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You may have heard that TBS is working on a reality television series called Cheeseheads that will follow some of the zaniest Green Bay Packers fans. However, we all know that not everyone who roots for the Packers wears foam cheese on their head and sleeps in their over-sized green and gold footie pajamas.
Here’s a more realistic (yet somehow still hilarious) look at 10 types of Packers fans. Most often, that pain comes from extremely cold temperatures that no human should have to endure. But it’s all worth it to prove you are the most dedicated, hard-core Green Bay Packers fan of all-time. These are the old folks who constantly remind you that they were actually there at the Ice Bowl.
They proudly proclaim that they were once seduced by Paul Hornung, Vince Lombardi cut them off in traffic, they arm-wrestled Ray Nitschke and perhaps they even watched the Acme Packers play at the old City Stadium. Another example – when my wife watched a game at Lambeau for the first time, she asked me what happened to the yellow lines that marked the fist down.
The good news is that the Oblivious Moron can overcome this condition and eventually be cured. These types of fans often deal with an intense internal conflict because of the desire to prove they know everything about the NFL and could actually be the GM of a real team.
The fantasy freak may quietly cheer to himself when Adrian Peterson runs for 80 yards against the Packers.
NOTE: A not-so distant ancestor of this fan is the Old-Timer who is in a betting pool and needs a certain score at the end of each quarter to win.
That’s simply because the passion and excitement portrayed by the real fans is so contagious.
Bandwagon jumpers could be people who moved to the area from out of state, or people who married into a family of Packer-Backers.
They complain about the team more than they complain about the Wisconsin weather (and we all complain about that a lot).
Dead Giveaway: A curmudgeonly scowl whenever the Packers are up by fewer than three touchdowns. If you’ve ever been brought to tears by a regular season loss, this might be you (playoff loss crying is acceptable). If an Angry A-hole attends the game – he or she is sure to single out a fan of the opposing team and argue with them the entire time. These types of fans are often smokers who are forced to keep their cigarettes in their pocket for a few hours. I know a bunch of kids I went to high school with who not only claimed to hate the Packers but everything in what they thought was the crummy little town of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

They move away, and many become rich and successful in big cities on the East and West coast.
Dead Giveaway: Posts stuff about the Packers to Facebook that the rest of us knew a week ago. Finally, there are they guys and gals who always make the cutaways in the ESPN highlight reel. The Lifer (my wife): From baby pictures in Packer gear to wallpapering their bedroom with Packer newspaper articles in high school to formulating contingency plans for if a playoff game falls on your wedding day, the Lifer has always been and will always be a fan and makes sure everyone knows it. My Dad also had a knock-off Nitschke shirt that has been permanently banned from the living room during games because of the results that came when he wore it. I like to try and draft at least a couple of Packers, and I try to avoid drafting NFC North Players.
And I’m sure there are those out there that discredit all of him and hate him…prob good amount that spell it faRve!!
I don’t fit any to a T I started liking packers since third or fourth grade because my older brother loved them I didn’t even know who they were! Don’t forget, there were a couple of decades when the Packers were absolutely terrible. After I stopped laughing and choking on my bratwurst, I explained a little about the magic of television. But the one problem is that it makes you focus on players’ performances instead of your favorite team. They will hope Mason Crosby misses that field goal at the end of the half so they can hit their numbers and earn $10. But the Green Bay Packers are unique, because they are one of the few franchises to pick up bandwagon fans even when they’re having a terrible year.
They had no choice but to assimilate when their father-in-law gave them a cheesehead for Christmas. However, these guys tend to have high hopes, which get smashed into a million pieces no matter what. They start searching for that local Packers Bar (there’s at least one in almost every city).
When a schoolmate asked me in the lunch line who my fav baseball team was I said Green Bay Packers lol.
To this day – she insists it would be a good idea for the NFL to figure out how to project those yellow lines on the field. The female version enjoys dressing like a floozy – tying her Clay Matthews jersey in a knot to show off her Packers belly-button piercing.
Eventually they get arrested climbing down onto the field, plastic cup full of beer in hand.

Will be interesting to read their comments & find out what Packers fan they see themselves as or new ones they might add! Most of these folks have never been out to Wisconsin but always have a story about why they are a fan. They went off to college or work in other states and began to waste their time on family and career. They’ll stay in the bleachers (never the skyboxes) until only other frozen Tough Guys are left standing gripping those little beanbag hand-warmers that ran out of heat hours ago. Tar and feather him and run him out of town on a rail!” They question every coaching decision, every draft pick, every play.
We inconvenienced a ton of family and friends that had to head back to their college for a week of classes, then come back home to attend our wedding the next weekend, JUST so we could avoid any Saturday playoff games.
I promptly sacrificed my fantasy season and cut Greg, our Defense, & Randall Cobb, in hopes of not injuring the Pack anymore.
As retirees, they see the error of their ways and turn their time and attention back to football. In my teen years I actually hated hearing sports on tv let alone watch it yet I still repped the packers as my team, always hoped they would win. Every Sunday was a ritual in our family, we would all get together to watch the game on tv. Unfortunately they end up in places where the Packers are rarely on TV, and the closest Packer Bar is a greater distance than from Milwaukee to Green Bay. I even dress for the Draft, even though I never get to attend, and watch the Combine religiously. My baby girl so to be 2 has a couple favre jerseys already (one bought by her grandpa).It then became a game in my own household because it seemed to annoy my husband sooooo much so I, of course, continued on times 57285932! I was lucky enough to go to a game and see them play live in Milwaukee back in the days when they pretty much stunk and so they needed the Milwaukee market to supplement their income. I always like to add for those scoreless slow games DRINK when they say Brett Favre ?? still a PAcKeR fan the whole time too ?? a*rod now not so much but he did get to watch & learn from a legend aka god lol. I fell in love with a Bears fan whom I met in college, and by the time we got married he had cut up his Bears Fan Club card and converted to Packer fan.

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