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One of my favorite basketball memories I’ve ever had was sitting in a hotel room in Cocoa Beach with my parents. Bryant finished the game with 30 points, 10 rebounds, seven assists and two steals in a Lakers victory. Twelve years later and as a 24-year-old man I can stand back and appreciate how wonderful Bryant truly is, and what his presence has done for the game of basketball. Let me say this, if Bryant managed to play 81 games in the regular season and only averaged 15 points per game, and during the season finale (the 82nd game) he needed to score 537 points, to average 20 points, I’d bet on Bryant. The man is a legend, and no matter how much someone may hate his demeanor on the court, they can never take away his game. Speaking of getting healthy, Bryant now has to take an even larger role on the offense now that Lakers star point guard Steve Nash is no longer an active member of the NBA, due to retirement because of injuries. Since Bryant now once again has to put the team on his back, it’s familiar territory since he’s always been used to leading in that role.
Unlike Bryant’s Lakers teams in the past, this Lakers roster has a lot of young parts that can develop into quality NBA players.
With the departure of Nash, these two guards are going to get a lot of playing time and each will have to step up in a major way to play with Bryant. Where as on the low post, the Lakers have one of the gems of the draft in power forward Julius “Pitbull” Randle. NEW YORK (AP) - Retired NBA star Kobe Bryant is moving to Wall Street, announcing the formation of a $100 million venture capital fund to invest in media, technology and data companies. Bryant Stibel has already made investments in 15 companies, including LegalZoom and home juicing company Juicero, according to their website. Bryant earned roughly $680 million in salary and endorsements during his 18-year NBA career, according to Forbes, and has been in the process of transition from professional athlete to businessman.
Reports came out a few days ago that Derrick Rose is concerned about the future of the Bulls. It doesn’t help anything that Rose is not among the brightest bulbs, and that he still lives in an insular camp of cronies that is too often at odds with his team.

Reggie Rose is a clown, using the guise of brotherly love to aggrandize himself after a failed career as both player and coach that was marked by bizarre, immature behavior. He says he’s all about winning a championship, but then he carps about rebuilding when it appears his team is trying to do what it must to give him that very opportunity. In a NBA where you need multiple superstars to compete for a championship, it’s hard to blame Rose for having his concerns. As sad as it was to see Nash leave the game of basketball destroyed and bruised, his legacy isn’t tarnished. For Bryant to once again put the Lakers franchise on his shoulders as he’s done for 18 years, is like riding a bicycle after not getting on one for two years, it’s something that wont get forgotten. Point guards Jeremy Lin and Jordan Clarkson both have size, quickness and skill to turn into a great rotation in the backcourt for the Lakers. The point guard duo are each well seasoned (though one is a rookie) and have ability to make grand impacts on the Lakers. Though we love the Black Mamba and he won’t take a backseat to any player, he may not need to.
22, 2016, photo provided by the New York Stock Exchange, retired NBA star Kobe Bryant visits the exchange, in New York. The firm was founded in 2013, but is going public now with the retirement of Bryant from the Lakers.
Chicago is currently (9-15) and all indications point to them letting Luol Deng walk and they could amnesty Carlos Boozer.
It was understandable for him to be shielded from Englewood gangs and other unsavory influences enough to get him a fair shot at a pro career, but enough already. The quiet superstar is quiet not because he is naturally self-effacing, but because he is bad at talking. He’s playing for his hometown team and I bet it would kill him to leave in LeBron like fashion.
Instead of hating him because he was so good, it became easy to realize how great of a basketball player he truly was.

Doesn’t matter though, Bryant is not Samson and the secret to his basketball game was never in his hair. Now healthy, we should only expect what we have grown accustomed to from Bryant, greatness. As a power forward he can handle the basketball at the top of the three-point line take two dribbles and get to the rim. Bryant has partnered with Jeff Stibel, an entrepreneur and investor, to form the $100 million venture-capital firm Bryant Stibel, based in Los Angeles. He’s 25 years old, in his fifth NBA season, is worth a quarter-billion dollars and has a family of his own, yet his uneducated oaf of an older brother remains the empowered svengali.
I remember loathing Bryant as he played, not because of his personality, or any of his personality traits, but because he was so good, so unstoppable. At the age of 36 Bryant has allowed God to remain his barber, sporting the low bald cut and is still taking defenders ten years younger than him behind the woodshed.
However, If Bryant wants to win his sixth NBA Championship (not this year), he has to allow chemistry to get created with this team.
Moving forward in future years to come, these players are going to have to become options within the offense and will play vital roles in the Lakers success.
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