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ISIS, which claimed responsibility for a series of attacks that left 130 dead in Paris in November, released a new video Sunday showing nine of the extremists who carried out the attacks beheading and shooting captives.
Europol is setting up a new counterterrorism center in The Hague to combat the ISIS threat. In the 2008 Mumbai attacks, gunmen from the Pakistani Lashkar-e-Taiba terror group killed 166 people. But the report also downplayed fears that jihadists are among the refugees pouring into Europe.
The report did say though there is evidence that extremist recruiters are targeting refugee centers.
A group of Russian-speaking coders built a sophisticated spy network that has been sucking data from governments, embassies, and aerospace and research institutions around the world, researchers say -- and the five-year-old campaign is still actively siphoning info from the U.S.
A petabyte is 1 million gigabytes, the data equivalent of hundreds of academic research libraries.
One part of the spyware even targets classified software most of the world has never heard of: a classified government application used to encrypt sensitive communications. Kaspersky Labs said it couldn’t concretely identify which nation state was responsible for the spy network. His company’s software has blocked this type of attack generically for a long time, he said, and they specific fix has been shared with other security researchers. The five-year-old spy network, while far more advanced than the average attack one sees on a daily basis from China, is highly advanced, he said. Last weekend, a Las Vegas man named Larry Pfeifer came forward to claim credit for spreading a rumor that the facial injuries sustained by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid were not caused by an exercise mishap as the senator had claimed but were instead the product of a beating by Mr.
On March 17 of this year, a report was filed at the Hollywood Community Police Station on Wilcox Avenue alleging that Mr. According to someone close to the family, this was triggered because the target of the threats had been providing financial assistance to a member of Mr.
Family members and right-wing commentators are not the only ones who have had reason to keep their distance from Mr.
One longtime friend—possibly a former friend—who spoke to the Observer but only on the condition of anonymity said, “Larry has been making phony phone calls and telling lies since he was a young kid.
While reporting this story, the Observer got a taste of what it’s like to be on the wrong side of Mr.

Both the November Paris attacks and the October 2015 bombing of a Russian airliner suggest a shift in ISIS strategy towards going global," the report said. Rocra’s unique, modular architecture is comprised of more than 30 pieces of malware -- malicious extensions, info-stealing modules and backdoor Trojans, he explained. Rocra uses code similar to that used by Chinese hackers, Schouwenberg noted, but the malware has Russian references as well, slang words, and so on. Pfeifer, he made up the story as a ruse to reveal how gullible the right-wing press is and to prove that they’d spread rumors about a prominent Democrat no matter how outlandish or unproven the story. Pfeifer had made “threats and outrageous claims,” repeatedly phoned a relative at her place of business and home, prank-calling and threatening the relative and her husband. Pfeifer, who told the Observer he moved to Las Vegas from Chicago in 1995, ran up a gigantic gambling debt and had to be bailed out by family members. Pfeifer told the Observer he is “getting into holding those in the media responsible for reckless stories, spewing lies and hate all for advertising dollars. Don’t be mistaken, he is not doing this to elevate anyone’s consciousness or tread a moral high ground; he is doing it because he is a diabolical liar who craves attention. Pfeifer’s first contact with the Rush Limbaugh show was when El Rushbo himself spoke to him.
Pfeifer’s life has turned around since he lifted the curtain on the Oz of right-wing media, the senator applauds his defender.
Pfeifer flooded a reporter’s in-box, including some sent after he was asked to stop emailing.
Larry Pfeifer, a Las Vegas brand builder with some checkers in his past, successfully punk’d several right-wing media outlets and thus became a bit of a hero to several left-wing media outlets.
According to records obtained by the Observer, one was for $392,243 and another for $156,508.
But the fun doesn’t stop way back when—there are several other weird incidents that reveal a pattern of phone call fun. Friends of the relative who provided the funds, who declined to be identified or comment for fear of harassment and retribution by Mr. When it all happened—and I was paid for it, too—and what I decided to do with the money, there were two cases. When I gambled, and I haven’t gambled for over five years, I never used a player’s card and I lost a shitload of money.

Pfeifer, say that six years ago he bilked her out of money to pay a gambling debt to avoid jail. Journalism and media are supposed to uplift the morals of society, not try to bring it down.
Maloof parted with each other—and with him—over an ugly split involving the Drink nightclub, which Mr. Kondrk passed an email to a spokesperson who declined to speak to the Observer; emails to Mr.
Reid told Politico, “I wish I’d meet this guy and pat him on the back.” Despite the conviction and the liens and the police report, that back-pat might happen sooner than later. The first case they let me off with probation and they did that because I proved I gave a lot of the money away to homeless people like Salvation Army. Pfeifer allegedly prank- called the relative’s office masquerading as a bystander who witnessed her spouse’s involvement in a near-fatal car accident. So I am just thinking how irresponsible this all this, and this guy John Hinderaker, I didn’t look at his thing like a bog. Limbaugh expressed skepticism about the story’s veracity and made clear that the story was just some guy calling them up to tell a story. Pfeifer had said he had cancer and then said he had been misdiagnosed at Promises Rehab in the early 2000s and had a major payment forthcoming from a lawsuit victory that would pay the relative back.
Pfeifer also gets very specific about what he intends to do to hold media accountable when they run afoul of his high standards in the future. Pfeifer tsk-tsking about the state of the craft: “Journalism is supposed to uplift society in a moral way.
And the second case happened because while I was going to court for the first one it continued, and I did not want to tell on the people who I did this for because they had families and a lot more to lose than I did.

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