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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A guy stops at a store forgetting that he has two Green Bay Packer tickets on his dashboard. Fortunately, there were plenty of teams yesterday playing on American soil and honoring the military-sports industrial complex troops by wearing good ol’ camouflage. What Paul did last night: Last night Phil and I were among 16 people who gathered at the Lakeside ice facility in Prospect Park and took part in first organized curling activities in New York City since the 1880s. There were a few growing pains, both for the players and the instructors, but for the most part it all went really well. That proposal has been floated, but I can’t believe that they would take a home game away from Green Bay. I remember hearing something, maybe back towards the beginning of the season saying that if a team wanted to host the Super Bowl, said team would have to forfeit a home game to London.

Which would be yet another example of aping the Nats, so they’ll probably do it sooner than later. I thought the NFL games in London were about imprinting our culture on the Brits, not the other way around. First up: When a California woman purchased a box of old letters and photos at a flea market (including the ones shown at right), she found herself going down an intriguing rabbit hole of family history. It was the first session of a five-week clinic that will be a mix of instruction and competition. Imagine trying to explain to Cowboy season ticket holders that one of the season’s home games was going to be in London this year. As a player (high school and college), wearing a long-sleeve tee as a base layer was always more comfortable than the tight compression ones. The script pops in red and that gives it just enough whimsy that it humanizes the look of the thing.

Is there an understood amount of time, like 10 years=dated, 25+=retro, or is it just a matter of perception? Interestingly, they don’t include the comma on his roster page (from Michael Putlack). If I was going to wear sleeves I’d always go with either a plain long-sleeve tee or even a hoodie in practice. The squared off serifs of the W, I, and N, the oblique angles of those letters where the verticals bend to meet, the perfect circle of the dot in the I – those are the parts that scream 1980s.
Not only that, but the poppy-emblazoned jerseys are being auctioned off to benefit a British military charity — what kind of message does that send to American service personnel?

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