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Following a quick glimpse yesterday, today we get official detailed shots of the new Green Bay Packers throwback uniform for 2015 and, yep, still fantastic.
The Packers will wear their new throwback uniform Week 6 against the Chargers, while fan jerseys are available for sale now at select retailers. MIssionTo provide the most up to date news, images, and opinions on today's top sneaker company. APThroughout his career, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has made a habit of taking real or perceived slights and turning them into fuel that he’s used to his advantage. If playing with a chip on his shoulders works, and it clearly does, then let the chips fall where they may. He should take some comfort in the knowledge that much of the criticism comes from Minnesota Vikings fans, most of whom know very little about the game of football.
Here come the Viking trolls ready to spin this into something silly because after Ponder and BustH2O, they are still waiting for a franchise QB to lead them out of the basement, which coincidentally is where they are sitting when they type their jealous posts. Other than jealous Viking trolls, the only critic of Rodgers play on Sunday was ESPNs Bayless.

I think holding the ball too long is a big risk, what QB wants to get blindsided because of holding the ball too long. Rodgers is a generational type sports icon who will be remembered in the coming decades as one of the all time greats. Do a web search for Aaron Rodgers shakes off criticism after ESPN’s Skip Bayless rips game-ending heroics.
Love the video of him going door to door with a little girl to raise awareness of pediatric cancer. It was skip Bayless of course who has the athletic ability and experience of a soiled undergarment. There’s a level of greatness you can reach where u no longer have to address your critics… I thought Rodgers reached that a few yrs about. This year, the classically-styled kit pairs a predominantly navy jersey with a gold yoke across the shoulders and sleeve, recreating the palette the Packers wore for their first three decades of existence, and the particular color-blocking the team wore from 1937-49. Faded gold pants further the retro theme, and navy socks round out the look in historically accurate fashion. I am ashamed to even admit I watched First Take because Bayless is a professional Troll who offers no real insight, only mindless dribble about his man crushes for Tebow, Brady, and Romo.

Packers had no timeouts, Cortland Finnegan makes an open field tackle of Adams, which he should have been able to, and the game is over without any throws into the end zone. But Bayless would criticize Rodgers if he threw 100 TDs, 100,000 yards, and for good measure cured Ebola and Cancer on his off day.
BTW as a Packer fan I did not mind all the crazy interceptions Favre would throw, but it sure is nice having a QB who does not throw the ball up for grabs or try to fit it into tight windows knowing there is a good chance for a interception. At a time when the NFL has a big black eye over DUIs and domestic violence, why can’t there be more stories like this?
This is literally Rodgers manufacturing SOMETHING for his own personal motivation, I guess.

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