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Nike today unveiled the new Manchester United 14-15 Third Kit, to be worn for the first time during tonight's match with Inter Milan.
Manchester United signed a £53m shirt sponsor deal with Chevrolet this year, which starts from the 2014-15 season.
While the current Manchester United Kit features no white design elements, the new ManU 2014-2015 Kit comes with a white Nike Swoosh and white sleeve cuffs. The Chevrolet logo on the Manchester United Kit features the usual colors of the enterprise, gold and white. The new Manchester United 14-15 Away Kit is mainly white with a classical black polo collar, which features a inconspicuous devil detail. The new Manchester United 2014-2015 Third Kit features two tones of blue, inspired by the club’s tradition of wearing blue kits throughout the 1980s. There is a fine line between a fashion disaster and a classy football kit, as manufacturers always look for the new, vibrant look while supporters want to retain the cluba€™s identity a€“ and dignity.In the 1995-1996 season, Manchester United launched a new all-grey away strip a€“ that has this week voted as the cluba€™s worst ever kit in a fansa€™ poll in the Manchester Evening News. The kind of colour combination that should be confined to a cocktail glass, Barcelonaa€™s tequila sunrise strip was surely not befitting of Messi, Iniesta and co. The season that Premier League newcomers Hull City took their a€?Tigersa€™ tag too seriously.
Normally, goalkeepers arena€™t fair game for these lists because theya€™ve all been so badly done to by kit manufacturers over the years. This chocolate brown shocker has left an indelible stain on the Sky Bluesa€™ proud history, with Coventry legends Ian Wallace and Tommy Hutchinson subjected to this polo shirt style disaster. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Tras semanas de anticipos, en el dia de hoy el Manchester United ha presentado de forma oficial sus nuevas equipaciones visitantes de jugador y portero, la primera con un aire retro. Como ya pudimos ver hace semanas, la indumentaria mezcla dos tonos de azul y el color rojo, siendo una camiseta azul con efecto melange, con cuello redondo, detallada en rojo en las bandas y el logo de adidas, el escudo y dos detalles, uno en el interior del cuello con el apodo del equipo, THE RED DEVILS, y otro en el exterior con el detalle MUFC, con las letras dentro de circulos. La indumentaria de portero para fuera de casa usa un modelo de catalogo de adidas en verde y gris oscuro.
The new away jersey for the United States men's and women's national soccer teams has been revealed in advance of the World Cup -- and fans are in an uproar.
Despite fans' objections, the away jerseys for three nations will look different from the ones for the US.

As it’s been happening with many other teams across Europe, Manchester United started their pre-season trainings on July 7, but with a lot of key players still missing due to their World Cup involvement. The Red Devils are going into a new season with high hopes of doing better than last year, especially after the appointment of the very experienced Dutch coach, Louis Van Gaal. Manchester United will go through a total of 5 to 6 friendlies in the weeks ahead, with most of those games taking place in the United States.
In a year where the Red Devils already know that they won’t be playing in any European competition, all focus is set domestically and particularly at the Barclays English Premier League. The new ManU 14-15 Away Kit was officially released on July 22, after the new ManU Home Shirt was unveiled on July 14.
The main color "diablo red" is combined with white applications and black details on the kit collar. The strip has gone down in Premier League folklore after Sir Alex Ferguson famously ordered his players to change out of the grey number after they came in 3-0 down away to Southampton in April 1996. They said it was difficult to see their team-mates at distance when they lifted their heads.a€™United improved but still lost the game 3-1. Barca bosses have ditched it for a slightly more calm yellow and red striped design next season. But this horror that David Seaman was forced into for Euro 96 a€“ dubbed a€?the refreshersa€™ kit in a tribute to the famous sweets a€“ simply could not be ignored. It is remembered fondly among the Coventry fans, though, and in 2009 the club produced a special-edition replica limited to 1,125 shirts to mark their 125th anniversary. Dit 3e MUFC shirt 2016 zal de club van Van Gaal dragen tijdens de wedstrijden in de Champions League of Europa League. El pantalon ira en azul oscuro con detalles rojos, dejando las medias en el mismo estilo de la camiseta, con efecto melange y toques rojos. Designed by Nike, the jersey features three different-colored bands, starting at the top with blue, white, and red to represent the American flag, according to a company press release. Men's NationalA  Team Captain Clint Dempsey and Women's National Team striker Sydney Leroux.'I like the patriotic design and color scheme and I think it will look great on the pitch,' Dempsey said, according to the Nike press release. Just like several Man United players that have been playing in Brazil during June and July, the 62-year old manager was also given a few additional weeks of vacation before taking charge of the operations at Old Trafford and start preparing the new season. Manchester United‘s first official fixture this season in the EPL will be against Swansea City on August 16, at Old Trafford.

The new Manchester United 14-15 Kits are sponsored for the first time by Chevrolet, while the shirts are again made by the US-giant Nike. The iconic Man Utd 2014-2015 Home Kit collar features one button and the colors red, black and white. It was the fifth time United had worn the jersey a€“ and they failed to win a single game a€“ losing four and drawing one when sporting the dreaded grey.
Ook zal dit shirt regelmatig gedragen worden tijdens uitwedstrijden voor de FA Cup en League Cup.
Helaas zijn deze foto's op dit moment nog niet erg duidelijk maar het geeft een goede eerste indruk van dit Man. The Russian away jersey, designed by Adidas, features an outline of the earth, which looks like a series of blue stripes. Esta combinacion ya ha sido utilizada con anterioridad, incluso en la actual temporada el United tiene equipaciones de entrenamiento con esta combinacion. De basis van dit shirt is zwart met een rode afwerking rond de mouwen en over de schouders.
A company press release says it is supposed to represent the view that Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, saw Earth in 1961.
El color de la playera sera para honrar al equipo que gano la primera Copa Europea en el Estadio de Wembley en 1968, cuando derrotaron por la minima al Benfica. El tradicional azul se mantiene pero con la novedad que el leon que aparece en el escudo estara en marca de agua a lo largo de la camiseta. Ya sobre el tema, la unica rescatable, es la del madrid Riki Que han hecho con el jersey del la Juve, parece un Newcastle cualquiera, lo rescatable es que aun respetan los colores de cada institucion Zlatan-hannibal lecter estaria mejor que sacaran esta Riki Esta se ve mejor, y el esponsor de Jeep se ve mas homogeneo Alex ArSantana Esa con las mangas rayadas seria day 1 must buy. Sin arriesgar mucho, Adidas se la juega con algo clasico que sabe que se va a ver bien.La del Manchester United es fea, pero no creo que se pueda hacer mucho.
Es una camiseta horrible y tener a Chevrolet de patrocinador no hace mas facil un diseno atractivo.Con la Juve creo que lo estan intentando.

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