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An undrafted rookie out of South Carolina, Shaw played very well in limited action in the preseason, going 8-for-9 for 123 yards with a touchdown, and also running for 34 yards. Other new members of the Browns’ practice squad include linebacker Justin Staples, linebacker Keith Pough, defensive lineman Jacobi McDaniel, tight end Emmanuel Ogbuehi, offensive lineman Karim Barton, receiver Charles Johnson and offensive lineman Patrick Lewis. He played well in preseason, even if it was against guys that are probably bagging groceries today (though it’s not like he was given a chance to play against anyone better).
Its obvious to anyone who watched that the Spurrier boys, Grossman and Shaw, were the two best qb’s this preseason. This is an unofficial and independent source of news and information not affiliated with any team(s) or the National Football League (NFL).
This picture was taken this morning onĀ Kensington Parkway in Maryland by someone heading to Washington D.C. Eyewitnesses have disputed the police account of Notre Dame cornerback Devin Butler’s arrest. The acquisitions made by the Oakland Raiders this offseason were either for a very solid under-appreciated player or someone on such a team friendly contract that the money spent was mostly irrelevant.

Although the Raiders failed to sign names they wanted such as Suh, they did a very good job adding solid talent to positions of need. Cornerback Justin Gilbert, a former top-10 pick, has struggled mightily over his first two NFL seasons. That’s not going to happen, but Shaw is staying in Cleveland despite failing to make the 53-man roster.
Teams like the Jaguars got all sorts of publicity for spending big on Julius Thomas (something I thought was a legitimate possibility for the Raiders), and the Eagles are in many estimations, running out the best duo of running backs in the NFL (Murray was a target of the Raiders). By the time camps started we could see the plan start to come into focus and finally after three long years, it seems as if Reggie McKenzie actually has something going on.
Corey Coleman breaking off Gilbert with in-out release and clears inside arm with swim move. Those shortcomings are painfully evident here, as he lunges toward Coleman at the snap, losing leverage and balance as the rookie receiver beats him on an outside release. There probably aren’t many fan bases who think their best QB is on their practice squad, but I think the Browns fans do.

We all think we know more than the Pro Scouts, but it speaks volumes that 31 of the other Teams did not poach him while on Waivers.
The Raiders missed out on Suh, all of the big skill position players, and never addressed the cornerback position. Of course if you spent any time reading my columns you would not be as stunned as most fans. I wish him well and think the Browns are smart for giving him a chance to develop, but don’t fool yourselves into thinking he is currently better than Hoyer.

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