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Brady Hoke and the Wolverines enter 2014 in the Big Ten East and therefore sit behind Ohio State and now Michigan State in perceived pecking order, but make no mistake about it, the Wolverines have talent. LTP: So, do we dare ask what Michigan does for the third straight year to gut Northwestern fans’ hearts out? LTP: It appears from a distance the single biggest change for Michigan in 2014 occurred on the sidelines with the axing of Al Borges and the introduction of Doug Nussmeier at OC. LTP:  Michigan has been steady on “D” in recent years and seems poised to really be good in 2014. LTP: The three players we haven’t heard of yet that we should fear when we meet in Evanston?
DT Willie Henry — another sophomore-to-be, huge strength, could be pocket-crusher if he gets his technique down. This entry was posted in Top Story, Uncategorized and tagged 2014, Brady Hoke, Devin Funchess, Devin Gardner, Doug Nussmeier, Michigan.
Looks like NU may be in the running for another former IL player of the year – Ty Isaac. About Lake The PostsThe name Lake The Posts is a nod to the past (pre 1995) of Northwestern football when students would rip down the FG posts after ANY win and march them the mile east in to Lake Michigan. The Hail Mary in 2012, the most ridiculous GW FG in CFB history in 2013 and now…well, let’s just say we think we’re due. They just watched the team suffer more TFLs than anyone in the country and then lost a first round and third round draft pick off that line. Michigan has a ton of cornerbacks available this year and if the QB is not a real run threat I think they can suffocate the Wildcats enough to pull away. Nussmeier is a one-back guy, and that’s a philosophy that can adapt to shotgun spread type activities like the ones he threw out at Fresno State and Oregon or pro-style activities like the ones that he threw out at Alabama. The hodge-podge the last three years has been tough to take when Denard Robinson hasn’t been turning things into chicken salad. Jeremy Gallon is the latest to leave, which likely means Devin Funchess is the name to fear for ‘Cats fans. Once Michigan finally resigned themselves to the fact that he was in no way a tight end, his production took off.

Michigan returns Jehu Chesson, gets Amarah Darboh off a foot injury that cost him all of last year, and welcomes freshman Freddy Canteen, who is getting buckets of hype.
Nobody did well last year, and while a couple of guys have recruiting hype none have impressed so far.
Michigan can be very good, maybe even elite with this core, and they’re going to have to be to buy the offense the time it needs. Clearly the guy has talent, but was relatively inconsistent from my point of view last year.
That was partially because he was running for his life all the time and has not really had time to settle into the whole college thing where you can expect guys on the interior to get blocked 95% of the time. Sure, you’ve got the Ohio State, Michigan State, Penn State division foe thing, but you get Minnesota and Northwestern in cross-over games. Colter in particular, since it was just so cool how he’d flip over to WR and Siemian knew he was a legit option. Before last year’s game we were doing an event in Chicago with former Michigan defensive back Todd Howard, who was at Michigan around the turn of the century.
He was teammates of Malin Jones in HS and is looking to be closer to home (Joliet) to deal with family health issues. Phillips spoke at the Big Ten headquarters as part of the Athletic Directors’ meetings scheduled this week in Rosemont, Illinois.
The ridiculous last-second game-tying FG from last year which set some kind of record for amount of movement by a line without a flag and of course a Hail Mary from 2012 that now must be categorized among NU opponent Hail Marys. The defense should be stellar in 2014 and senior QB Devin Gardner and TE Devin Funchess make you wonder if the Wolverines made a deal with the Devins to pin so much pain on NU.
Switching OCs to a guy who will run one thing instead of all things helps, but it only helps so much. He does have a rep for being an inside-zone focused guy, so the run game will look familiar to you.
Extrapolate his Big Ten season (which was also the section of the season where he 1) played WR and 2) had Gardner as his QB) over 13 games and he finishes the year pushing 1000 yards in a year when Michigan had a guy break their single-season receiving record.
None of these guys has done a ton on the field just yet, but chances are one emerges into a quality second option and another a quality third. But they’ve lost only four guys off the two-deep and no one particularly critical while returning most of their front seven and just scads of cornerbacks.

How high are expectations for him and will we see anyone else platooning with him this year?
Yeah, he threw a lot of interceptions and should have thrown a few more (particularly in Evanston). I do see App State opening the season which is a head-shaker unless you’re in to exorcising demons. You’re right that Michigan has a relatively low floor since they have a lot of winnable home games, but they also have a relatively low ceiling since they will be hard pressed to take 2 of 3 from their rivals on the road. Your contribution—whatever you're kind enough to give—will help make LTP a community that can continue to grow and better serve YOU! It’s either this year or next that the obvious uptick in your recruiting starts to come through. Michigan was on a brief IZ kick in that NW game after cycling through every other possibility. And then you’ve got slot Dennis Norfleet, who would be electric if Michigan would just get him the ball. Michigan has not had much of it in recent years; if Frank Clark can get a bit better and Jake Ryan is still a threat from MLB and they get some additional pressure from their new aggressive posture they could be very hard to operate against.
He also completed 60% of his passes for 9.1 YPA and just about singlehandedly won the ND and OSU games.
Seems like a safe bet it’ll be 8-4 or 9-3, neither of which resolves the Hoke question.
They’ll also be a little more spread out, with fewer second and eleven big sets and the like. He’s going to be the man, as long as he gets over an uncharacteristic bout of dropsies that cropped up late in the season.

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