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Race to raise money for charity and receive unbeatable rewards from Infiniti Red Bull Racing. Entries are now open for The Wings for Life Formula One Challenge 2014, a unique charity campaign ideal for Formula One fanatics with a flair for fundraising. A behind-the-scenes tour of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Factory with champagne buffet lunch and a Q & A session with Team Principal Christian Horner.
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Raikkonen was once rumoured to be the best paid driver in the world, earning a reputed A?33 million per year at Ferrari.
Casio has been busy updating some of their most popular lines and we are seeing that work come to fruition when looking at all their Baselworld 2013 releases. A World Time function of 29 cities (therefore of 29 time zones) and coordinated universal time, keep the wearer of this Edifice piece synchronized with the local time - making adjustments to local times really easy. As for "passive" features which are constantly there for you, built into the timepiece we have to note the new vibration-resistant configuration developed by Casio following an R&D visit to Infiniti Red Bull Racing.
I can say that this combination of durability and elegance in the case of these freshly released Edifice watches, could well be appealing for many - and when considering all the functions safely packaged into the cases, spiced up with splashes of dynamic colors, I imagine that many will find a piece that matches their expectations. David BredanDavid Bredan (abtw_david) is a young watch enthusiast based in Budapest, Hungary. When it comes to quartz the Japanese are the wild cheetah roaming through the land, while the swiss are the asthmatic ant with some heavy shopping, that is trying to catch up.
This is a great looking watch, but the Edifice line is one that I’ve never really understood. I just wanted to ask – do you know the model number of the ana-digital version, the one coming to the US?  are there any pictures of it? And can the bracelet be removed, on the EQW A1200 ?  I understand it to have carbon tubes that surround the spring bars… surely there must be a way to get the bars in, and by extension the tubes off?
Bumber The watch with digital display on the review is the EDIFICE ERA 200DB, since the review was written, casio released another ERA, the ERA 300DB.

But Horner said salaries were largely irrelevant when it came to choosing the right driver. The most important marketing move behind these watches has to be the partnership with the reigning Formula 1 triple-world champion team of Infiniti Red Bull Racing.
To begin with, the EQW-A1200 integrates an analog drive system developed by Casio called the 'Multi-Mission Drive'. As for more dynamic sorts of functions (just to match the F1-DNA), there's a multi-function chronograph installed with a compass function, where the seconds hand is used to point towards north. The fundamentals for this unique construction are coming from the insights and feedback of the F1 team's mechanics and engineers. He is dedicated to understanding, revealing and discussing as many aspects of fine watch making as possible.
Maybe I’m overthinking it, but Casio has such a broad spectrum of products, I just dont know where these fit in.
I hope they will show the same passion and determination as this year’s challengers who have tirelessly competed for the top spot! Not only are the G-Shocks (the 30th Anniversary limited edition and the Gravity Defier pieces) getting new editions, so too, are the Pro Trek watches we've covered and the Edifice. That's a strong connection with speed as those cars are doing over 200 miles per hour - and mere speed won't win races without intelligence to go with it. Actually, this A1200 line from a design perspective is of the more sensible kind with a bit less to show in terms of dynamics compared to the aesthetics of other Edifice pieces. In practice what that means is that with the utilization of sensor technology, the hands can be moved independent to one another.
In F1, the watches are much more subject to vibration than to shocks - for example when the drivers are in the car, or when the mechanics are using the wrench to replace the tires.
The similar digital analog models that will come to the US market are going to be less expensive than that. Fascinated by the countless admirable details of haute horlogerie, he strives to discover the challenges linked to the manufacturing of fine timepieces and also those related to chronometrical performance. That's good news as the position of the hands - and hence timekeeping - is corrected automatically thanks to the Multi-Band 6 technology time-calibration sensors.

These all cause fairly strong vibrations that cannot be allowed to reach the inner workings of the timepiece. As much as he loves unfolding the mysteries of mechanical timepieces, he also aspires to successfully capture and share the nuances that separate a fine watch and a masterpiece.
They come in different colors, are loaded with functions and are built to resist vibrations. Available in the US will be the ana-digi versions with LCD screens on the faces that will be coming here. The signals are transmitted from six stations in the world - one in China, UK, Germany and the US and two in Japan. In order to offset these effects, the timekeeping module is encased in a highly vibration-resistant alpha gel made of 'silicon and other materials'.
I had one lorry driver who sent in his CV and proof of a clean driving licence, but we are still looking at the same [two] drivers. All of the watches feature 6 band atomic clock radio signal receivers, a compass, and a new faster system for the hands thanks to lighter hands.
So while these watches are definitely on the more elegant side, Casio wanted to ensure that they can be subjected to some shaky situations and come out without any issues whatsoever as far as chronometric performance is concerned.
The good looking dial on this all analog version is great looking, showing a lot of refinement and class that went into the Edifice collection.
Also, there is a special carbon nano fiber tube in place of the traditional metal bracelet spring bar that will make separating the bracelet from the case very difficult.

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