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Shirts With Random Triangles: Johnny Manziel goes barefoot in Cleveland Browns photo shoot.
Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam is demanding rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel “tone it down” amid an ongoing period where the former Heisman Trophy winner is taking a beating in the media over his high-profile and party-filled lifestyle.
Days after screenshots of Manziel and hip hop star pal Drake were posted on social media, including one where the one-time Texas A&M star used a stack of cash as a phone and shouts “I can’t hear you.
Over the last several weeks, such Hall of Fame legends as Montana, Emmitt Smith and Warren Moon have all implored Manziel to slow down a bit and concentrate more on football instead of his “Johnny Football” alter ego. Up until now, the Browns appeared to be trying to keep Manziel focused and humble by publicly branding him a backup and stressing that he would have to earn any playing time he receives during his rookie season.
Yet on Friday, Manziel remained as feisty as ever, even as some teammates are now openly admitting his antics are starting to cause a distraction in the locker room.
Johnny Manziel turned 22 earlier this week, so to celebrate a Cleveland bakery made perhaps the perfect birthday cake complete with two bags of money and $100 bills. Cleveland quarterback Johnny Manziel may not have won the Browns starting gig this season, but he's still a winner in our books when it comes to his love life.

She's an undergrad at TCU and has been inseparable from the former Heisman Trophy winner's side for nearly a year now.
Crowley's made quite a name for herself on social media, amassing thousands of followers on both Twitter and Instagram. Good News Line 11-Year-Old Girl Sings Heavenly Praises for Beautiful Wonders of Nature - Awesome Scenes, Awesome Song Cute Baby Singing Gospel Song Just Like Singer!
Johnny Manziel may be stuck trying to better himself in rehab at present, but his girlfriend Colleen Crowley is enjoying her spring break in the fashion typical of a young college girl. The NFL's hottest WAG and TCU undergrad is off from classes this week, which means she has plenty of time to lounge poolside and soak in some sun rays.
Despite the long distance nature of their relationship, Crowley and Manziel were virtually inseparable on social media. She's still waiting for the Nationals to call about her spot with the Racing Presidents. Just in the past two weeks, Manziel traveled to TCU's campus in Fort Worth to watch the Horned Frogs take on Kansas State.

Her online presence is on the rise so much so, that a fashion label by the name of No Rulez NY even asked her to do a shoot with them. Crowley, who frequently traveled from Fort Worth to Cleveland to cheer on the Cleveland Browns rookie in person, posted a selfie of herself wearing a skimpy one-piece and enjoying some (presumably well-earned) leisure time.
Before Manziel entered rehab stemming from problems with poor play on the field and poor decision making off of it, the two would frequently post photos of each other partying and getting cozy on social media.
The next week Crowley returned the favor by hopping a flight to Cleveland to watch the Browns battle the Texans. Though it would be interesting if Manziel decided to through his NFL career barefoot to honor fellow Texas legend Kevin Von Erich.

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