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General view of the NFL network television compound at the Coliseum before the Thursday Night Football game between the Denver Broncos and the Oakland Raiders. This is true for the past couple of seasons at least, and it should be a troubling trend for fans as well as the league.
You may ask me if it is really that big of a deal; that I could just be overreacting to a few bad games in a row from last weekend. Green Bay Packers linebacker Julius Peppers runs away from Minnesota Vikings running back Jerick McKinnon to score a touchdown after intercepting a pass in the second quarter of last Thursday’s blowout win by the Packers. The biggest issue I’ve noticed is that while the score may be close in a fair number of cases, the games in question was just … ugly.
If it were the defenses forcing it to be so low, that is perfectly fine with me, but that is not the case overall; more often than it should, those scores are low from simple blunders by the offense and special teams players. Seeing something on the level of Buffalo-Cleveland or Houston-Jacksonville game just sounds bad to start with, but in prime time? The main culprit of these games is the one that the Packers just participated in: Thursday nights.
Having a game on a Thursday completely throws off the usual weekly grind to which everyone is accustomed. That lack of preparation shows, and it has reared its head in a big way already this year: The five Thursday night games this year have not been any sort of close score-wise, with the smallest victory margin being 20 points. Even worse, the past three games are numbers 1-2-3 in terms of the biggest blowouts EVER on Thursday nights, so things are trending in the wrong direction. Aaron Rodgers throws a pass during the first quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field last Thursday night. They want to run a Thursday game every week, which does sound great in theory – who doesn’t like the idea of more football during their week? That lack of preparation time really affects the outcomes, and the only way to fix that is to find a way to give more time preceding the game. In addition, the teams already get a mini-bye after a Thursday game (10 days between that and their next game), so it would be a bit of a waste.
The only one here that I see would be a removal of Thursday games, outside of the opening and Thanksgiving.
As for how this relates to the Packers – they obviously just completed a matchup with the Vikings, while also playing the opener against Seattle. Rodgers seems to disagree with people like me and Josh Sitton, in that he loves Thursday night games. As for the rest of this year, the only potential effects to watch for are any they have against teams returning from Thursday games the previous week, as they may come in well-rested and better prepared than most weeks. While it isn’t something Green Bay needs to worry about any more in 2014, as a fan this is something you should be aware of going forward, because if it continues to be an issue it could become one that affects the Packers somewhere down the line.
Want an example of the Packers getting bit by the league not looking into potential issues? This obviously is not the biggest concern the NFL has at the moment, but they should be aware of it nonetheless and on some level be constructing at least preemptive ideas to stay ahead of the curve. Normally, we focus on head-to-head matchups but this week, we’ll focus on some comparison matchups.

With Peanut Tillman out for the season and Fuller with the early season league lead in interceptions, Phil Emery seems to look like he made the right choice. The Oakland Raiders travel to Green Bay this week to face the Packers at Lambeau Field in 2014 Preseason Week 3 action. Based on their 15-1 regular season record and home field advantage throughout the playoffs last season, which included a first round bye and second round home game, it looked like a slam dunk for the Pack to make the short trip to Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI.
When I saw what the Milwaukee Brewers did in 2011, it was special, especially when they made it to the National League Championship Series. With Major League Baseball adding an extra wild card team for the playoffs, it gave the Brewers a shot at grabbing one of two spots with their late surge. Before passing judgment on the Milwaukee Bucks’ chance to make the playoffs this season, let’s go back to why they didn’t make it the last two years. The Marquette men’s basketball team won’t be in the Big East Conference in a couple of years. My wish is for the Commissioner of MPS athletics, Bill Molbeck, to do away with the strict rule of barring ticket sales at the door at MPS high school gyms for basketball games. Speaking of MPS athletics, this is addressed to the football programs in the City Conference. When the 20 or so youth football programs choose to run independent operations instead of hooking up with the high schools to build a bond and maintain a steady flow of eager youths well-trained and well-skilled to contribute at the high school level, then we’ll see some progress and a city team play in the state title game in Madison. Another thing that might be hurting football in the city is the talent that slips away to these suburban schools due to open enrollment and school choice. My wish is that somebody needs to talk about starting feeder programs with the MPS high schools that still have football programs. During a normal week, players get a day to recover before going back to film and practice up until the game on Sunday afternoon. Again, the league won’t do that, but they should not just be content with a middling product. His stats back that up: in 5 games prior to last night, he put up 10 TDs and only 2 INTs, with three performances over 300-plus yards. Not a problem the rest of this year; they have no follow-up matchups of that sort this year.
They were not proactive there, allowing something the NFL didn’t see as enough of a problem to need to take the time to fix it … until it was too late.
With this, there is unlikely to be that same cataclysmic moment … but that does not mean to let it flounder. The Oakland Raiders will face their third and final NFC North opponent of the preseason this week as they travel to Green Bay to take on the Packers on Friday, Aug. So maybe they will have a new sense of urgency and play with a chip on their shoulders in running the tables in the playoffs this time.
The club realized that no matter how many high-paid players you have on your team, it doesn’t always translate into a postseason contender. Aren’t you tired of the city schools beating up on each other then get the crappola beat out of them in the playoffs by the suburban teams? Suffice to say, if they end up getting any in the near future, expect a good showing by that man.

No portion of this site may be reproduced without the express written permission of The Oakland Raiders. Let’s hope that they can make progress with the players they have and acquired for less money.
On top of that, don’t expect the Golden Eagles to play UWM, Wisconsin or UW-Green Bay in the future, which is a shame because all the state Div.
Working people can’t get off work around lunchtime to buy a ticket at an MPS school to watch that game later on. Atlanta), but they have no more games on Thursday this year, to the excitement of me – and possibly the chagrin of Aaron Rodgers.
Those were the main areas that stood out as the old year is ushered out to bring in the New Year. Friday’s contest will be the final road preseason game for the Silver and Black, and the game will be a national broadcast, airing on CBS. I was looking forward to going back to the Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers, but the team didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. They sell tickets at the door if playoff games are at MPS gyms because the WIAA requires that they do. But the question that will stick to me is why the Bucks or the Brewers or the Golden Eagles can’t play in the championship game in their respective sport again?
Oakland enters the game coming off a win last week at home against the Detroit Lions on a thrilling, last-minute touchdown. It was fun going down to Arlington, TX to cover the Packers and watch them win in Super Bowl XLV.
Green Bay will play at home for the first time this year, and will do so after a win on the road against the St.
Last week’s game saw the Raiders win by the score of 27-26 in dramatic fashion, as QB Matt McGloin led the team on a 13-play, 68-yard drive that culminated in a 19-yard touchdown pass to WR Brice Butler with just 0:06 remaining. The Oakland starters were led by QB Matt Schaub, who threw for 87 yards on 8-of-13 passing and RB Darren Mc- Fadden, who rushed for 27 yards and a touchdown. The Packers are coming off a strong victory in their final road contest of the preseason as they defeated St. QB Aaron Rodgers put forth an impressive performance in limited action, throwing for 128 yards on 11-of-13 passing and one touchdown. WR Randall Cobb added a touchdown reception, hauling in a 3-yard pass from Rodgers on the Packers’ first drive of the game. 28 as the Raiders will host the Seattle Seahawks, and the Packers will face the Kansas City Chiefs.

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