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Nike today unveiled the new Manchester United 14-15 Third Kit, to be worn for the first time during tonight's match with Inter Milan. Manchester United signed a £53m shirt sponsor deal with Chevrolet this year, which starts from the 2014-15 season. While the current Manchester United Kit features no white design elements, the new ManU 2014-2015 Kit comes with a white Nike Swoosh and white sleeve cuffs.
The Chevrolet logo on the Manchester United Kit features the usual colors of the enterprise, gold and white. The new Manchester United 14-15 Away Kit is mainly white with a classical black polo collar, which features a inconspicuous devil detail. The new Manchester United 2014-2015 Third Kit features two tones of blue, inspired by the club’s tradition of wearing blue kits throughout the 1980s. The new Adidas Manchester United Home Kit was released at midnight, August 1, set for a debut in the first Premier League match of the season against Tottenham Hotspur. Adidas produces the new Manchester United 15-16 Kit after signing a long-term kit sponsorship deal with Manchester United in 2014. The new Manchester United Adidas Kit features a classic design, based on the same template as the new Adidas Manchester United 15-16 Away Kit.
The inside of the v-collar of the new Manchester United Shirt is black with a red line, while it also features a red and a white line on the outside.
The socks used together with the new Manchester United 15-16 Home Shirt are either black or white, depending on the opposite teams' colors.

Also check out the leaked Manchester United 15-16 Away and Third Kits as well as the new Adidas Manchester United 2015-16 Training Jerseys. The first 'leaked' image of the new Adidas Manchester United 2015-16 Home Shirt is going around Twitter today, showing a completely fake of the new Adidas Manchester United 2015-2016 Home Jersey.
Adidas Manchester United 15-16 Home Shirt - FakeThis picture is showing a fake Man Utd 2015-16 Home Football Kit. The design of the new fake Adidas Manchester United 2015-2016 Kit breaks away with recent Adidas and Manchester United Kit designs. Another striking element of the new fantasy Manchester United 2015-16 Shirt is the special side panel design showing the famous 3 stripes. The new fake Manchester United 2015-16 Soccer Jersey is based on fantasy design made in July 2014 by silkysmooth, who showed off his fantasy Manchester United 2015-16 Home Shirt.
According to Footy Headlines sources, the real Manchester United 15-16 Home Kit will feature the traditional Manchester United Home kit color (officially Real Red) with white 3 stripes and black applications with a simple design. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The new ManU 14-15 Away Kit was officially released on July 22, after the new ManU Home Shirt was unveiled on July 14.
The main color "diablo red" is combined with white applications and black details on the kit collar. Bosting a smart design, the Manchester United 15-16 Shirt includes United's iconic red, black and white colors.

A red base is combined with white accents on the sleeve cuffs and collar of the new Manchester United 2015-2016 Home Jersey. The hem of the Manchester United 15-16 Kit boasts an interesting pattern design, similar to the Adidas Manchester United Away Kit. Apart from the Adidas Performance logo and the Manchester United club crest, the new Manchester United Home Shorts are kept very simple and clean. A red devil graphic is stitched to the front of the Manchester United 15-16 Home Socks, while the iconic 3 Stripes run around the top. Pure Microgaming provides detailed reviews and exclusive bonuses to UK licensed Microgaming casinos. Others have called it a tea towel.Whatever your view, this is the shirt Rio Ferdinand and co will run out in next season. The new Manchester United 14-15 Kits are sponsored for the first time by Chevrolet, while the shirts are again made by the US-giant Nike.
The iconic Man Utd 2014-2015 Home Kit collar features one button and the colors red, black and white. That point will seemingly be rammed home by a Newton Heath graphic on the neck of the shirt.

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