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Written by students for students, by a team of journalists from universities nationwide, we’re on the pulse of the college experience.
If the Hue Women’s Leatherette-Blocked Ponte leggings don’t make you feel like post-makeover Sandy from Grease, then you aren’t appreciating this cool leather stripe enough. These Inner Fire Moroccan Sky legging yoga pants say “Namaste.” “I would totally buy these leggings because the light blue would compliment my skin color (pasty white, that is),” Iowa State University sophomore Olivia Schaaf said.
We all know Nike’s slogan, “just do it,” but these leggings add, “while looking hella cute” to that mantra.
Get a hug from under the sea every minute you wear these Octohug leggings from Sharp Shirter.
Marin is a pizza snob from Chicago (deep dish only) who loves writing, baking, and wasting the day away watching videos of baby animals. Include organizations you’re involved with and be sure to highlight your leadership roles and responsibilities within that organization. At the end of you resume, list the specific skills that set you apart from the competition. When sitting down to write your first resume, you might feel as lost as you did on the first day of classes.
If you are a member of Greek life, you can surely understand that it occupies most of your time. When I say every spring break stereotype is true, I mean EVERY preconceived notion you have about a college spring break is entirely accurate.
My friends and I stayed in a crappy little hotel on the beach in a tiny room that, by the end of the week, looked like we had been living in it for a year. While perhaps spring break doesn’t shine the best light on anyone, Greek or not, the Greek lifestyle carries certain stigmas with it. We heard horror stories from our many cab drivers (the saints of spring break who are overworked and underpaid), including one about a girl who was more or less kidnapped from a club, gang raped and left in a dumpster.
When I saw a guy from across the bar one night corner a girl and vigorously try making out with her despite her many protests, I was a bit concerned. Leggings can support any outfit, flatter every figure and offer the perfect amount of comfort. Try on a pair of Calvin Klein Performance Women’s Galaxy-Print Ankle leggings for a stellar mix of comfort and style. The stripe adds some sass to a casual daytime look or looks fierce as part of a night-on-the-town ensemble.
The way these Prickly Pattern leggings from Sharp Shirter make your stems look invites stares, but the cactus pattern says, “don’t touch,” which of course makes the hotties want to touch even more. Everything from the way these leggings are made to what they’re made of to the calming color and pattern makes them the perfect leggings for a long, relaxing yoga sesh.

Channel your inner Kylie with your own pair of comfy Puma Women’s WT Cool Cell tights with mesh detailing in the calves. We wear leggings because for comfort and versatility, but for how they make our butts look, too.
Black leggings slim your lower body, but these Nike Leg-A-See JDI Metal leggings come in a light gray, emphasizing every curve and muscle. What may look like plain red stripes from afar actually pops with the little suction cups of your new octopus friend in a quirky twist.
I love that they have a small pop of color, and they would be cute whether I wore them to go out casually or to the gym,” Missouri Western State University sophomore Sarai Miramontes said. She is a Journalism major at the University of Iowa and she hopes to be the editor of a magazine one day. Formatting a resume can be difficult for many first timers and can also be what helps employers decide whether to pass or trash your resume. Everywhere we went students were drinking, playing beach volleyball or aggressively hitting on someone – or doing all three at the same time.
You can carry open containers of alcohol onto the beach and leave them their for a seagull to choke on, and no one cares. When I later saw the same two people leaving together arm in arm, all I could think was, Oh wait, this is normal for them. Any trip that involves a booze cruise full of bottomless beer and situates us right next to this amazing beach is fine by me. Bon Bon Up Women’s leggings with Internal Body Shaper-Butt Lifter have all the butt-boosting powers of normal leggings, but on steroids. The metallic slogan on the side mixes the perfect amount of pretty shine and determined steel to fuel your workout. VS has always been a staple for cute leggings, and this pair doesn’t stray from the qualities that make VS your go-to.
If possible, include quantifiable information such as the number of events you planned, the number of people you led or the number of dollars you raised. Yet, with the right wording, Greeks can really use their work within their chapters to help boost their resumes.
They’re more classy than regular leggings,” Iowa State University sophomore Nia Johnson said.
While you’re up in the gym just working on your fitness, all the cuties will be trying to witness what’s behind the see-through. These leggings contain a little secret technology that lifts your butt to Kim K proportions.
Maybe the higher powers of the fashion world will deem tentacles the newest trend this season.

And most importantly, they’re looking for a resume that correlates to the desired position. Instead, consider listing your GPA for only the classes in your major, because often those grades tend to be higher than your overall average. Give your leggings the chance to take the spotlight of an outfit with these ten sassy, quirky and unique pairs. The Danskin Women’s Dip Dye Stripe Ankle leggings start with a standard gray that gradually fades into vibrant turquoise, mirroring the transition from standard school you to vibrant nighttime you. A full leather legging might take months of crazy dieting to feel comfortable in, but these leggings still have the edge of leather with the comfort of spandex. They look super comfy and can work for both a last say and working out,” University of Northern Omaha sophomore Biridiana Miramontes said. The logo on the side shows you know your brands and might jog your boyfriend’s memory when trying to figure out your next birthday gift. To get started, follow our 5 steps, check out our top resume examples and even send us your college resume for a makeover. Make sure to use past tense unless it’s a position that you currently hold and write in the third person. If you don’t have enough material, you may include one or two significant experiences from high school.
4.Super practical and easy to carry around, this multi-pocket backpack is a must-have for students, travelers. Example labels for this section are: Professional Experience, Work Experience, Related Experience or Employment. Label this section one of the following: Organizations, Community Involvement, Activities or Campus Involvement. Or you can use this section to share your hobbies: surfing, yoga, traveling, playing the saxophone etc. 6.The modern design has plenty of organized storage, enough room for your cell phone, wallet and makeup with ample space left over.
Plus, the mesh calves wouldn’t feel suffocating on the muscular calves I have,” Metro Community College freshman Nikki Saner said.
Choose from any of these labels: Skills, Interests, Publications, Additional Skills and Interests, Passions, Languages.

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