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We recommend contacting Florida State University directly for more information about these costs. If you plan on taking nine or ten part-time credits, look at costs for full-time tuition as well. Florida International University Onlinea€™s Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education is a fully online program that focuses on learning and development during the early childhood years. Your undergraduate degree will prepare you for careers in childcare, child development, and early education for children from birth to five years of age.
Our online courses are challenging and stimulating, and we work hard to ensure that our online students enjoy the same high quality academic experience as our on-campus students.
The Early Childhood Development Track focuses on understanding the learning and development during the early childhood years. Employment of preschool teachers, for instance, is expected to grow by 25 percent from 2010 to 2020, and employment of workers in early care and education centers is expected to grow by 20 percent during the same time. There are a total of 30 credit hours taken in the area of professional education courses focusing on foundations, teaching methods and curriculum and early childhood education. Classroom Management EDF 3251 Provides teachers understanding, skills and dispositions for successful classroom management. Educational Psychology EDP 3004 Application of principles for understanding individual differences, learning, adjustment, classroom environments and assessment to instructional and educational issues. General Instruction Decision Making EDG 3321 Instructional decisions facing classroom teachers including HOTS, multiple intelligence, learning styles, technology, theory and models of instruction. Content and Methods of Teaching Elementary Art ARE 3313 Knowledge and skills for the development and implementation of art experiences in the elementary curriculum for the elementary classroom teacher. ESOL Principles and Practices TSL 3080Introduces issues, principles and practices of teaching English to speakers of other languages. Teaching Students with Exceptionalities in Inclusive Settings EEX 3070Focuses on the foundations of inclusive education, characteristics of students with disabilities, instructional strategies and collaboration among educators and parents. Early Childhood Educational Programs EEC 4005Philosophy and theories of early childhood education programs; physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. Issues in Early Childhood Education EEC 3204Introduces issues related to schooling of children age three through grade 3. Special Needs of Children and their Families EEC 3403Focus on understanding family problems, children’s behavior and intervention methods. After completing the core professional education courses, students take a total of 30 credit hours in the area of early development that includes a focus on child development, family and community studies as well as literacy, language and reading development. Assessment, Evaluation and Diagnosis of the Young Child EDP 4275Intellectual, emotional and personality assessment of young children. Child Development EDP 3273Examination of child growth and development from conception to age 8.
Communities, Families and Young Children EEC 3408This course focuses on the varying cultural contexts of young children and the influences these environmental elements have on child development. Family Literacy and the Young Child EEC 3400
This course will provide an understanding of family literacy within the context of language and culture and introduce students to school and home-based literacy methods.
Language and Literacy Development RED 3313
Introduces linguistic elements of English, language development, emergent literacy, and their impact on L1 and L2 students. Education in History EDF 3521 An examination of the concepts of childhood, and process of social initiation in differing historical American contexts.
Integrated Math and Science in Early Childhood EEC 4211 This course prepares pre-service teachers to understand developmentally appropriate practices in math and science for young children and apply them to real-world integrated settings. If you have less than 60 transferable college credits, you must also submit official high school transcripts and SAT or ACT scores in addition to any transcripts from postsecondary schools to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. If you have less than 60 transferrable college credits, you must also submit official high school transcripts with translation. The below requirements for full admission into the Early Childhood Development program may be completed at FIU. To complete the online undergraduate programs admissions form, select your program from the application form. Pursuing your degree is one of the best investments you can make – one that will open doors to personal and professional opportunities. Students enrolled in a fully online bachelor’s degree program at FIU will not be charged many of the fees applicable to on-campus students, saving fully online student hundreds of dollars per semester. A master’s degree in education can involve numerous different fields of study, and is one of the broadest degrees available to graduate students. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the job outlook for educators at around 6-7% over the next 8 years, which is as fast as average.
These 20 institutions were chosen for several factors that put them ahead of other online graduate programs—due to the: nature of the coursework, degree of thoroughness and complexity of the curriculum, 100% online availability, sufficient financial aid availability, and an education that give students more than just classroom experience.
Ball State University offers numerous online degree in education that train students to be educators of many different fields, at many different levels. Applicants must submit a completed application, official transcripts from an accredited undergraduate institution representing a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and GRE scores. Depending on a student’s chosen path, there are a myriad number of career choices of which they may take advantage of upon graduation. The College of Education at the University of Houston offers distance education students a diverse number of graduate education degree pathways. One of the finest distance education institutions in the country, Capella University offers online students a huge selection of graduate programs in education. For more information about a specific program’s tuition, click here and find navigate to your program of interest. Applicants must submit a completed application, the nonrefundable application fee, official transcripts from an accredited undergraduate institution, an acknowledgment agreement, and proof of english literacy. Capella University M.Ed students gain new techniques and refine old skills that will advance their careers as educators in many directions.
Central Michigan University students are trained to become educational leaders in their field, despite the specialization they choose. Graduates from Central Michigan University go on to provide powerful instructional capabilities and work with  students (children, young-adults, and adults) with diverse learning needs.
The Department of Advanced Education Programs at Fort Hays State University offers an online Master in Education that conforms to the philosophies and standards set forth by the NCATE. Applicants must submit a completed application and official transcripts from an accredited undergraduate institution.
Auburn University’s College of Education offers graduate students a large array of online education degrees that range from Vocal Music Education to Agriscience Education.
Applicants must submit a completed application, official transcripts from an accredited undergraduate institution representing a GPA of 2.75 or higher, GRE scores, a statement of intent, and three letters of recommendation.
Grand Canyon University consistently appears on many lists as one of the finest delivers of distance education in the country.
Grand Canyon University’s College of Education trains students to develop strong leadership skills while working with other students.
The state of Florida has proved itself to be one of the most popular providers of online education. Applicants must submit a completed application, official transcripts from an accredited undergraduate institution, a statement of purpose, a current resume, and letters of recommendation. Having proved itself time and time again by appearing on virtually every list of distance education programs, Penn State World Campus once again has earned a spot on the best online Master of Education programs.
Arkansas State University online Master of Education students have the benefits of a challenging yet infinitely rewarding coursework, that focuses on teaching, research, and service to diverse communities. Graduates from Arkansas State University’s College of Education and Behavioral Science will possess keen techniques in the most current, effective, and politically correct methods of instruction. Applicants must submit a completed application, official transcripts from an accredited undergraduate institution, a current resume or CV, two letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and GRE scores. A highly recognized institution, Western Governors University offers some of the finest in distance education that will enhance a current career, or fulfill new goals.
Applicants must submit a completed application, the application fee, official transcripts from an accredited undergraduate institution, and a resume representing relevant work experience. Individuals already occupying a career in teaching will see their position enhance dramatically in terms of employment options, benefits, and salary increase.
Applicants must submit a completed application, official transcripts from an accredited undergraduate institution representing a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 hours of coursework, GRE scores, three letters of recommendation, a current resume, and TOEFL scores from students who use English as a second language. Florida State University students gain exposure to real-world scenarios to enhance their teaching careers.
Applicants must submit a completed application, the non-refundable application fee, official transcripts from an accredited undergraduate institution, a personal essay or letter of intent, a current resume or CV, and two letters of recommendation. These degrees operate in a collaborative effort between many disciplines within the community to emphasize the multi-faceted nature of this challenging career path. Applicants must submit a completed application, the nonrefundable application fee, official transcripts from an accredited undergraduate institution representing a 3.0 GPA or higher, and a current resume representing relevant work experience. Students graduate from Liberty University with strong capabilities in delivering what can be incredibly difficult information to some individual students in a healthful and nurturing manner. This prestigious university offers a remarkable collection of online master’s programs in education, such as Organizational Leadership and Learning, or Special Education for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners.
As any student could imagine, the American College of Education offers not only an exceptional list of Master of Education programs, but a large list as well.
Despite the curricula a particular online student follows, ACE ensures that each student receives personalized training in communication within the classroom. Entering the program as working teachers, Georgia students exit the program as experts within their particular field.
One of the premier institutions to deliver a tremendous amount of online programs, Arizona State University once again proves to be one of the finest delivers of master’s of education programs. Arizona State University students are trained in unique and diverse classroom strategies and go on to achieve employment positions in a wide range of industries. Capella University offers CCNE-accredited online MSN and RN-to-MSN programs that are grounded in best academic and clinical practices and aligned to the needs of today’s nursing employers.
The online Master of Science in Nursing through Georgetown University’s School of Nursing & Health Studies allows you to tailor your education to your own unique career goals. The education market for Online Master of Science in Nursing Programs (also referred to as MSN online programs) is growing rapidly.
Capella University offers CCNE-accredited online MSN and RN-to-MSN programs that are grounded in best academic and clinical practices and aligned to the needs of today’s nursing employers.
This list is comprised of the best options available for earning an Online Master of Science in Nursing.
Executive Summary: Georgetown is another prominent private university that has begun offering online graduate nursing programs. Executive Summary: Johns Hopkins University, one of the top medical schools in the world, now offers an online Master of Science in Nursing degree. Executive Summary: Western Governors University (WGU) is a respected nonprofit university that aims to provide excellent and affordable higher education opportunities to hardworking adults, in a flexible format . Unique Features: WGU sets itself apart by being competency-based, rather than credit hour-based.
Executive Summary: Duke University, another of the most respected medical schools in the world, has recently embraced the medium of online education. Executive Summary: Capella University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and its nursing department is accredited by the Collegiate Commission on Nursing Education.
Tuition: Graduate program tuition at Capella University is $375 per credit hour toward an Online Master of Science in Nursing degree. Executive Summary: Founded in the aftermath of the great depression, Kaplan University has always believed that education should  be available to all. Unique Features: Kaplan University caters to students from all walks of life- professionals seeking to advance their career, military personnel stationed abroad, and even stay-at-home moms. Executive Summary: With a 30 year history of providing advanced education for RNs, Loyola knows what RNs need from a MSN degree to advance in their career through further study of their specialty or making the transition into another aspect of nursing. Executive Summary: The University of Florida is one of the nation’s most prominent public research universities. Tuition: Estimated tuition for the graduate nursing programs at UF is $11,954 per year for residents and $29,347 per year for non-residents. Executive Summary: The University of Texas-Tyler Online offers students the opportunity to earn their degree from a respected public institution. Belhaven University mixes professional and personal attention with the flexibility of an on-the-go online format for completing an accredited online MBA program. Belhaven University has been listed among America’s 100 Best College Buys on several occasions and is named one of America’s Best Colleges by U.S. Originally founded in 1883, Belhaven University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, as well as the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).
Belhaven University seeks to educate students in how to deal with the challenges associated with fluctuations and complications in a global business environment.
The courses provided by Belhaven University for their online MBA program are designed to integrate the sophistication and complexity of the academic world with the technology dependent world and the realm of Christian faith and beliefs. The leadership concentration gives students a comprehensive overview of leadership topics with guidance from a team of faculty with experience in that specific field and tests their knowledge of how to deal with leadership issues that may arise. The sports administration concentration appeals to students interested in the business of sports. The human resources concentration gives students a glimpse into the dynamic experience of human resources, with a heavy focus on the study and application of human resource principles and concepts. One of the following test scores is required?: GRE score of at least 145 in each section (Verbal and quantitative reasoning)?.
In lieu of undergraduate’s GPA, those with 9 credit hours of master level courses in a discipline comparable as well as a 3.0 GPA or higher in each course will be considered. Belhaven University recently reduced their rates for online tuition costs to make it more affordable for students wishing to obtain a master’s degree online. Of the students that enroll with Belhaven University, approximately 90% of them receive financial aid in some form or another. In addition to accepting Federal Grants and Loans through FAFSA, Belhaven University also offers several scholarships, loans, and payment plans for students.
At Ashland, students will be able to earn their MBA online while they still meet the demands of their current lives. Ashland University is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the business school is recognized by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Ashland University’s online MBA program requires that students complete a minimum of 36 credit hours prior to graduation. A base level online MBA from Ashland University currently costs $21,672 based on a 36 credit hour requirement. Ashland University understands that attending school online can be a new concept for some people. Students with an interest in becoming a professional accountant must understand that in today’s shaky economy, making a sound financial decision concerning their future education is imperative to success.
Because so many online colleges and universities offer affordable programs, it makes perfect economical sense to find an accredited online school through which to pursue a degree in accounting. However, with many top-of-the-line online universities from which to choose, many prospective students find themselves overwhelmed when the time comes to select an appropriate online accounting degree program. Kaplan University is a well known online school that offers a bachelor of science in accounting degree. Kaplan also focuses heavily on teamwork, collaboration and communication, which is relatively unique among various degree programs offered online. Kaplan was placed on the most affordable list because of the many grants, scholarships and discounts offered by either the university itself or their academic and corporate partners, the latter of which is a particularly unique avenue through which to reduce the cost of tuition. Kaplan also caters to those who are serving or have served in the United States armed forces. Additionally, at the end of the program there is something referred to as a “capstone project.” This project is designed to help students apply the concepts and theories learned throughout the course of their education at Kaplan University. Another financial benefit of enrolling at Kaplan University is a substantial tuition reduction for alumni. Capella University online offers students a Bachelor of Science in Business with Specialization in Accounting. A bachelor’s degree from Capella University is also a highly affordable starting point for any individual who wishes to eventually work in the field of accounting. Students who plan to pursue a Master’s degree at Capella University are also offered financial benefits, which ultimately make furthering their education more practical and affordable.
Finally, Capella University offers extensive financial aid services to both current and prospective students, and no student is left floundering who needs help finding the best and most affordable alternatives concerning tuition. DeVry’s programs also have a slightly different focus from other major players in the online degree arena.
DeVry University earned its spot on the most affordable online schools list by offering several beneficial financial incentives. Another unique financial benefit offered by DeVry is the University’s “tuition freeze.” Tuition costs at DeVry University are currently frozen at the 2012 rate, and students are offered an option of transferring credits from another school, which can further reduce the rate.

DeVry reports that financial aid is received by approximately 90 percent of its students, thus furthering the point that this institution is one of the country’s most affordable online universities. Name recognition is arguably the biggest advantage of an online accounting degree from Penn State. Penn State offers affordable tuition, and their rates rank among the most straightforward of schools found on various top 10 lists. Florida Institute of Technology–also referred to and better known as Florida Tech–offers students two choices regarding online accounting degrees.
On the other hand, the BA in Accounting primarily focuses on the subjects required for students whose plans are to become certified management accountants–CMAs–or certified public accountants–CPAs.
Florida Institute of Technology also offers special financial aid packages for those in the armed services, as well as residents of the state of Florida. Liberty University is the world’s largest Christian University and has been since 1971.
Some unique facts about Liberty University include its regular updating of program material to reflect the latest and most cutting-edge accounting methods used in today’s modern marketplace. Additionally, Liberty’s online courses are some of the most comprehensive available in the online venue. Career options available to graduates of Liberty University who have received a bachelor’s in accounting include working at traditional accounting firms, government departments, corporate business offices, international business offices and nonprofit organizations of all types.
Because the university has an extensive financial aid department, help to fit each student’s individual needs is readily available.
Walden University is an accredited educational institution that is established entirely online.
Students enrolled at Walden University can accomplish their goal of achieving a degree without extraneous studying or difficult assignments. The accounting degree offered online by Walden covers everything from technical and functional knowledge an accountant must have, to his or her role in an organization. The bulk of the program is priced at $310 per credit hour, a cost that is even lower than schools such as Liberty, which is known for its affordable tuition.
Northeastern University is regarded as one of the country’s best schools based on a variety of factors. The programs provided by Northeastern University are generally geared toward those who wish to seek an advanced degree in accounting at some point in the future. The Northeastern University website estimates that the average student, with financial aid and scholarships, can enroll at Northeastern for a tuition cost that rivals the rates offered by community colleges.
However, Bellevue University also offers other unique opportunities, such as allowing students to pursue a Master of Business Administration through a 4+1 accounting program. Bellevue’s financial aid department states that its faculty is explicitly committed to providing avenues through which students can manage their baseline tuition costs and ultimately make them more affordable.
The Admissions and Financial Services department at Bellevue are committed to ensuring that no student ends up taking unnecessary classes, and they also go the extra mile to ensure that each student’s credits are appropriated. In addition to the loans, grants, scholarships and other reimbursements, Bellevue also provides a work-study option to students who have demonstrated financial need. United States veterans also receive a broad range of discounts, as Bellevue offers more than half a dozen different benefits to such individuals. Regis University has an impressive resume, and it therefore is worth consideration by any prospective accounting student. Tuition for students at Regis University is approximately $435 per credit hour, but various grants, loans, work-study programs and other options can significantly reduce this amount, making it a very affordable online university. Because choosing a career and pursuing one’s education accordingly are activities that must not be undertaken lightly, spending an appropriate amount of time reviewing different options with regard to the selection of an affordable online accounting program is essential. FIU’s meaningful and engaging curriculum includes courses on classroom management, development, assessment techniques, family engagement, children with special needs, cultural diversity and literacy development.
The population of children 3 to 5 years of age is also on the rise, and as the number of early care and education programs grow, the need for early care and education center directors will increase as well. Current theories and methods about integrating literature into all curriculum areas from a developmentally appropriate practice perspective will be discussed. This course examines the transformation of the American public school system as it reflects the social, political and economic character of the development of the nation from 1620 to present. You may complete the online application and submit it, even before taking any entrance exams. Our tuition costs represent some of the best value in higher education, and we also offer financial aid support you need to reach your goals. Dinehart’s research interests include school readiness and developmental outcome of children from high-risk environments, including children in the child welfare system. Foerch’s research interests are in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, language and literacy development, teacher's discourse in the classroom, and the use of Visible Thinking routines to cultivate thinking dispositions in young children.
There is a great need for competent, compassionate, understanding, and well-educated instructors in many educational environments. A challenging and rewarding career path, education leads to the growth of human spirit, and these individuals are the keys to unlocking that success. Highly ranked by respected journalistic resources, Ball States education programs range from elementary, secondary, and higher education to specialized education programs. Ball State University provides avenues to areas such as business, community, elementary, secondary, and special education, which in turn provide many more options. Students learn in small cohorts that work through team-building scenarios to nurture students’ leadership skills in working as an educator with varied groups of people. This degree allows them to more closely connect with their students and provide a learning environment that nurtures a diverse group’s education. In both concentration areas, students gain skills in strategic planning, research, measurement and evaluation, advanced psychology, and the ethical and practical issues facing education through best practices.
Students participate in 18 core credit hours in general education, and an additional 15-18 hours of a specialization area. Fort Hays students have the benefit of a strong faculty and advisory support system inside and outside the program. Auburn students demonstrate powerful skills in their classrooms of working closely with individual students and providing personalized education for large groups. With a long list of degrees in education, online students achieve their career goals and establish strong connections within their field through Grand Canyon University.
GCU offers many exceedingly beneficial programs in special education for educators who are interested in working with individuals with special needs.
The University of Florida has earned a strong place on many lists and reviews, and it’s College of Education is no exception.
Core coursework prepares students to work in unique and challenging environments while delivering the finest educational leadership. Students are met with a dedicated faculty team that guid them through challenging coursework that will train them in the skills of educational leaders.
PSWC alumni go on to provide peerless educational leadership and learning environments for their diverse groups of students. Through one of five unique graduate programs, students will gain invaluable experience and instructional methods to apply toward current and future classrooms. Depending on a student’s chosen path, they will have the leadership and communication skills to fulfill many different roles in the education industry. John’s University provides shining examples of online Master in Education programs, particularly for students searching for a career in leadership and administration. John’s students will exit the program with the political, administrative, and educational savvy of a seasoned professional.
Providing students with many different areas of study, students can look forward to exciting and diverse coursework.
WGU acts as an academic and professional career support system, wherein students can find many advantages and opportunities.
One of the most compelling specializations is the Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies, which would apply to nearly every aspect of an education career as the industry continues to adapt to new technological trends. Upon exiting the College of Education, FSU grads have not only the knowledge, but the experience to apply toward bigger and better positions within the discipline. Students have numerous opportunities to apply their education to outside programs and community based field opportunities with prominent non-profit organizations.
Upon graduation from Johns Hopkins online, alumni are part of a network of professionals that will assist them throughout their professional lives.
With the constant enhancements in technology as it applies to school systems, LU alumni are prepared to seamlessly integrate these enhancements into their teaching. Training students to enhance and develop their communication and leadership skills with their students, George Washington University provides excellent curricula for graduate students.
Coursework covers a broad range of information, ensuring that students develop strong skills in teaching their future students.
With fifteen diverse and challenging specializations, any education graduate student will find a significant online academic community at ACE.
With exciting opportunities in multiple sectors of the discipline, students are well-taken care of academically and professionally by this fine institution.
Offering a wide range of specialized degrees, students gain massive amounts of enhanced skills and experience in ASU.
Some of the most prominent names in nursing education have begun to offer online programs for nurses seeking advancement in their careers through further education.
A graduate nursing degree from any of these schools will be of great value for any nurse seeking to advance his or her career in the field and the plethora of options offered between all the schools listed ensures that any nurse considering a Master of Science in Nursing Degree will find an attractive option listed. Georgetown was founded in 1789 and is one one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious private universities. News and World Report’s National Universities ranking, Georgetown is the nation’s oldest Catholic university and offers students personal attention from world class faculty, and four distinct Master of Science in Nursing programs designed to suit the individual student’s needs. WGU offers students four Online Master of Science in Nursing program tracks: MS Nursing Education, MS Nursing Leadership, MS Nursing Education (RN-MSN option) and MS Nursing Leadership (RN-MSN option). The Master of Science in Nursing program at Duke is one of the best, as expected of a world class university. It strives to provide exceptional education to the adult learner, equipping them to be the best in their professional field. This type of  curriculum allows students to acquire the most in-demand skills and expertise in their field, providing them with the competitive edge that will translate into a successful career. Drexel is ranked #2 in Student Services and Technology, and Student Engagement and Accreditation by U.S. They continue to live out that philosophy today by providing innovative educational programs which equip their diverse student body for successful and dynamic careers. Kaplan offers small class sizes to allow faculty to focus time on each student, providing for an exceptionally satisfied student body. Loyola isn’t just in the business of pumping out degrees, they are in the business of making leaders. News and World Report, their online Master of Science in Nursing program is ranked #7 in Student Engagement and Accreditation, #2 in Faculty Credentials and Training, and #1 in Student Services and Technology, making it the all around highest rated program on the honor roll. Founded in 1853, UF is the oldest university in the state of Florida and prides itself on having been one of the top universities in the state throughout its century and a half of operation.
News and World Report ranks UF the 54th best university in the nation, the 44th best nursing school, and its Online Master of Science in Nursing program is well-respected.
The program, intended for working professionals, is ideal for students that need to bend their pursuit of an MSN program around their busy, fluctuating schedules.
News and World Report’s top 100 western universities and its online MSN degree is ranked #3 for Student Engagement and Accreditation on U.S.
By giving them a strong foundation of biblical principles, students that graduate with an online MBA from Belhaven University will be capable of dealing with challenges that may arise in the business world. The end result is a graduating class of individuals with the work ethic, moral standards, and quality of education required to make a significant impact on the community and business world around them.
Faculty with knowledge and experience in this subject assist students in understanding how to approach a management situation in the sports world. If the student’s combined credentials of the undergraduate GPA and performance on the GMAT measure at least 1200 points in accordance with this equation: (300 x UGPA) + GMAT score?. The adjusted price per credit hour is now $520, and each course for the programs comes with a $75 resource fee, putting the total price for 36 credit hours at $21,420. The university strives to make an online Christian education possible for every student and will do whatever possible to work with the students and their parents to come up with a viable financial solution.
The purpose was to educate mid level professionals and get them ready to take on more responsibility and provide them with the necessary tools that they would need to run a business or play an important role in an organization. This does not include any foundation classes that students might have to take before they are allowed to proceed with their core requirements. With this in mind, there are representatives available to the online student everyday from 8 am to 8 pm.
This will save the student money on commuting, dorm rent and the cost of hard copy textbooks. When searching for affordable online courses, it is important to understand that such institutions are not one-size-fits-all. What makes this university generally competitive is that students are offered various “emphasis areas,” which allow them to essentially tailor their online courses to meet their individual objectives concerning their education.
Many students state that certain online degree programs make them feel as if they are completely isolated or working within a bubble without much help or support. Additionally, the University partners with various companies who are willing to offer reduced tuition to their employees who wish to enroll at the university. Because such projects are a wonderful addition to a resume, they are considered a substantial benefit to postgraduate students who are seeking employment. For example, if a person obtained a bachelor’s degree at Kaplan, and he or she wishes to pursue a Masters degree, a 20 percent discount is available. The program is suitable for both working professionals who want to further their education and recent high school graduates. Because of its affordability, as well as the unique degree options offered to students, Capella University is a school worth considering by those who wish to earn an accounting degree online. For example, their accounting programs place a distinct focus on tax law at both the state and federal level. This is a course designed for the purpose of linking real-world applications and theoretical learning. For instance, the first six credit hours a student takes during a session are approximately $600 each, as of May, 2015.
Like many other online schools, military members and their families also receive discounts from DeVry University. Not only is the University Pennsylvania’s largest secondary educational institution, but the school is also known worldwide.
However, in this specific category, the options are not quite as extensive as those available from some of the aforementioned online universities. These are a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a Specialization in Accounting and an online Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. This program prepares enrollees for careers in auditing, tax planning, cost accounting and additional strictly accounting-based fields. However, something that makes them stand out is the fact that in certain cases, the cost of basic tuition may be tax-deductible.
Both active reserve military service members and active-duty members can reduce their tuition to essentially zero if they apply for both Florida Tech’s military tuition aid and general military tuition assistance programs.
Although its motto is “Training Champions for Christ” and most of the programs offered by the University are committed to Christian values, individuals of all faiths are welcome to enroll. Many online schools do not update as often as Liberty, and because of the fast pace at which the business world moves, students may immediately have to learn new accounting methods upon beginning their first job, which can add unnecessary stress to their lives when they first become gainfully employed. They include basic courses such as principles of accounting and accounting information systems, but also include courses in international business accounting, marketing, corporate finance, taxation, human resource management, operations management,business law, and government and nonprofit accounting.
Approximately 85 percent of all students who apply for financial aid qualify for help of one kind or another. Although some students prefer a school that has at least one brick and mortar office, because Walden University does not have such overhead, it has a global reach with a universal curriculum.
The school offers students the choice of one of two programs: a public accountancy program and a general accounting program. This cutting-edge technology allows students to access classrooms via an iPhone or Smart Phone, and listen to course work on an MP3 player.
The University also provides fellowships, scholarships, private loans, state grants and financial aid. Students have wide latitude in controlling their own education, although all students must follow the core curriculum required to receive a Bachelor’s degree. For this reason, it is considered one of the most affordable online schools at which a quality education in accounting can be obtained. The primary objective of Bellevue’s online accounting program is to provide students with a foundation in both procedures and theories of accounting for the purpose of preparing them to sit for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant examination.
What this program offers to students is an uninterrupted, easy transition between the undergraduate accounting degree program to an MBA with a specialization in accounting.

The school has partnerships with certain organizations and companies, many of which offer grants and other assistance. They assist students with whatever help they need to give them every advantage to begin with the proper courses and scheduling that best meets their needs.
For the past 18 years, the school has been recognized as one of the Western World’s top universities. Additionally, the school partners with a variety of different companies who provide both grants and general discounts, such as a reduction in tuition costs for any of their employees who enroll in one of Regis University’s online degree programs.
Those applying for the Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting Program are required to have a minimum of 36 months work experience in the accounting field.
Although this track and degree do not result in a teach certification, students also learn about general and early education practices and curricula.
With a growing body of research that underscores the importance of early childhood education and development, there is increasing demand for high quality early care and education, and in turn, increasing demand for early childhood specialists in a variety of early childhood settings. Students should apply with Field Experiences Office of College of Education to be placed in a school. Students should apply with the Field Experiences Office of College of Education to be placed in a school. Teaching one discipline over another can demand vastly different skills and techniques, but in any case, educators must be responsible and communicative leaders. Offering a diverse assortment of online graduate programs in education, UF students gain powerful, real-world learning experiences.
A program that has been developed and enhanced over the last 75 years, the School Building Leadership degree provides peerless coursework and faculty members.
Some prominent schools are Johns Hopkins, Duke, and Georgetown among many other quality options for online nursing masters programs.
A respected institution such as Johns Hopkins offering an MSN online is good not only for nursing students studying in that program, but for all nurses pursuing an online MSN because it further validates the online medium of education in the field. Anybody fortunate enough to enroll in this program will enjoy the benefits, both personal and professional, that accompany a world class education. That translates into students being able to draw on real-world experience they already have, to complete their assessments faster, which in turn saves money. Capella offers eight total MS Nursing tracks, including four for the student holding their BSN: Diabetes Nursing, General Nursing, Nurse Educator, and Nursing Leadership and Administration.
Drexel’s academic commitment is to creating highly competent professionals that are prepared to go above and beyond the expectations of their employers and has been successful in this endeavor. The MS Nursing program at Kaplan offers four tracks: Executive Leader or Informatics track, Nurse Educator, Family Nurse Practitioner and Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner.
Loyola University New Orleans is also ranked the #9 university in the southern region by U.S. The online programs are both rigorous and challenging, yet a full staff of support for Belhaven University, joined by the professors, are available online for frequent interaction to provide constant personal support. Depending on what field of study a student wishes to concentrate on, students can voluntarily choose to add six credit hours to their program to enhance their knowledge base and better prepare them for their career. The university has an affiliation to the Brethren Church and operates with Judeo-Christian values.
Through this program, students will learn the skills needed to compete in today’s ever-changing job market. The program will teach students individual tools to succeed in business, but also teach students how to thrive in a team work situation. Through the elective portion of the requirements, students may elect to specialize in a particular topic. Students that are eligible for this program with their employers will need to talk to the registrar to work out all of the specific details. They can help students with any questions in relation to their courses and also offer technology assistance if the student is a having a problem.
It is also a wonderful opportunity for nontraditional students, such as those with young children or individuals who cannot adhere to a set schedule from one week to the next to pursue their education.
The criteria used to place the following schools on the most affordable list include rankings by US News and other reputable publications, financial incentives, tuition freeze, tuition reductions for military members and their families, postgraduate discounts, grants, and corporate and academic partner tuition reductions. The emphasis areas from which one can choose include tax accounting, public accounting, managerial accounting, and auditing and forensic accounting.
The Faculty at Kaplan has attempted to compensate for this alienated feeling by heavily focusing on collaboration and teamwork, thus making their program stronger than many of the programs offered by their competitors. As much as a 55 percent reduction in tuition is available to active duty members and up to 40 percent for non-active military personnel. The program involves the various strategies and techniques that are applied in a wide variety of business scenarios. The price for lower-level courses is less per hour than upper-level courses, giving prospective students options they may not have at other online universities. The latter allows students to work on master’s-level online courses while still in the process of earning their bachelor’s degree. Something that sets this university apart from much of its competition is the fact that certain states provide an on campus option or a combination of both campus and online courses. These fields are often far beyond the scope of traditional online accounting degree courses. Although the course is intense, the results are an extremely well-rounded education, including true life experience.
However, a 40 percent discount is then applied to subsequent credit hours remaining in the same session. Therefore, those interested in enrolling at this university may wish to inquire about this fact in advance. There are several categories for such discounts, and in certain cases, a student may save as much as 58 percent from the standard tuition paid by other enrollees. Additionally, US News ranks the University’s World Campus online bachelor degree programs as the third best in the country. Most universities, online or otherwise, offer a virtual labyrinth of fees and costs on their tuition pages through which prospective students must navigate.
Nevertheless, many individuals feel that this difference is insignificant when measured against the name recognition associated with a degree from Penn State University.
Both courses can be completed online in their entirety, although they focus on different career goals. For this reason, those who are considering Florida Institute of Technology for their online classes must give a significant amount of thought to their ultimate career goals in the field of accounting. The school also boasts a substantial number of financial aid options and reports that almost all students can be qualified for some type of financial aid. The Florida Resident Access Grant is another option that can substantially reduce tuition for those who reside in Florida. Indeed, the University is known for a diversified student body, and its popularity among individuals from all backgrounds and faiths stem from the school’s affordability. This unfortunate scenario is unlikely to occur if one has received his or her education online through Liberty University.
In addition, a broad range of grants are available to prospective students, and a financial aid representative from the school can evaluate each student on an individual basis to see if he or she qualifies for one of the many grants offered by the school and its affiliates. Walden University is a particularly good choice for those seeking a degree in a specific business field, and the University’s Bachelor of Science and Accounting degree rates very highly with regard to customization options. Students and advisers work closely together to design a curriculum that fits the type of job the student plans to seek after graduation.
The former is geared specifically toward those who want to eventually take the CPA examination and obtain a license to work in this capacity. These technological advancements make Walden University one of the most modern online universities in the country. This particular campus is ranked by US News as one of the top 50 United States Universities. The online courses selected can be those designed for students who plan to pursue a higher education or those whose plans include immediate employment in the field of accounting. Members of the financial aid department are available year-round to counsel students and suggest the most appropriate avenues through which to make such an education affordable.
The curriculum of this program focuses on what students must learn who want to work as certified public accountants upon graduation.
Course work is entirely available online, and early placement in the MBA program is available. Scholarships are also available through the University, and of course, as with other learning institutions, the Pell grant and other student loans can be pursued to offset costs.
The university is affordable for essentially any student: however, members of the armed services can benefit even more than traditional enrollees. Additionally, it has also been recognized for its student engagement and teaching practices, ranking in the top four percent of United States colleges in both these areas. Discounts are also available for members of the armed services; however such programs have a tendency to change from time to time. This is because the accounting degree program offered by Regis is considered an accelerated program, for which a basic foundation of knowledge must have already been obtained. Rather, the prospective student should fact check and research each of the online courses he or she may pursue.
Students enrolled in any one of these twenty institutions listed will receive paramount training in providing nurturing learning spaces in which they will closely connect with their students. Johns Hopkins offers a quality, comprehensive education for nurses seeking to take their career to the next level. The opportunity to earn an online graduate nursing degree from one of the world’s best universities is rare, and expensive, but few degrees carry as much weight. Students that graduate from the online MBA program will have proven that they are skilled in areas of leadership, communication skills, problem solving, integrity and accountability, specialized knowledge, and international and global awareness.
The areas that students can specialize in are: project management, entrepreneurship, human resource management, finance, global management, supply chain management, and accounting. Provided the student is dedicated to earning his or her degree and is willing to invest the time and effort it takes to do so, online classes are an ideal alternative to traditional college enrollment.
To choose the program best suited to one’s specific needs, he or she must weigh all aspects of the decision so that the most affordable college or university is selected. The total program includes 180 credits, with the emphasis areas comprising the program’s final 24 credit hours. Kaplan University also provides one of the lowest online tuition prices available for international students, which is approximately 25 percent off the normal tuition price. Additionally, financial aid is available and Capella also offers specific grants to various students. This may be helpful for certain students, such as those who feel they have more success in the structured classroom environment. However, they can be invaluable to those who wish to pursue a higher degree after their bachelor’s is earned, as students who have this foundation of knowledge do better when furthering their education than those who have not taken these topics. This is because such discounts can be used in conjunction with other grants or loans, giving military members a way to pursue a highly affordable degree online. Although this recognition is not specific to accounting bachelor programs, the seal is still prominently displayed on graduates’ degrees. Although the program is a Bachelor of Science in Business Degree, students taking this course must select an option as their degree is completed, and accounting is one of the options offered by the school. As of May, 2015, tuition at Penn State is broken down simply: $559 per credit for those with more than 60 credit hours and $518 per credit for those with fewer than sixty.
When compared to other schools with similar worldwide name recognition, online accounting courses offered by Penn State are well worth the cost.
The Bachelor of Arts degree provides a broad education that is business based, including a wide range of disciplines in various aspects of business and business management. Financial aid faculty members state that 90 percent of students who apply for financial aid qualified for some type of assistance. These unique options for military personnel and other students have resulted in the school being recognized by US News as one of the top 10 online colleges in the country. As of May, 2015, tuition is a blanket $340 per credit hour for virtually all the university’s business programs.
Because the chances are so high that affordability will not be an option for students seeking an education at this university, Liberty makes the list of the top 10 most affordable online colleges.
Walden also offers a Master of Science in Accounting as well as several other graduate level accounting specializations. This allows regional issues to be taken into consideration when the online courses are initially mapped out for each enrollee. This is another thing that sets Walden University apart from its competition, as they offer a course that specifically focuses on the CPA test. For this reason, students are assured of a quality curriculum similar to that offered by America’s oldest traditional bricks and mortar colleges. This university is also well-reviewed among several sources, such as US News, which lists the school as one of the top three online programs for veterans seeking a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. Additionally, the university is looking into new technology to offer students studying options, similar to those offered at Walden University, such as accessing course work from MP3 players and iPhones. Therefore, students who feel they may qualify for such discounts should contact the school directly to determine the exact benefit for which they may qualify. Those who graduate successfully from the program will be qualified to take the CPA examination in their state. Additionally, those who phone for information should not feel pressured to make a decision on the spot, as emotional decisions sometimes have unsatisfactory results.
In fact, 85 percent of a child's brain develops by age five, before a child even enters school. The colleges are Arts and Sciences, Business and Economics, Education, and the Ashland Theological Seminary. In addition to the federal Pell grant, new students are welcome to apply for one of three different grants provided by the university itself.
It also allows students to apply their credit hours to both their bachelor’s and their master’s level degrees, simultaneously. Yet, if such students find themselves in circumstances where they must revert to online studies, they have that option as well. Many students who have graduated from DeVry University list this benefit as one of the most advantageous. Even though it may seem as if acquiring a degree at such a school would not be affordable, this is not the case. Scholarships and financial aid options are available to virtually all students, and financial counselors work with any student who needs help to find the best combination of grants, loans, discounts and other avenues through which affordable tuition can be placed within reach.
Students enrolled in this program learn about accounting and finances, as well as business management.
In certain cases, a student can qualify for as much as $12,500 per year for his or her undergraduate degree. In addition, students typically learn only essential accounting methods and practices, and are not burdened with electives or mandatory courses that have little or nothing to do with the field in which they wish to work. Members of the military are also offered additional tuition discounts through programs such as the VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program.
Prospective students should check with Bellevue University concerning the time frame for such options. Courses include basic principles of accounting and cost accounting, as well as advanced courses such as ethical decision-making in business, marketing principles, auditing principles and procedures, principles of macroeconomics and microeconomics, business law and introduction to statistics. Ultimately, anyone who pursues an accounting degree online is paving the way to a future that includes steady employment and financial stability. Early childhood specialists have a tremendous influence on shaping a child's future, helping young children to thrive, learn and transition successfully to elementary school.
This is a major reason certain students ultimately choose Walden University over other online colleges. Accounting program is similar to that of most traditional colleges, but is not bogged down with extra courses or credits that serve little or no purpose in the real world.
These methods can all be combined, resulting in a very affordable way to obtain a degree in accounting. Those looking for a decelerated online accounting course that is both affordable and prestigious should consider contacting Regis University. One grant offered by Capella, the SOPHIA Pathways for College grant, can save a student as much as $13,000 on tuition. Although there are different requirements for each grant and not all students qualify, those who do find that this additional help makes pursuing their education much easier.
Capella also offers an armed services discount of up to 15 percent on tuition for military personnel and members of their immediate family.

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