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Oh Man U robbed Chelsea you mean to say because De Gea was not red carded for ball handling outside his box.
But just who are the great players who have ensured the Red Devils have become a household name around the world? Eric Cantona is just one of the superb stars to pull on the famous red shirt over the years.
CRISTIANO RONALDO has revealed which young players he believes will make it to the very top. This is a bloke who has to fill two press conferences a week, he’s bound to drop the odd clunker. I never followed BR while at Swansea, but its almost as if all these men go mad after they take over the reins at liverpool lol.
I feel like its more of a matter of people not understanding these quotes than their actually being that over-the-top.
If you changed the name to Alex Ferguson or the special one, everyone would be saying how smart and funny these quote are.
That’s our last 2 home games… thrash top 4 rivals then destroy top of the league Arsenal? The views expressed on this noticeboard are expressed by the fans themselves and do not necessarily reflect the views of Manchester United or any of its representatives. I know LVG used , or is thinking of using 3-5-2 for Holland, but for the love of god I hope he don't use it in the EPL.
Failliani in def is a no no , however Carrick moving back there could work, he may lack a touch of pace though.
I dont get why all of a sudden because there were a couple of rumours Van Gaal would use Fellaini as a CB (which is absolute BS) that everyone is jumping on the bangwagon. For the centre-back, I'd want a top replacement for Vidic who will play almost every game, not another upcoming defender.
Two of the best forwards of their generation go head-to-head on Wednesday as Galatasaray host Chelsea, but who deserves to be remembered as their continent's finest?

By Carlo GarganeseIn almost every category that you compare Samuel Eto’o and Didier Drogba, the Cameroonian comes out on top. But just who is the best footballer to turn out for Manchester United during their long and glorious history? Just about all of these quotes could come from any manager in the game, so this seems more to be about calling out out Liverpool. If you don’t have an agenda against them, you are trying really hard to make it look like you do. Of course, there is pressure and expectation, but I wouldn’t necessarily equate that with stress.
The reason I worked so hard all my life to get into a position such as this is because I want to be making big decisions and managing at the very highest level.
Seriously, making fun of a guy because he knows a bit of latin makes you look like a lughead, more than anything else. Slate Brendan all you want, obviously these “cringworthy” speeches work for the players!
The viewing and posting of messages on this noticeboard is subject to the Forum Terms, which can be viewed here. But perhaps none of these icons have consistently reached the levels of brilliance that Drogba and Eto'o have whilst inspiring their sides to numerous major honours.But who out of Drogba and Eto'o is the greatest African player of all time?
Discounting that, at his peak, he was one of the most fearsome strikers of the modern era (with a wholly impressive strike rate of just under 1 in 2 over eight seasons at Stamford Bridge), it's more the psychological impact of facing down a sheer brute that made many defences fold before battle had commenced.
Eto’o has won more trophies and has captured three Champions League crowns with two different clubs. There are hard-working people in Liverpool and up and down the country who encounter real stress, by worrying about how to pay the bills and feed and clothe their children. If he refuses, drop him, and sign a new creative midfielder along with the more defensive minded one. He wouldn't be expecting to play every game, so he could rotate with Januzaj, Mata, Kagawa, Rooney etc.

He intimidated and exasperated opponents in equal measure, but with the physicality came examplary poise and a devastating finishing power that few defenders ever truly overcame.Also Samuel Eto'o doesn't monopolise the big-mentality. He has found the back of the net in so many showpiece games that it is impossible to list all of them. And that's before we delve deeper into semi-final performances where he again shone (Barcelona & Tottenham in 2012 are particular examples). The highlights include scoring in two Champions League finals, the Gold medal match at the 2000 Summer Olympics, an AFCON decider, as well as for Mallorca and Inter respectively in the finals of the Copa del Rey and Coppa Italia.
Calling him 'unplayable', as Jose Mourinho, Frank Lampard and others regularly have, still seems to be the only appropriate adjective.And at international level, Eto'o has been so clearly indifferent to his Cameroon captaincy that infighting and dissidence have defined his tenure. Technically, physically and tactically, Eto’o has shown himself to be far more adaptable and complete than Drogba. Drogba, however, values playing for his country, scoring goals, and continues to do so with distinction. His career with Ivory Coast, though fraught with disappointment, has propelled a nation to prominence. The Ivorian was a late bloomer and didn’t emerge at Marseille until he was nearly 26.
Years from now goal stats may be used to sway the argument in Eto'o's favour, but there's no numerical value for personality, no percentage ratio to define influence. He was, is, an ambassador for African football, and his legacy in his homeland and beyond will resonate for years to come.

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