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Nike today unveiled the new Manchester United 14-15 Third Kit, to be worn for the first time during tonight's match with Inter Milan.
Manchester United signed a £53m shirt sponsor deal with Chevrolet this year, which starts from the 2014-15 season. While the current Manchester United Kit features no white design elements, the new ManU 2014-2015 Kit comes with a white Nike Swoosh and white sleeve cuffs.
The Chevrolet logo on the Manchester United Kit features the usual colors of the enterprise, gold and white. The new Manchester United 14-15 Away Kit is mainly white with a classical black polo collar, which features a inconspicuous devil detail.
The new Manchester United 2014-2015 Third Kit features two tones of blue, inspired by the club’s tradition of wearing blue kits throughout the 1980s. Manchester United unveiled the new Adidas Manchester United 15-16 Third Kit on August 27, after the Manchester United 2015-16 Home Jersey was launched at midnight August 1, 2015. Adidas Manchester United 15-16 Home KitThis is the new Manchester United 2015-16 Home Shirt. The Manchester United 2015-16 Adidas Home Shirt is red with white and black applications, drawing inspiration from the classy 1980s Adidas Manchester United Kits.
The new Manchester United 2015-2016 Home Shirt features a simplistic design, similar to the Adidas Manchester United 15-16 Away Kit.
Adidas Manchester United 15-16 Away KitThis is the first Adidas Manchester United 2015-16 Away Shirt.
The new Adidas Manchester United 2015-2016 Away Jersey boasts a white and red color combination. The Manchester United 2015-2016 Away Kit is complemented with black and red shorts and white socks.
To add to that, the new Manchester United 2015-16 Third Kit boasts a unique subtle graphic pattern on the upper part, inspired by the classic Adidas Manchester United 1990-92 Away Jersey.
Adidas uses a simplistic black crew neck collar to complete the modern design of the Manchester United 2015-2016 Third Strip. Adidas combines the new Manchester United 15-16 Third Kit with striking black and red shorts, fading to white and red socks. Manchester United 15-16 Goalkeeper KitThese are the new Manchester United 2015-16 Goalkeeper Home and Away Shirts.

The shirt, shorts and socks are all a rich and vibrant blue on the front with a darker tone of the same colour on thLEAKED? About The AuthortomgatehouseBased in London, I am a freelance journalist and a real football fanatic. Manchester United fans are eagerly waiting to find out what next year’s kit is going to look like. It will be the first year of a new kit manufacturer deal from Adidas so there is understandably a bigger than usual buzz around the launch. With that in mind, there have been plenty of mock-ups as to what the new home and away kits are going to look like under Adidas next season. There have been plenty of mock-ups which have already been released and now there are two more. As for the away kit, the Chevrolet logo looks far more natural there with the white background matching the shirt so it looks even cleaner than the home kit. Sam founded The Peoples Person back in 2011 after writing his university dissertation on The Munich Air Disaster. The first 'leaked' image of the new Adidas Manchester United 2015-16 Home Shirt is going around Twitter today, showing a completely fake of the new Adidas Manchester United 2015-2016 Home Jersey. Adidas Manchester United 15-16 Home Shirt - FakeThis picture is showing a fake Man Utd 2015-16 Home Football Kit. The design of the new fake Adidas Manchester United 2015-2016 Kit breaks away with recent Adidas and Manchester United Kit designs.
Another striking element of the new fantasy Manchester United 2015-16 Shirt is the special side panel design showing the famous 3 stripes. The new fake Manchester United 2015-16 Soccer Jersey is based on fantasy design made in July 2014 by silkysmooth, who showed off his fantasy Manchester United 2015-16 Home Shirt.
According to Footy Headlines sources, the real Manchester United 15-16 Home Kit will feature the traditional Manchester United Home kit color (officially Real Red) with white 3 stripes and black applications with a simple design.
The new ManU 14-15 Away Kit was officially released on July 22, after the new ManU Home Shirt was unveiled on July 14. The main color "diablo red" is combined with white applications and black details on the kit collar. Whereas the new Manchester United 2015-16 Home and Away Shirts boast classic, 1980s-inspired designs, the Adidas Man United Third Kit comes with a striking fading pattern print.

The German brand follow on Nike, who had been supplying United for 13 years, and pay £75m a year until at least 2025 to produce the Manchester United Kits and Training Gear.
The Man Utd 15-16 Kit is mainly white with the iconic three Adidas stripes running down both sleeves in red. Additionally, the new Adidas Manchester United Kit features slight tonal hoops as well as embroidered club heritage details on the hem. The black Adidas Manchester United 15-16 Third Kit features a flashy red monochromatic club badge and a red Adidas Performance logo. A graduate from the London School of Journalism, I am passionate and determined to bring an impartial view on the game we all love and crave.10 Commentsamin9 June, 2014good sponser for UNITED.CHEERS!!!!!!!! Pure Microgaming provides detailed reviews and exclusive bonuses to UK licensed Microgaming casinos.
Not much can be done about the Chevrolet logo given how much they paid to have it on there but apart from that, it looks like a decent example. Since then, the website has been creating daily Man United content on everything from transfers and features to full match day coverage. The new Manchester United 14-15 Kits are sponsored for the first time by Chevrolet, while the shirts are again made by the US-giant Nike. The iconic Man Utd 2014-2015 Home Kit collar features one button and the colors red, black and white. The first Manchester United Adidas 15-16 Jersey continues to boast the striking and colorful Chevrolet logo on the front. That point will seemingly be rammed home by a Newton Heath graphic on the neck of the shirt.
The contrast between the gold and the white, with the silver trim around the cross, seems to blend more easily, with the red Nike tick and black collar finishing it off well.We stress that these images are not by any means official, and until the club releases images themselves, we must take photos such as these with a pinch of salt. Any no the Chevrolet logo actually works okay with these kits, so I don’t know what people are on about.

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