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Now that Johnny Football has declared for the NFL Draft, it's time to figure out the best fit for the talented quarterback on the next level.
Most people expected Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel to declare for the NFL Draft and he did so on Wednesday.
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Johnny Manziel again is the talk of the town for some of the things that he is doing off of the field.
The Bills and Bears will make a giant leap forward: After not making the postseason in 2014, both teams have new coaches with proven success and pieces in place to win. Young wide receivers will take over the league: Mike Evans, Sammy Watkins, Odell Beckham, Jr. Indianapolis will win the Super Bowl: The Colts seemed like a team almost ready to dominate in 2014. Manziel and everything he has been through in three years at Texas A&M screams Oakland.
Much of Oakland's reasoning applies here: a disheartened fan base, poor attendance and no answer at quarterback.
His ability to make plays would be huge for the offense and would present another threat on the roster. The young quarterback found his footing as the season wore on, and will continue to improve with a full offseason.

Throw in contract issues with Marshawn Lynch, and you’ve got a team that will fall off quickly.
The Patriots showed them they still have a way to go, but they have an offseason to figure out their running game. Even if Manziel struggles early, the Vikings could lean on Peterson and a QB who can execute the zone-read to throw less and get the ball in Peterson's hands more.
Josh Gordon is one of the best wideouts in the game, but Cleveland has problems protecting the passer.
Not to mention they need to create some buzz, and Manziel has a following and fame that is unrivaled.
This is not as good of a fit because the team's defense needs help, and there are going to be some great defensive players on the board. The ironic part of the story is that Johnny Football could be taking over Christian Ponder’s job in Minnesota after the NFL Draft. Matt Cassel is not the answer and Josh Freeman is just some dude that was brought over to hold a clipboard. Manning has shown the most wear, but Brees and Brady could easily make the choice to walk away from the game. This will show voters just how big of an impact he can make, and convince them to select a defensive player as MVP since Lawrence Taylor in 1986.
Robert Mathis should be back by season’s beginning and provide a boost to the defense, and the Colts will be hoisting the Lombardi next year.

They need a QB who can create space on his own and has the creativity to get the ball to Gordon in several different ways.
Head coach Dennis Allen does not have the answer with Matt McGloin or Terrelle Pryor, and they have to find a solution for running back Darren McFadden's health situation.
Manziel’s ability to extend plays would allow Greg Jennings and Cordarrelle Patterson to make huge plays in the open field.
Plus, as the Vikings move outdoors for two seasons while their new stadium gets built, why not go with a guy whom people have compared to Fran Tarkenton?
General manager Michael Lombardi is a Bill Belichick disciple, and there is a history of his guys taking a chance on QBs in the first round (Josh McDaniels took Tim Tebow with Denver).
The Cardinals' defense is as good as advertised, and Tyrann Mathieu, should he return healthy next year, may have helped ease the organization's fear of taking players who have off-field issues. It may be a wild card, but if Manziel is still on the board, it would be a smart pick, plus he could learn behind Palmer for at least a year.

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