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An online master’s degree in software engineering is a smart choice for anyone interested in computer science and program instrumentation. If you’re thinking about earning a degree in this field, even minimal research will reveal that your options are nearly endless. West Virginia University offers an accredited masters in software engineering online degree program. WVU offers a completely online graduate degree in Software Engineering that caters to working professionals with its flexible rolling start dates. Students around the world with a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering may take advantage of Kansas State University’s affordable online master’s degree in Software Engineering, available entirely through distance education. CTU offers a flexible, affordable, and completely online master’s degree in Software Engineering. Work towards an accredited online masters software engineering degree program at Stratford University – for an affordable yearly rate.
This accredited online master’s degree in Software Engineering equips students with the knowledge and practical skills to find employment as project managers and software engineers.
East Carolina University offers an affordable and accredited online masters software engineering degree where students can work directly from any computer.
East Carolina University’s top online master’s degree in software engineering is a great fit for those with a background in computer science who are interested in understanding the most up-to-date applications in the field. Those interested in a degree declared by Money Magazine to be the highest in demand over the next decade may look to the University of Houston Clear Lake’s master’s degree in Software Engineering online. For students seeking a career in technology, the University of Maryland offers an accredited online masters software engineering degree. The Software Engineering specialization at University of Maryland University College teaches software developers advanced design, software methodology, and coding techniques. Ranked at #85 among regional universities in the southern United states, Southern Polytechnic State University offers an affordable and reliable masters in software engineering online program. SPSU’s online master’s degree in Software Engineering program gives students hands-on experience with the real-time strategies and procedures that will prepare them for high-level careers in the industry. Ranked #7 among the top 50 affordable colleges in the Midwest, according to Great Value Colleges, North Dakota State University offers a premium and reliable masters in software engineering online for future engineers.
NDSU offers a cheap online master’s degree in software engineering degree that students may complete in as little as one year – which could cost as little as $5,100!
Ranking #6 in the United States for its affordability and economical online degrees, Texas Tech University offers an affordable and reputable online masters software engineering degree.
Texas Tech University’s degree in Software Engineering is perfect for those with an undergraduate degree in computer science or computer engineering who are looking to advance their software maintenance and development skills.
Iris Stone began her writing career when she started working as a freelance writer and researcher in 2011.
Features a beautiful photograph of Anderson Hall mounted above your diploma, with your school name and seal gold embossed on black and purple museum-quality matting.
To place an order for your KSU Diploma Plaque, please follow  the instructions in the " How To Order?

People with advanced knowledge in software engineering are in high demand, as the profession combines some of the most valuable knowledge sets in the world – computer science, information technology, and engineering.
Deciding to go to school online expands your choices immensely, bringing schools clear across the country into easy reach. Representing the ten most affordable programs in the country, they also rival the best online master’s degrees in software engineering around. The faculty focus on providing advanced software engineering training to students already working in the field of information technology and those seeking career advancement. Courses include Information Security, Software Analysis and Design, and Marketing Research, which yields graduates who are experts in both applied engineering and computer software design. Students may enroll throughout the year and can take courses in engineering, design, and process, culminating in a computer science capstone project.
Stratford understands that offering flexibility is the pathway to success and offers five start dates per year, the option to attend full-time or part-time, and courses in both five- and ten-week formats – all of which explain why the program has a 100% on-time graduation rate among full-time students. The program focuses on both practical application and theory, and students learn how to develop, design, maintain, and test state-of-the art software systems.
Students complete their coursework using Blackboard, and PhDs with extensive experience in the field teach courses with small class sizes. This degree is designed to serve individuals who wish to remain current in their field and advance their careers.
In addition to required classes in software architecture, object-oriented analysis, design, and engineering, and four elective courses, students may choose between a software engineering capstone project or a thesis to complete their degree. The program focuses on preparing students for continued success by teaching the latest technologies with classes in developing, project planning, designing, and testing, culminating in an individual software development project.
Leveling courses are available for students with bachelor’s degrees in other related fields.
Her freelance business soon took off and she now owns and operates a writing and editing firm that works with clients all across the country.
In fact, most of the top rated jobs in the United States are related to computers, engineering, or both.
Of course, not all schools are created equal, and it can be quite a challenge to sort through all the data to find that perfect school that hits the sweet spot of affordability and quality.
With tuition rates frequently falling below $10,000 a year, these schools attract applicants who are on a shoe-string budget. Students watch lectures online one evening per week, and the school archives lectures to ensure that everyone has ample opportunity to access the material.
This flexible program caters to working adults with families and permits students to work at their own pace and graduate in anywhere from two to six years. Graduates often seek employment as software developers, data analysts, engineers, programmers, and solutions architects. Coursework in systems architecture, Java, project management, and object-oriented design prepares graduates with the cutting-edge skills necessary to be competitive in the industry. Students can specialize in Gaming and Robotics Software, Software Project Management, and Software Development.

UMUC’s Learning Experience Online program makes distance learning easier than ever by providing students access to features that promote success, including an interactive calendar to easily manage assignments, classroom connection from anywhere by smartphone, a progress tool that tracks grades, and access to professor feedback through audio messaging.
Transition classes are available for those with a bachelor’s degree in a field other than computer science or information technology.
Students already working as software developers may fulfill certain course requirements with relevant work experience.
This non-thesis program offers four yearly start dates and allows students to attend either full-time or part-time. Despite the time it takes to run a business she still does much of the writing herself, and her work has included a variety of content related to education policy, colleges and universities, academic programs, and graduates’ careers. However, they also frequently entice serious students, who note the universities’ reputable accreditations, distinguished faculty, and high national and regional rankings. More than 90% of organizations employing CTU graduates state that they would hire other CTU graduates and that these employees are more than adequately prepared for their positions.
Stratford is a military-friendly school as well, with membership in the Services Members Opportunities College program and participation in the Yellow Ribbon program.
In addition to core courses, students enjoy electives such as Risk Management, Testing, and Service Oriented Architecture.
Additionally, students may test out of certain classes during the first few weeks of the semester. Courses are taught asynchronously via the Blackboard system, granting students the freedom to complete their work on their own time. Her interests actually span far beyond writing, and she is currently studying to be a physicist! West Virginia University was ranked #30 by Forbes as one of the nation’s top “Best Buy Colleges” in 2012. News & World Report ranks the university #20 among the best online graduate engineering degrees.
Military Times has ranked Colorado Technical University among the “Best for Vets” two years in a row. Graduates emerge prepared for high-paying careers as engineers, analysts, designers, and project managers. News and World Report has ranked Southern Polytechnic State University #85 among regional universities in the southern United States. NDSU is #7 among the top 50 affordable colleges in the Midwest, according to Great Value Colleges. Distance learning students have access to technological support, library resources, educational workshops, and mental health screening.
The Affordable Colleges Foundation ranked Texas Tech #6 in the United States for its affordability and economical online degrees, which of course extends to its incredibly affordable online master’s degree in software engineering.

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