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Photos left to right: (front) Michael Staub, Ross Kramer, Jaran Sabus, Zach Rague, Spencer Sturges, Trey Creighton (back) Manager Scott Grau, Trae Cropp, Brody Egger, Jake Quirk, Jake Grau, Robert VanderLinden, Cole Scieszinski, Coach Chris Sabus. The 2015 Little League World Series is here, with 16 teams full of 11- and 12-year-old kids vying for ballpark supremacy in Williamsport, Penn.

A total of 16 teams in the Little League World Series, including eight teams from the United States on one side of the bracket and eight international teams on the other side. In addition to double elimination, the first four teams to lose their first two games -- two U.S.

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