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I believe it is time we take a break from the ladies oiled up in bikinis, holding a football and dedicate an article to the sexy men in uniform who are dominating the professional gridiron.
The recently crowned Super Bowl Quarterback made a scene to the National Football world with his boyishly handsome looks, and down to Earth attitude. JJ Watt made this list not only based on looks, but because of how he treats people around him. You know the people at Fat Head had sales sky rocket when Clay Matthews made that commercial.

However Eric Decker not only looks great in a uniform, but is a model off the field as well.
For fun, he proposed to a young girl (which was the cutest thing I have ever seen) and is a big heart in the community. He may have waited an eternity during a NFL Draft, but he has found a beautiful gymnast to marry.
That smile, those eyes, PLUS he is the biggest Daddy’s Girl to his daughter, nothing but sexiness.

In addition to Sportsnaut, Jessica has been featured on Bleacher Report, Fox Sports, and MLB Nation.

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