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Food: The Traditional Ballpark favorites along with Mexican, pizza, BBQ, specialty fries, and Hardees.
First row of upper deck behind homeplate is set far back since the roof of the press box is in front of the first row.
Markers on the sidewalks surrounding the stadium signifying where the outfield was in Old Busch Stadium. Before the game, kids were allowed to line up in the outfield concourse area and were shown on the video board asking questions live to a Cardinal player, who stood outside the dugout and answered these kids questions. Assistant Police Chief Ronald Ike says the car was stolen by a man who had just been kicked off a Metrobus, for refusing to pay his fare, “The police removed him from the bus. The Astros released their 2016 schedule today, and the first the of note -- the Astros will open the season on the road for the first time since 2011. If it weren't for the statues (which, were ridiculously small anyway and the players looked like midgets) outside of the stadium of past Cardinal players, you would think the Cardinals were an expansion team that had just started.

You aren't able to walk from one end to the other without going down a level in left field. This is one of the best views in the Majors, although, I would still put PNC Park's skyline above Busch.
Also, it was a good way to get the kids involved in baseball and not just in the outfield kids area.
The only person in one of them, 41-year-old Maxsmillion Quarles-Gaston was killed instantly. The other vehicle was sent into a brushy area coming to rest against a tree. No pictures or plaques of past greats like Ozzie Smith and Lou Brock can be found inside the stadium.
It was nice of the Cardinals' Todd Wellemeyer to take the time to answer the kids questions.
Louis hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.  The suspect was arrested and taken to a hospital.

I know that kids areas are becoming a very popular trend, but I am going to resist it as long as possible, I am a traditionalist. The old scoreboards depict what they looked like at the end of the last game in Old Busch Stadium. If fans at a Major League game need more entertainment than what's provided on the field, then they shouldn't be there. In between innings would have been the perfect time for there to be highlights of Cardinals' history on the video board.

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