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A record-breaking storm hit his home state of Massachusetts, which he was visiting that day for a funeral and a football gameThe blizzard led to the most snow fall on record for Nov.
A casually clad John Kerry, right, enters the stadium of the New England Patriots with team owner Robert Kraft, left, before Sunday's game between the Patriots and the Denver Broncos. The UN's latest climate change report follows claims by Weather Channel founder John Coleman that man-made global warming is not real.In an open letter last week to the Intergovernmental Panel, Coleman said, 'I have studied this topic seriously for years.
Secretary of State Kerry was in his home state on Sunday to attend the funeral of former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. WEST HOLLYWOOD — New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft switched gear this weekend, preferring the bustle of Oscar weekend in Hollywood over his usual Palm Beach hangouts. Kraft, a billionaire three times over, started dating Lander weeks after his age-appropriate wife Myra died in 2011.

EXCLUSIVE — Justin Bieber Sued For Botching Meet And Greet With 14-Year-Old Broward Girl! To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. 1892: Joel Cheek blends a special coffee for the Maxwell House hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. The New England Patriots cheerleaders take to the field after their team were crowned Super Bowl champions in ArizonaIn doing so, Brady shattered records galore.
Seattle Seahawks supporters look devastated after their team came so close to winning their second Super Bowl but lost by four pointsBut Seattle were not beaten. Kerry sat with Kraft in his indoor box while regular Patriot fans suffered through 20 degree weather in order to see their team playAs the statement was released, temperatures were dropping in New England and snow began to blanket the north east, leading to the most snow fall on record for Nov.

It has become a political and environment agenda item, but the science is not valid.'Warming has not occurred for a decade and a half, Coleman said. Wilson connected with Marshawn Lynch and Jermaine Kearse - whose astonishing juggle put Seattle deep in New Englanda€™s territory - to move Seattle to two yards of defending their title.Inexplicably, Seattle opted not to use the bow-legged Lynch to pound over, with Wilsona€™s pass intercepted by Malcolm Butler.

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