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Sincerely, MindyMindy McGowan, Maine Mom of two toddlers, blogs about parenting, food and more.
David was a good sleeper right off the bat, and I’m glad I had my iPhone and laptop to pass the time as I sat in bed and healed. Sheer lip color, my beloved BB cream, and super hydrating products are essentials for my beauty kit in the hospital.
Last time I was told to bring the boppy pillow to assist with breastfeeding but I didn’t end up using it. If you are looking for a more organized, over-prepared hospital bag packer, I’m afraid I’m not your gal! I did, however, find a very thorough graphic of what a super prepared person should pack in their hospital bag on Pinterest.
I have been reading your blog for a couple of years and recently was very blessed by one of your posts. Best of luck tomorrow as you welcome your new little one to your family — how very exciting! We didn’t findthe gender out with either of our children and one thing I do regret was not having gender specific hats or blankets.
We didn’t find out boy or girl with our last baby, so I brought blue AND pink outfits and blankets in my hospital bag. Trying to decide all the things you need to put into your hospital bag for labour, delivery, postpartum and baby?
First, you should know that you do not have to stress yourself too much on what you have to bring to the hospital. Of course you will want to bring the essentials: a few diapers, baby wipes, sanitary napkins, Tucks, a comfortable outfit for you to wear (a maternity outfit and robe), slippers for mommy and a few outfits for the baby. When deciding how to pack a maternity bag, some people overlook the things they will need that do not FIT in a maternity bag. Laura Edwards3 August 2012 at 23:59Hi just had another thought as well as the bikini that I mentioned on video.
I haven’t officially started packing my bag for the hospital yet, but I figured I would put this post together as a resource I can turn to as soon as I get my act together! 1) Weekender: A weekender bag seems to be the perfect size to hold everything you need for your hospital trip. 4) Pillow: Being pinned to a hospital bed for somewhere around 2 days is less than appealing, but having your own pillow can make a world of difference.
6) Chapstick: This one gets a category all to itself, because this is something you do not want to forget.
Over 40 really helpful calculators, checklists and charts to help keep you organised and in control.
Our kids info hub has a huge variety of resources and support that will be sure to lighten your load.
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Other than that, the best thing is to ask other mums what they packed and what helped them through labour. You can also consider keeping some additional supplies in a handy bag at home for your partner or family to bring in the day after the birth rather than trying to lug a really heavy bag in with you while you are in labour! See our comprehensive shops directory for local and online stores selling everything from labour and birthing equipment to baby clothing, breastfeeding tops and everything in between!
Our Insider Programs for pregnancy first-timers will lead you step-by-step through the 14 Pregnancy Must Dos!

The Bub Hub Crew is the name we have given to our esteemed team of award-winning* staff writers.
Your comments must be relevant to the topic and must not be added with the purpose of causing harm or hurt. I was pretty relaxed about what I packed in my hospital bag when I was pregnant with David, and that is remaining true for this baby as well.
I left out electronics, like my camera, laptop and an extension cord on the graphic, but I’ll bring those as well. I remember the first walk around the hospital halls feeling SO good because I was able to move! I’m not the kind of girl, believe it or not, that wants to have full hair and makeup done right after the baby comes out.
And if there’s only one single product I could bring, it would be the Caudalie Beauty Elixir.
I can’t remember how long I wore maternity pants after having David, but I know it will be several weeks!
If you are expecting your first baby, and are unsure what to pack, just know that you’ll probably be totally fine with whatever you do bring.
I was only in the hospital for one night and it was crazy hot so I didn’t even end up changing out of the hospital gown until it was home time. I remember you had a hard time nursing with David, but since you mentioned it in this post I was wondering if you were going to give it another try? I think a lot of new moms stress out about packing the hospital bag, and then end up lugging too much stuff.
When you had this post when you were pregnant with David, it’s what brought me to your page.
Thinking it would be nice to look through a list of stuff that you may or may not need to take?
Hospital pillows and blankets are not the most comfortable so it is a good idea to bring these items from home.
When it came to having my first child, I think I spent more time researching what to take to the hospital than the time I spent actually in the hospital! I have yet to decide if I’ll be getting baby girl #2 a different outfit or letting her start borrowing from her big sis! We’ve asked our Bub Hub forum members to help create this suggested hospital packing list for labour, mum and baby.
You can find a nursery shop selling infant car seats or hire a baby capsule but make sure you have it correctly installed into your car with plenty of time. Perhaps it’s partly because we live so close to the hospital, and I know I could have a relative, or even Justin, grab something for me in case I really needed it. Plus, my hospital discourages wearing makeup or nail polish if you are having a planned c-section.
I’ve lived in the stretchy black leggings from Target and will continue to postpartum.
I had such a hard time with my first and have up at 6 weeks, then I tried again with#2 and we r still going strong art 10 months. I cannot WAIT to read the news if you had a boy or girl, and I love hearing baby names so I’m super curious about that too. I know you struggled to find one you liked, but did you find the colours difficult to match?
I wish you many blessings, and I pray that everything goes smoothly and the baby is healthy.

The hard part comes when you’re discharged and you have to round up everything you brought with you! They’re not maternity so you can wear them forever but they have a wide stretchy waist band that eliminates muffin top and is gentle on your healing stomach (after maternity pants feel too big). A boy this time (my daughter is 2) so it will be interesting to see the difference between them. If that is the case, then keep reading this article to know how to pack a maternity bag with things you will need.
For baby, bring comfortable socks and those little mittens that keep them from scratching their face.
I also now realize that although I may be on lock-down at the hospital, my husband will not be and he’ll be able to run out for anything I find myself missing. I’m also throwing in my Wilfred sweater (that wears like a sweatshirt) because you can never predict the temperature in hospitals. Then find all the information, support and resources to get you through in our conception info hub. With David, I had washed and styled my hair that morning, but I was laying on it the whole day so that was kind of pointless to begin with. So, I may throw some travel size shampoo and conditioner in my bag, but I might not even use it. Also I packed some fruit, the hospital food was horrible so I was happy to have my bananas!!!
I just want to say I’d u are going to give it another go then I wish you the best of luck With everything! I feel like we’ve all been on this journey with you and I can’t wait to find out the gender of your little bundle!
The bottom line is, even if you unexpectedly end up in the hospital without your bag, you will be fine. Overall, I like to pack things that will help me feel as comfortable and fresh as possible (as many of you know, birthing a baby leaves you feeling just the opposite!). Their little heads always seem so fragile as they just come into the world and pulling tops off and on is much more difficult than being able to wrap them in a kimono piece. Each hospital should have a suggested list of what to pack, so make sure you ask about this. But remember: the person on the other side of the computer screen is someone's mum, brother, nan or highly intelligent but opinionated cat.
I didn’t use my own gown or Boppy or anything when I had my 2 kids, and it ended up being just fine ?? IBest of luck to you! I’ll bring a few things for the baby, including a handful of kimono tops (which your hospital likely gives out as well) and bottoms because babies ruin more clothing in a day than I like to count. He might want to pack some stuff, my husband wishes he had taken some things for himself during my labour (hindsight is great! I stocked up on some at TJMaxx that were inexpensive but will feel like heaven during those postpartum days.
Some people also throw in their Boppy, which is a must at home, but in the hospital I’ve always been fine propping them up with pillows.

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