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Super Bowl XLV comes to JerryWorld on Sunday and some 150,000 visitors are coming to North Texas to enjoy Texas hospitality, unfortunately we've been bombarded with snow and ice and it just, well, no other way to say it - SUCKS.
On Monday, my BFF and I went to downtown Fort Worth to Sundance Square where ESPN started broadcasting.
The Fort Worth Mounted Police are always good for public relations when people come to Cowtown.

Repping the NFC, Dallas was lit in blue all this week and Fort Worth was lit in red for the AFC.
JLL’s analysis: teams based in cities with a higher percentage of vacant office space have won the Lombardi Trophy nearly two-thirds of the time since 2000.
It has been so bad in North Texas that we had 800 American Airlines flights in and out of DFW Airport canceled on Tuesday.

Roger, who led the Cowboys to victories in Super Bowl VI and Super Bowl XII, denies that this year’s prediction is at all related to the fact that he lost two Super Bowls (X and XIII) at the hands of the Steelers in the 1970s.

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