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The College of Engineering and Computer Science arguably has the longest and most distinguished history at the school. Applicants to one of GU’s graduate programs must hold the baccalaureate degree and submit official transcripts of all college-level work. Graduate programs generally do not require standardized test scores, however the nursing program has stricter entry requirements than the other disciplines. The school endeavors to work with students who have attended other colleges and transfer the appropriate credits into the program of their choice. To earn a degree with the university, at least 25 percent of all coursework must be completed at the school.
Veteran, active duty and military family members have numerous options for funding their education at Grantham University.
Tuition Assistance (TA) is a popular option for active duty, reserve, National Guard and veteran students. The Career Advancement Account (CAA) is designed to help military spouses pursue their own educational objectives. GU offers a variety of partial or discounted tuition scholarships primarily to military personnel and veterans.
Police, fire fighters and emergency paramedics may qualify for the First Responders Scholarship. In spite of the relocation forced by Hurricane Katrina, Grantham continues to serve thousand of students each year. As an online-only university, the school presents challenges to its faculty that they wouldn’t experience at a traditional university.
2014 - Created and prototyped "HamPod" and "QuickMast", tools for rapid deployment of Amateur Radio to support civil emergencies.
General Class Amateur Radio operator - KG7IHO - and member of the American Radio Relay League. Member of Cochise County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) and Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES).

Founding member of the Upper San Pedro Writers, not a critique group, but a monthly gathering of dedicated writers who share resources and discuss the insanity of writing. Your best source of Dragon Ball Z Yaoi (gay) fanarts, fanfictions and doujinshi scanlations since February 11th 2001.
Originally, the school was small and only taught radio license classes and war veterans made up the whole of the student body. Students can earn associate’s degrees in fields as diverse as engineering management technology, computer sciences and electronics. Military personnel have alternatives to this requirement if they cannot immediately secure a transcript.
Applicants should have access to a Windows-based computer with a 1.6 GHz or faster processor, 1 GB of memory and 40 GB of hard drive space. Military applicants should forward any testing or coursework they have undertaken in connection with their service.
The only exception is the nursing program, which as a rule does not accept transfer credits.
Interested students must contact their base’s Educational Service Officer as well as a representative of the college. In addition to discounted tuition, the First Responders Scholarship includes a textbook and software award that covers the cost of any required class materials. Most of these are military personnel of some sort, with a large contingent of non-traditional students as well. We meet the first Saturday of each month from 1000 - 1200 hours at the Sierra Vista Library. The school quickly expanded, with more course offerings in the area of electronics and several more campuses across the nation. Every program requires completion of a 42 credit hour collection of general education courses. Veterans can submit Form DD214, while active duty service members can forward either Form DD1966 or a Military Statement of Service.

Students with systems below these specifications can still enroll, but their overall learning experience may be hindered by their technology. Students with lower GPAs can apply for a waiver and be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis. The Military Education Scholarship for Veterans includes a tuition discount and free textbooks.
As a distance learning institution, the school cannot offer the same sort of campus life opportunities as a brick and mortar school. Full-time faculty teach courses while also developing curriculum and staying abreast of the latest trends in distance education pedagogy. In 1968, the school renamed itself the Grantham College of Engineering and gradually brought most of its operations under one roof in Los Angeles, California. In the wake of Katrina, the Missouri Department of Education was quick to certify the university to operate within the state and confer degrees. However, proof of graduation or its equivalent must still be provided before an admitted student can graduate or move on from GU. However, academic support services, such as tutoring and advising, are nonetheless available to all students.
The academic curriculum is divided into the following four colleges and schools: The College of Arts and Sciences, Mark Skousen School of Business, The College of Engineering and Computer Science, and The College of Nursing and Allied Health.
Most programs also entail virtual laboratory work using software supplied by the university. In general, the university practices open admissions, although certain programs may have specific entry requirements beyond those specified for general admissions. In response to the disaster, Grantham quickly set up new headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri.

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