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The latest photos from the construction of Levi's Stadium, the future home of the 49ers. No portion of this site may be reproduced without the express written permission of The San Francisco 49ers.
Colin Kaepernick spent four seasons playing for the University of Nevada, and he created many highlights along the way.
Taylor Price answers your Twitter questions every week of the season, presented by Verizon.

The San Francisco 49ers organization lost a dear friend and teammate when Gordy Soltau passed away on Sunday, October 26, at the age of 89. Get to know the third-year defensive back, who is a candidate to start for the 49ers at cornerback in 2016. The All-Pro, Pro Bowl linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers assessed where the defense is at after two preseason games. The two Hall of Famers came to the 49ers Museum to host an event to raise awareness to their charitable causes.

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