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It was never the same after they left, and is now a clothes shop, and with nearly every shop in the point selling sweets now, i could not see another like it opening again. I don't remember him smiling that much, possibly because of always having to be on the lookout for light fingered kids.
But they did have some brand of gum in the late 50's that had pictures of soccer players of the day.
Mortons sweet shop down Bests Row, (apparently an archaic name for Queen St.) that name conjures up delightful memories for me.
I never knew the two girls personally, but I think the oldest girl was employed as a secretary or in a clerical position with Reed C.C. That delightful confectionery shop lifted my drooping spirits when I had a spare Threepenny Bit, courtesy of some benevolent customer of R.G.
I'm trying hard to remember Bob, but nothing seems to click, our ones say I did know him so I'm sure one of these days I will. Very Happy You did not eat all of these by heck did might not have eat them all but we had a damn good try.

Was there soemthing called McGowan's or Magowan's Toffee..I think it had a little picture of a cow on the front of the wrapping ?
If you save up about 10,000 of those wrappers Brian you can get a new dual core 3.6 ghz super-duper computer !
The Jap Deserts, the wine gums and other sweets like a mushroom shaped macaroon thingy were out of this world. Morton referring to all and sundry as 'chum' as in 'what will it be chum.'Was he a Belfast man originally?
So much so that the local dentist in Church street told me that if i kept it up I would not have a tooth in my head by the time I was 25 so next day I left him and went to the other dentist around the front shore. We got a treat every saturday when we were allowed to choose a quarter of which ever sweets we wanted. Even the Magowans Highland Toffee was just the right consistency, you didn't have to smash it against a wall to break it, and almost smashing your knuckles as well. And yes you were correct there was a lot of light-fingered boys about, I rest my case, I refuse to say anymore.

Calling in on my way to school to get a quarter pound of florida gums or cherry lips and getting that many they lasted the whole day also they were that small you could put about 10 in your mouth without getting caught in class. Also at the weekends calling in for a slider of ice cream they always seemed to be bigger there than anywhere else in the town. But the best sweet of all was the home made fudge, which I can still see sitting in a metal tray on the counter and which weighed so heavy you only got about 5 pieces in the bag.
Then there was the times that i called in with the Admin of this site and we each got a quarter pound of fruit sensation before heading to the beach for an afternoon of swimming.
My memories of Morton's are nothing but good i even remember Mr Morton and he was always a very nice generous and polite man.

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