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The Florida State University is home to nationally ranked programs in many academic areas, including the sciences, engineering, social policy, film, music, theater, dance, visual art, business, political science, psychology, social work, medicine, and law.
Craig Woolley, assistant vice president at University of South Florida Information Technology, will join Wright State as chief information officer in January.
Craig Woolley, assistant vice president for University of South Florida Information Technology, has been named Wright State University’s chief information officer. As chief information officer, Woolley will provide strategic and operational guidance on all aspects of information technology policy, programs and planning.
Woolley has 27 years of experience in managing higher education information technology and strong technological skills in many areas of IT, including workstation support, database design and server administration.

As assistant vice president for University of South Florida Information Technology, Woolley oversaw a budget of $25.5 million and more than 135 employees.
Wright State anthropologist Amelia Hubbard specializes in the study of past life ways through teeth. The Health Promotion Program Awards recognizes community-based programs that address health promotion and disease prevention in the greater Dayton area. A team of Wright State engineering students installed an X-ray room at a hospital in Malawi as part of a series of efforts to help improve health care in the tiny African nation.
He will be responsible for the leadership of Computing and Telecommunications Services (CaTS) and work to deliver customer service focused on technology solutions and services that benefit Wright State faculty, researchers, staff and students.

In addition, he has a proven track record of building trusted relationships with faculty, staff, students and vendors.

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