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You don't have to be a professional designer to point out some of the flaws in Boston's transit map.
And the MBTA agrees the map can be improved, because this week it announced a public competition to do just that.
Whether the MBTA knows it or not, the authority doesn't have to look far for a good replacement candidate. Long before the current competition was announced, Booth made several redesigned MBTA maps, some including key bus lines as well as future system expansions. The first thing that's evident in Booth's redesign is that all the Green line stations are named.
In Booth's map, station names are either flat or placed at an upward 45-degree angle; any other variations, including the looping "Silver line" description, are gone. These improvements give the MBTA map a crisper, cleaner appearance, but Booth won't be submitted his work for the current contest anytime soon. Bayview Quarry Village would be built in the hills near California State University East Bay (CSUEB) in the city of Hayward north of Carlos Bee Blvd. Doctor Whooligan: Season 10 News, Davison Book, Darvill At Dragoncon, Chicago TARDIS Gets More Guests, Tom Baker Returns ! Check Out Our Slang Dictionary!Check out Anglotopia's Dictionary of British Slang - Your Complete Guide to over 1,000 British Slang Words and Phrases. More Long ReadsDispatches from EnglandAnglotopia Alert: The Dispatches from England Book is Officially Published Today! To find cities in a specific country, use the Find command on your browser and search for the country name.

I recently received Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us as a birthday gift, and have been dying to sink my teeth into it after hearing rave reviews across the board. A player named Kelvin pointed out on Twitter that the map of Boston’s subway system in the game was quite accurate. Wow they actually accurately portray the subway map of Mass and have all the colors and names of stops correct. Booth sent Naughty Dog a message about the alleged plagiarism, and spoke with them yesterday afternoon. I’ve just spoken with Naughty Dog over the phone in a very constructive conversation. From now through the end of April, Boston's transit authority is accepting design submissions on individual aspects of the map as well as complete renderings.
That's not because he isn't up to the challenge (he would need to render the map as a "perfect square" to meet competition guidelines), but because he sees the contest as an unfair means to gather good ideas without compensation. Can’t say more at the moment, but it seems as if matters will be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction shortly.
Winners will be selected for their creativity, aesthetic presentation, and informative quality, and announced in mid-May as part of National Transportation Week.
Interstate Highway System, created a new Boston transit map back in 2012 (via Universal Hub). The five Silver BRT lines are now slimmer, to distinguish them from subway routes, are don't blend together as much as before.
The colors in general are deeper and the red is now crimson, since it goes through Harvard after all.

Indeed, submissions become the "sole property" of MBTA, and the transit authority owns the "entire copyright," according to the contest rules.
If the MBTA likes my ideas for their map — and they’ve surely seen enough of my body of work to know that it’s good — then they can bloody well pay me for it. First, transit officials recognize it's time for an improvement, and second, there are talented people out there capable of producing one.
The map highlights the bus route from Hayward BART, via Bayview Village, to the Cal State campus. We told you before about how actress Ellen Page accused the game of ripping off her likeness, but she’s not the only one upset. I can say that they do acknowledge their error in using my map and were very apologetic for it. The key local bus lines are great to have, but one suspects they aren't terribly useful to anyone who doesn't already use them. He's called the current map "well meaning, but seriously flawed" in more charitable moments, and a "horrible mess" in less diplomatic ones. Stations within walking distance of one another — something that's very rarely apparent on transit maps — are connected with a thin black line.
Cameron Booth, a graphic designer, recently realized that a map he made was also used without permission.

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