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Free agency is just around the corner – and the Green Bay Packers, along with every other team in the league, will have some tough decisions to make in the coming weeks. Instead of making a case FOR or AGAINST the player being re-signed with the team, I think I will make BOTH cases and let the fans and other interested parties make the decision for themselves.
Of those 14 guys, none is more valuable to the Green Bay Packers moving forward, than 24-year-old pass catching veteran Randall Cobb.
Even if the Green Bay Packers don’t sign any of their remaining free agents the team has to consider their moves in free agency as a whopping success.
Per Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, they have agreed to terms with their own unrestricted free agent OT Bryan Bulaga.
Without doubt Randall Cobb and Bryan Bulaga were the cream of their talented free agent crop. The terms of the contract were reported to be for five years averaging close to $7M per year. It appears that much like the Randall Cobb signing announced earlier, the market may have offered him more money than what he ultimately accepted from the Packers. On a Tuesday conference call, Cobb reasoned that he was willing to give up money for the comfort of playing for one of the NFL’s best teams, with an MVP quarterback and an opportunity each year to win the Super Bowl. The 25 year old right tackle was a former first round pick out of Iowa where he just completed his original rookie contract. Bulaga was thought to be the top tackle available in free agency and was thought to be sought by a number of needy teams including the Buccaneers, Eagles and Redskins.

With the Bulaga, Cobb and Tolzien signings, and Davon House leaving for Jacksonville, the Packers have 12 remaining free agents on the open market. Jeff Albrecht grew up just north of Green Bay and was lucky enough to attend some of the Lombardi Era classic games, like the 1962 championship and the Ice Bowl. This entry was posted in Authors, Jeff Albrecht, Offensive Players, On-Field, Players - Coaches, Seasons and tagged Bryan Bulaga, Green Bay Packers, Packers Breaking News, Packers sign free agent Bulaga, Randall Cobb.
AND Seattle made it’s dumpster fire of an OL MUCH worse by signing a declining TE and shipping away a 1st rounder.
By resigning Bulaga, I think Tretter becomes the swing tackle by default and Barclay backs up all 3 interior line positions.
This blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives Works 4.0 International License. The Green Bay Packers got the biggest fish in their impending free agent class back for the long term a few weeks ago when they signed defensive lineman Mike Daniels to a four-year contract extension.
That signing, however, leaves the team with a remaining total of eighteen players who will hit free agency in some way, shape, or form following the 2015 season. These players are eligible for unrestricted free agency because they will have accrued four or more years of NFL experience after 2015. The Packers may extend "tender" offers to their restricted free agents - players who will have three accrued seasons of experience and whose contracts are expiring. Note: this is Banjo's third year with the Packers, but he did not qualify for an accrued season in 2014 because he was on the practice squad for much of the year and did not spend enough time on the 53-man roster.

Under Ted Thompson the Bulaga signing continues the trend toward renewing his own successful draft picks after their original rookie contracts. Pro Football Focus had Bulaga rated the #4 right tackle in the league with +1.9 overall rating for the just completed 2014 season (very good). Acclaimed players Tramon Williams, BJ Raji and Don Barclay are some of the more prominent members of that group. Jeff went on to play HS football in the Green Bay area and College ball at UW - Stevens Point.
Too bad we lost House, but with Randall and Brian only taking up 16 mil in cap space each year for the next 4 or so, this is a BIG win for GB.
I would have to think if he actually said what is claimed, it would’ve made some headlines by now. Daniels' deal, which is worth an average of just over $10 million per year, will keep him in Green Bay through the 2019 season. If they extend a tender, the Packers will have the right to match any contract offer made to a player, and depending on the amount of the tender they may be eligible for a draft pick (either first- or second-round) if the player signs elsewhere and the Packers decline to match.
If the Packers extend either of these players a qualifying offer (which would likely be a league-minimum contract), they may not negotiate with any other NFL team during free agency.

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