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Is anyone else pausing the video at the parts where Bieber and the girl look into the camera at you like you're some sort of pervert watching them copulate and wanking? True, but thats not fair, honestly young kobe was one of the most attractive men I have ever seen. This entry was posted in Basketball and tagged Kobe Bryant, kobe wearing a jordan tshirt, Michael Jordan. The Nike Kobe 9 Elite “Detail” receives inspiration from the Italian Renaissance in the 1500′s. Packer Shoes and ASICS go a full five sets of sneakers for a massive collection inspired by the upcoming U.S.

Heads up New York City area Jordan fans, Footaction is opening their second Flight 23 location inthe Big Apple tomorrow. After a momentous grand opening back in May, which included the release of an Air Jordan XX3 collaboration as well as an appearance by Michael Jordan himself, Trophy Room is ready to launch its next collaboration as a celebration of its three-month anniversary. But thread was only about whether he was good looking or not, and by classical western standards he is. That means footwear brands are ready to launch new footwear lines that are more weather ready as the climate cools down, and adidas Originals has planned ahead by outfitting the famed City Sock with wool Primeknit uppers. This specific shoe features grey and black colorway mixed in with details of marble on the upper – inspired by Michelangelo, his Italian roots and his perspective of his art derivative from the country.

The “Detail” nickname is given by the attention paid to the marbleized aesthetic on the upper and midsole.

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