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We’re proud to announce our 2014 Vista Award for New Construction from ASHE (American Society for Healthcare Engineering) for the Alkek expansion at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX.
Researching and developing response measures for high-consequence livestock diseases is a sensitive, collaborative process and so is being the engineering firm responsible for lead mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design for a facility as complex as this. The new National Bio and Agro Defense Facility (NBAF) will be located on the campus of Kansas State University.
This new facility will be an integrated human, foreign animal, and zoonotic disease research, development, and testing facility that will accommodate biosafety level BSL2,BSL3, BSL4r esearch.
NBAF will provide a full range of animal research, diagnostic, and training capabilities, with a focus on the more hazardous pathogen and disease spectrum.
The BSL-3 and 3Enhances lab spaces will focus on disease agents requiring more stringent levels of containment. Engineering projects this one demand the highest levels of right-brain creativity buttressed by the left-brained conscientiousness. Good to me reminded once in a while, to slow down and to appreciate the simple and little things in life!

We excel in fresh, innovative solutions for technologically demanding buildings by adding right-brain passion to left-brain precision.
This new facility will replace the existing Plum Island Animal Disease Center, a Federal complex where research on foreign animal diseases has been ongoing since 1954. It will include basic and advanced research, diagnostic testing and validation, countermeasure development and diagnostic training for high-consequence livestock diseases with potentially devastating impacts to the U.S.
These agents may cause serious or lethal disease to those exposed to them, but, again, antidotes and vaccines exist to treat the disease. Life gets busy, work begins to trump family and let’s face it, time gets away from us. NBAF is being built in response to threats facing our nation that could potentially jeopardize the $95 billion U.S. The BSL-2 level lab will accommodate research using moderately hazardous bacteria and viruses that can affect humans, animals, and the environment. The BSL-3Ag spaces are designed for research and diagnostic operations on large animals using agents that are deadly to animals (but not humans).

This important Science and Technology research complex will also enhance capabilities to meet the mandated national and bio and agro-defense missions requirements of the U.S.
Antidotes and vaccines are available for diseases resulting from exposure to these pathogens.
The facility construction for BSL-3Ag spaces require near air-tight rooms and are very similar to those of the next level, the BSL-4 level lab. This highest level of lab provides high containment research lab space for the study of pathogens that have no known antidote and could cause serious illness or death.

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