripes. This season’s design from Puma introduces a new black triangle across the chest with gold trim. The home shirt is a classic claret and blue, which is accompanied by white shorts and claret socks. The away shirt uses the adidas Condivo 14 template, with a light blue shirt with dark blue pinstripes. The away shirt is a mixture of black and navy blue with yellow trim and 11 golden lines on the front of the shirt. The home jersey is a tighter fit than usual and still keeps the classic white sleeves as well as white shorts and hooped socks.  Arguably the best shirt would be the away yellow one, which again keeps the tradition of blue sleeves and red trim on the shirt, blue shorts and yes more hooped socks. Nike has continued the classic theme with the white away shirt, black collar with solitary button (disguising the club emblem until un-buttoned) as well as black shorts with white socks. The shirt features thin horizontal blue lines, blue and white collar and cuffs, as well as light blue three lines down the shoulders.  The change is the blue home shorts as opposed to white. Chelsea’s home shirt features a color gradient accompanied by traditional blue shorts and white socks.

Nike have produced three stunning shirts, and although not all of them are traditional, they clearly have spent a lot of time designing them. Ditching the traditional blue and white stripes for pinstripes is a punch in the face to baggies fans. We only know that one of the two has to be released before August 14, when Manchester United face Aston Villa away, who wear a clashing red shirt at home. Could easily be a Dutch away kit, but is actually better than any blue Dutch away kits I can think of and better than any of Nike’s previous blue efforts for Man Utd.
Teams should not wear clashing kits and should minimise clashes in many cases, but should not be too pedantic, for example a team should not wear red against a claret team but should wear black, and a red team should wear red against a yellow team, but not an orange team.
The only thing to make me even more happy would be if this template was used in the away and third kit.
Just when you think it can’t get any worse, the away shirt is a half red and black, making it looks like it belongs more on a roulette table then a soccer team. The yellow away kit is a throwback to the 1980s with the classic red badge but is let down by the red piping around the chest and even more so by the hideous black alternative shirt, which includes a grey and red sash across the front with red collar and cuffs. The third shirt is all white and is based on 1967 League Cup triumph — simple, classy and understated. The letdown is the so-called “Cup Kit,” which features light and navy blue diagonals stripes with small lime green lines.
The away shirt keeps to the classic blue with dark navy sash across the front of the shirt with navy shorts and light blue socks. The home shirt is amber with four black stripes, and Umbro logo on the sleeves with black shorts and amber socks. It consists of thin horizontal hoops, black buttoned collar and classic Umbro logo on the right chest of the shirt. The away strip is silver and black with feint pinstripes — a throwback from their look in the mid to late 1980s.
The Nicholson theme is continued in the third shirt with 11 lines on the sleeves and socks.
The third shirt is a two-tone blue kit with a vibrant blue on the front of the shirt and shorts, and a rich, deeper blue at the back. The away shirt is all black with amber detailing around the collar, working well with the sponsorship on the shirt.
The away is all black with a modern crew neck collar, a classic monochromatic Everton badge and a logo from sponsors Chang beer.  The third shirt is white with purple V-neck collar and a feint yellow trim with purple shorts and socks. The main difference are that the shorts are sky blue with navy panelling and not white, a look that is more common when City travel away from home. The problem with this shirt is that its rather bland and is ruined by the Macron logos on the top of the shoulders and shorts. It also has orange trim on the shirt and shorts, and looks more suitable for a Netherlands away kit. The away shorts have a orange line on each side identical to the home shorts as well as black socks.
The away shirt has a color gradient of dark to light blue from the top to the bottom of the shirt.  The third shirt is all about Nike utilizing bright and vibrant colors to electrify City’s look. It’s a half and half design of green and blue with green applications, green shorts and blue socks.
It’s predominantly purple with flash green accents across the sleeves and sides of the shirt.
As with Manchester United’s third shirt, one half features one color on the front (purple) and the other half features a different shade on the back (dark purple). The Etihad sponsor name and Nike Swoosh look bright and vibrant, and will be a must-have for most City supporters.

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