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MANHATTAN -- A time-honored tradition at Kansas State University football games has received an upgrade thanks to a College of Engineering student organization. The student chapter of Associated General Contractors designed and constructed a new pushup platform for the university's athletic mascot, Willie the Wildcat. Kyle Montoya, junior in construction science and management, Holyrood, and vice president of the university's student chapter of the Associated General Contractors, said helping the cheerleading team with the project was fun. Students invested approximately 40 hours of work in the design and construction of the new Willie board.
The Structural Engineers Association of Kansas and Missouri student chapter reviewed the board's design for structural adequacy.
PhotosFederal prosecutors on Thursday announced the filing of charges against five former University of Kansas athletic department employees who conspired to steal and illegally sell hard-to-get football and basketball tickets.
Read the federal indictment returned this week against five former empolyees in The University of Kansas athletic department. Five former employees at The University of Kansas, including one official who resigned Thursday morning, have been indicted on federal charges of conspiring to steal more than $2 million worth of tickets to KU athletic events, U.S. Liebsch had been reporting to Nicole Corcoran, who was hired as former athletic director Lew Perkins' chief of staff in February 2009. The indictment alleges tickets to Kansas basketball, football and other athletic events were stolen internally and sold by ticket brokers or third parties.
Thomas Ray Blubaugh, 46, Medford, Okla., who was working as a consultant to the ticket office at KU.
Charlette Faye Blubaugh, 43, Medford, Okla., who was associate athletic director in charge of the ticket office at KU.
Ben Kirtland, 54, Lenexa, who was associate athletic director of development and supervisor of the Williams Educational Fund. Rodney Dale Jones, 42, Lawrence, who was assistant athletic director in charge of the Williams Fund. The indictment alleges that in 2005, Charlette Blubaugh began stealing season tickets for KU athletic events.
Simmons and Jeffries, who have pleaded guilty to related federal offenses, aren't named as defendants in this indictment, Grissom said.
The conspirators violated university policies limiting staff members to two complimentary season tickets to football and basketball, which couldn't be transferred or sold. Entered false information into a computer system designed to prevent tickets from being stolen.
Paid kickbacks to third parties not connected to the ticket office to sell tickets to individuals and through ticket brokers. Purchased money orders with cash in amounts less than currency reporting requirements in an effort to keep the proceeds from being traced back to them. The indictment seeks a monetary judgment of between $3 million and $5 million, representing the value of the stolen tickets. If convicted, each of the five named in the indictment faces a maximum penalty of 30 years in federal prison and a fine of up to $1 million.
I agree with NEKScommenter, that was my first thought when I read the caption, did this fan actually purchase any of the stolen tickets? I am just curious if you have any proof regarding Wittig and Lake buying their way out of convictions. Hope these individuals get punished to the limit of the law, the University is able to recoup some of the lost revenue, and the new athletic director is able to come in and put some better systems in place to prevent his cr*p from happening. Known as “The Jet Award,” the honor was established in 2011 to recognize the best return specialist in NCAA Division I. Lockett’s 2,296 all-purpose yards in 2014 ranked second in school history to Darren Sproles (2003), while he also finished second to Sproles with 6,586 in his 47-game career. To be considered for the Jet Award, players must be a primary kick or punt returner for their team and be among the national leaders in return categories.

A selection committee consisting of Rodgers and football writers and broadcasters from around the country selected the 2014 winner. Comments considered to be trolling or for the sole purpose of angering others will be removed.
Texas El-Paso at 6-6 has accepted an invitation and will face 6-6 Brigham Young University on December 18 in Albuquerque in a matchup of former Western Athletic Conference rivals. Kansas State at 7-5 will play another 7-5 team, Syracuse, in the first-ever Pinstripe Bowl on December 30 in Yankee Stadium, the first bowl game in the Bronx since 1962. NEW MEXICO BOWL Texas El-Paso at 6-6 has accepted an invitation and will face 6-6 Brigham Young University on December 18 in Albuquerque in a matchup of former Western Athletic Conference rivals. Missouri residents may have the option of getting personalized license plates displaying their Kansas University loyalties. The Kansas University Alumni Association has been working to get a KU license plate in Missouri, which recently began issuing Pittsburg State license plates. As part of the process to get a license plate approved in Missouri, a state legislator needs to agree to sponsor the plate. Denison said he was unaffiliated in the historic rivalry between the Jayhawks and the Tigers. If Denison’s committee approves the plate in the 2013 legislative session, the alumni association will have to provide 200 completed applications in order for sales of the plate to begin. I find it rather funny that this article doesn't mention that the Gorillas have paved the way for this.
I find it more interesting that you have a computer and access to the internet, but apparently cannot read.
I have a KU license tag frame, and see quite a few KU front tags as well as KU bumper and window stickers around Tulsa. If the Alumni Association is willing to pursue it, I bet there will be far more than the 100 minimum applicants required to have a KU tag created in Oklahoma.
I teach at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in OKC, and my license plate says Jayhawx. Going way back to my pledge days, we took a trip to Dallas in stayed at the Oklahoma version of Phi Kappa Sigma and were treated like royal guest. Unfortunately, the Kansas chapter is no longer there, it was at 1600 Edgehill Road which is now a sorority house. Maybe it would have been better if we had lost, but Missouri fans will never get a reward for sportsmanship. The only thing that would make that plate better, would be if the hawk was doing a #2 right in the middle of the state. I wish the NCAA and its farm programs for professional games who crash beneath their own greed. We already have the Arkansas Razorback license plate in MO, let's get the Jayhawks as an option too. Following all points scored by the K-State football team, Willie does the same number of pushups as the team's total score, all while on a raised platform. The Associated General Contractors student chapter contacted local businesses to seek material donations, which allowed the project to be completed under budget.
Liebsch, 28, had been promoted to that position in the spring and wasn't accused of any wrongdoing in a KU-funded investigation that was completed in May.
Corcoran, who became an associate athletic director when Perkins retired, now oversees the ticket office.
The Williams Fund is the fundraising arm of Kansas Athletics Inc., a nonprofit corporation that promotes university athletics. She was identified in court documents as a systems analyst in the KU Athletics ticket office. She gave the tickets to Kirtland, Jones, Liebsch, Brendan Simmons and Jason Jeffries to sell to third parties.

Getting decent fans back into your venues and decent players interested in coming to our great University. I hope the Ethics Commission gets that $15K out of him (pocket change for Lew) and then they figure out a way to nail his greedy rear to the wall as well.
The award is named in honor of Johnny Rodgers, a wide receiver and return specialist for the University of Nebraska who won the Heisman Trophy in 1972 and is a member of the National College Football hall of Fame. He led the Big 12 in all three categories, including the latter by more than 25 yards per game. The school’s career record holder for receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns, Lockett finished second in school history to Jordy Nelson in single-season catches (106) and receiving yards. Previous winners are Ty Montgomery of Stanford (2013), Tavon Austin of West Virginia (2012) and inaugural winner Joe Adams of Arkansas (2011). This Journal-World photo illustration shows what the KU plates might look like if the logo was placed on the current Missouri license plate.
After all, KU does boast more than 30,000 alumni who live in Missouri, said Danny Lewis, director of alumni programs for the association. The alumni association typically gets a cut of the extra revenue generated from the plates, but it’s more about the brand recognition than the dollars and cents, Lewis said. He earned a scholarship out of high school to attend Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas. KC is where I'm pretty sure most alum live and it's a KU town tried and true at the end of the day. I believe its substantial (long KU history at Phillips in Bartlesville) but nowhere approaching 30,000. Other than getting some good natured ribbing from the neighbors I haven't endured any crazy fans. I've had a long-term friendship from my Coast Guard days who was an OU graduate and I've always felt comfortable when I was in Norman. One of the biggest Alumni Bases outside of Kansas and the KC Metro is in Orlando so there may be just enough Jayhawk Fans for it to happen. Kirkland was the head of fundraising for Kansas Athletics and the highest-ranking official working directly with the Williams Fund, Grissom said. Have always been a KU fan--held bball tickets for YEARS--but as far as I'm concerned Buffalo Wild Wings can have my $$ during game time. After a KU alumnus approached him with the idea for the plate, Denison had no qualms about signing on.
It was understood that they would likely beat us in football and we would kick their pants in Basketball. Carriage bolts were used for support legs, donated door pulls were used for the handles, and an area body shop donated the spray application of pickup truck bed liner to the entire assembly. The cases in which guilty pleas were entered by Simmons and Jefferies also were heard in Wichita. Honesty, I think outside of misery fans (now gone) most of the Big 12 or former big 12 schools fans are pretty decent towards each other.
I think this will remain a congenial relationship as long as KU doesn't become competitive with OU in football.
Industrial corner guards were installed to the outside corners and foam padding to the bottom rail that rests on the male cheerleaders' shoulders. Create your slideshowBy using the code above and embedding this image, you consent to Getty Images' Terms of Use.

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