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His best play of the day, though, was that game-winning 13-yard touchdown to Richard Rodgers in the end zone. Rodgers missed a few passes at the beginning of the game, but this was still a vintage performance from the game’s best quarterback. The Cowboys are coming off yet another disappointing season, but hope springs eternal during the Tony Romo era. The Cowboys make their first trek to London, where they will play a Jaguars team that looks much-improved on paper. Every time I watch him, minus the Buffalo Bills game, I’m more convinced that Aaron Rodgers is the guy you make on Madden and rate 99 in every skill applicable to the quarterback position. Bereft of the ability to take it off himself, Rodgers knew he only had enough time to make a difficult throw between two defenders in the end zone.

He led the Packers to 16 passing first downs, and this team went 9-for-14 on third downs despite the fact that they mostly faced third-and-long situations yesterday.
Jerry Jones can't be happy with the season opener (hosting the Niners) but the slate looks easier after that with road games against the Titans and Rams. Dallas will need this one because the Cowboys travel to Chicago after that, then Philadelphia, before hosting the Colts and heading to Washington. He executed it to perfection, and his bullet to the rookie tight end out of Cal was beyond sensational. The Cowboys have a whopping five prime-time games, in addition to the customary Thanksgiving Day contest and their first trip to London (vs.
Rodgers completed 24 of 35 passes for 316 yards, averaging nine yards per attempt with three TDs and no picks.

That’s the kind of special throw that very few quarterbacks can make, especially since it takes inch-perfect accuracy, insane arm strength, and innate anticipation to get that one to go for six.
His elite arm strength was fully on tap, as he threw some bullets to the sideline to hit up the likes of Nelson, Quarless, and Cobb. They have a fascinating post-London slate that includes three road games in their final four weeks.

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