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It was wrong then and ita€™s wrong now a€“ being better off doesna€™t give anyone the right to moralise to those in need. This week we saw a young Conservative in West Oxfordshire hit the headlines after he claimed that hard-up families are turning to food banks because theya€™ve wasted their money on booze. He says hea€™s seen a€?food bank usersa€™ in the pubs of Witney a€“ presumably thinking that they did not need the help. His comments sparked outrage, but wea€™ve heard all this before a€“ ita€™s simply a return to the Victorian idea of the a€?undeserving poora€™. They liked nothing more - in between covering the legs of tables and silencing their children - than dividing up the a€?deservinga€™ and the a€?undeservinga€™ poor. The deserving poor were the virtuous who, through illness, accident or age, found themselves struggling.

Victorians were very concerned with how they could help the deserving poor while weeding out the undeserving poor. We saw it in Liverpool, when as part of a Royal Commission report into workhouses, they looked at the segregation of the sexes, a 12-hour working day, and almost constant confinement to the premises. I thought wea€™d progressed to a point where the welfare state would help those in need and no-one would go hungry in this country.
Later today Ia€™ll be going to the food bank to drop off Christmas food and toiletries donated by the ECHO staff.
We did the same last year, and while we were unloading the car I saw the people waiting to be seen.
It was bitterly cold that day and shea€™d walked miles in the rain from a womena€™s refuge to pick up her bags of tins so that her children would be able to eat at Christmas.

I doubt very much that she was in the pub last Christmas, just like I doubt most people I meet there today will be. If they can scrape together enough to buy a pint and enjoy this time of year then good luck to them.

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