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This is a bunch of stuff relating to Harry Styles being a Packers Fan, because he keeps wearing his Green Bay snapback and also tweeting Donald Driver and calling him sir and it’s pretty much causing the slow death of me and 100percentsassy. This is for a friend of mine, an American friend, and his American football team is the Green Bay Packers, and that is their symbol. As a Packers fan, I believe that the game he is referring to is the Packers’ January 15th, 2012 playoff loss to the New York Giants.

This particular tweet is murder because of course everyone here in Wisconsin starting making up Packers Game Friend Seduction plans in our heads, that will never happen in a million years but we cannot let go of! National politics - chicago tribune, National political news chicago tribune clinton shrugs trump shakeup, attacks tax plan. Harry was recently photographed and recorded doing Aaron Rodgers’s touchdown victory celebration while playing football.

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