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This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. You are currently not logged in to the site, to get proper access create a new user or login with an existing user. Casa Marina Beach & Reef Resort in Puerto Plata is quickly becoming one of STS Travel’s most popular spring break 2017 destinations! Casa Marina Beach & Reef resort has 678 rooms each featuring two double beds, full bath, balcony, safe deposit box, air condition, flat screen TV and telephone. Casa Marina Beach & Reef Resort is an all-inclusive resort which means all food and drink (yes, even alcohol) is included in your price!
Daytime is not only for tanning but will also be jam packed with entertainment and day drinking.
Off of the resort is a whole other enticing aspect of going to Puerto Plata for spring break. From day to night you will be enjoying every aspect of paradise that Puerto Plata has to offer.
Upon arriving to Oasis Cancun, you’ll notice the pyramid decorated with exotic hanging plants and floral arrangements as you enter the lobby. After crossing over the lagoon bridge, you’ll find many restaurants located to the left and right of you. Whether you’re a beach bum or prefer the pool, you’re going to be surrounded by bars, spring breakers and entertainment.
Make sure to get your friends together and start planning sooner than later before we sell out and you miss the opportunity to experience the Oasis! Speaking of relaxing, available to all guests is a Jacuzzi, sauna, message options and spa.
There are several restaurants and buffets that are available to dine at located right on the resort.
At Il Pesctore you can find classic Italian cuisine that happens to be one of the most popular restaurant choices. For a quick bite to eat, stop by the buffet located right past Maria’s where they have a variety of food options that will be sure to please all. If food is not your main agenda, head on over to the fully functioning lobby bar where you can choose from numerous top shelf liquors, beer or wine. After your night out downtown you are sure to work up an appetite from all the dancing and partying. As spring break 2016 begins to wind down STS Travel is already looking forward to spring break 2017. Spring break 2016 is going to be like no other! Don’t spend your Spring Break waiting in line and paying high prices to go out at night.
The STS Travel VIP Party Package includes open bar, free cover, express entry and the legendary Caribbean Carnival Booze Cruise!
STS Travel has been going to Cancun for spring break for many years now so we consider ourselves spring break pros. Only 25 minutes from the Punta Cana airport,  Barecelo Dominican Beach is located along a stunning white beach overlooking the bright blue Caribbean Sea. All-inclusive means everything is included so you can enjoy each and every feature that Dominican Beach has to offer.
At Dominican Beach the party is going day and night. Popular bars include the swim-up Bar La Gaviota, Playero Bar by the beach and Le Cafe Coffee Bar. Solymar Beach Resort in Cancun, MX is an excellent beachfront option for those traveling on a budget.
Miss Florida Victoria Cowen if one of 53 women competing for the title of Miss America 2015 on Sunday night.
Cowen has a goal of obtaining a Master’s degree in marketing, and she has a career ambition of pursuing a career in Medical Device Marketing and Sales. Cowen told the Tallahassee Democrat that she’s been having a great time since being crowned Miss Florida in June.
She explained that she was watching Miss America while growing up and gradually decided on her talent. Located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata has a beautiful scenic area with ideal beaches and a breathtaking mountain backdrop.
Although you may not be spending much time in your room you will be happy to know that you have a nice place to lay your head at night   (or in the wee hours of the morning when you are finally partied out.) Each room allows for up to an occupancy of 4 people per room.
Take your pick from 3 giant pools to cool off or perhaps you want to sit cliff-side in one of their massive Jacuzzis overlooking the ocean. Casa Marina Beach & Reef Resort is within walking distance to other restaurants and bars where you can meet up with other spring breakers and hang with the best local Dominican party-people. The Dominican Republic is one of the most visited destinations and it is not hard to see why.
This All- Inclusive resort is about a 20 minute bus ride to the downtown area where you will find some of the most notorious clubs in North America including The City, Coco Bongo, Dady O, Senor Frogs and Mandala Beach. All the rooms offer either a terrace or balcony, a TV, air conditioning, mini-bar that is filled daily and an optional Safety deposit box.
After check-in, it’s time to explore and discover the many amenities the Oasis has to offer!

Once you look straight ahead, you’ll find shimmering crystal clear water right behind the DJ stage and cabanas. There are plenty of bars located on the property as well as swim up bars in the pool that are located close together in case one line is longer than the other. They have everything from daily beach volleyball games, pool activities and of course the open beach bar.
You can find evening sit down restaurants like Maria’s and Il Pesctore at either ends of the front lobby.
You can choose from dishes like chicken Parmesan, home made flat bread pizzas, and much more.
You pick your ingredients and sauces then a personal chef will cook up your personalized Mongolian styled stir fry. You can fill your plate as many times as you would like; so never worry about being hungry.
Nightly musical entertainment is provided at the lobby bar to set the mood for a night of partying. All you need to do is spread the word to your friends and get a group together for Spring Break. With the STS VIP Party package, you will have express entry into the clubs, party at the best clubs in Punta Cana and save money.
STS Travel would like to announce the Cancun Event lineup full of the hottest DJ’s, craziest parties and wildest clubs! Whether its day or night, there are endless activities to keep you and your friends entertained.
Oro’s light and sound system rivals the hottest clubs in the world setting the stage for the biggest names in DJ’s, celebs and models! Punta Cana all-inclusive resorts offer awesome day parties that jump start the day everyday during your spring break trip.
The unique club features an entertainment design that not only includes live bands and the best in dance music, but also features extravagant stage shows. High paced zip lining over beautiful Punta Cana landscapes is a unique experience you should not passed up.  Your spring break will stand a part from other trips when you are flying through the air!
Each year brings new and exciting DJ’s, parties and people but some activities remain a constant spring break crowd pleaser. Famous DJ’s like Chainsmokers, Diplo and Skrillex are only some of the top acts that have played at this club.
This spring break can be full of laughter and fun when staying at this legendary all-inclusive resort. With close to 300 rooms, Solymar is a sizable resort that can hold large spring break groups. Crawford Mosley High School before moving on to Gulf Coast Community College then Florida State University. 9, 2014 photo, Miss Florida Victoria Cowen competes in the evening gown competition of the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City N.J.
After winning, she moved to Miami to prepare for the national competition, training in dance, speech work, and other aspects.
The resort is a quick ride from the airport and within walking distance to the nearby town of Sosua.
You will be neighbors with a ton of other spring breakers as rooms will be in a designated party section of the resort! The beach is also open for lounging, drinking, beach activities or of course, jumping into the crystal clear ocean water.
Popular bar Senor Rock is located a few miles from Puerto Plata and is known to have amazing live music every night of the week.
Take on Ocean World Adventure Park which is the most advanced marine interaction park of its time. This resort is the place to go if you want the MTV spring break experience where you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of students drinking from the time you wake up by the pool, till the time you get home from the clubs at night.
Although experiencing Cancun’s nightlife downtown is highly recommended and possible with our VIP Party Package, a lot of spring breakers opt to stay on the resort a few nights during the week and continue the party at the Oasis’ very own Coyote Loco and Kinky Night Club. While walking around the property you’ll notice the colorful peacocks venturing around the tropical gardens showing off their iridescent tails. Each resort has its own style, social scene and benefits; it’s up to you to choose what type of spring break you want! Spring break after all, is a time to unwind from the pressures of school and treat yourself for the hard work you have been doing all year. Maria’s is an authentic Mexican restaurant with a menu full of crowd favorites and new combinations of cuisine. We recommend pairing your favorite red or white wine with your entree to complete your meal. Servers will bring you endless drinks and to wrap things up they offer delectable dessert options like fried ice cream and tiramisu.
The buffet has everything from american classics like a burger and fries to gourmet hand cut grilled steak and plentiful salad bar. Classic drunk food munchies like nachos and cheese, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, and much more are available to you no matter what time you stumble back to the resort.

STS Travel staff members took a vote and narrowed it down to a list of 5 top things that you have to do before leaving Punta Cana this spring break.
Infamous spring break MC’s host and rally up the crowd by having crazy dance and drinking contests.
The STS VIP Party Package gets you in to the hottest clubs, on the busiest nights with express entry. With endless activities and entertainment there will never be a dull moment on your spring break at Dominican Beach.
For late night excitement  you can head to El Pueblito Casino Bar, open from 7pm until sunrise! Better yet, STS Travel will also be hosting daily parties on the resort featuring Dj’s who play the latest music that get the whole resort up and dancing. STS Travel will have a VIP Party Package including 2 or 3 nights out plus the legendary booze cruise.
It is the largest man-made dolphin habitat in the world! Guests of Ocean World Adventure Park have the opportunity to touch, pet and feed dolphins, sea lions, sharks, stingrays, exotic tropical birds, meet tigers, walk through a tropical rain forest and much more.Ocean World Adventure Park emphasizes personal experiences between guests and marine animals through interactive programs. This resort is the most requested and is the first to sell out each year because of its renowned party scene. These clubs include open bar and feature nightly themes offering a wide variety of entertainment. There is a gym for those that want to continue their daily workout routine or want to sneak in a run before getting the day started! On exceptionally sunny days, the MC will take the party from the pool deck onto the beach and host drinking games, bikini contests and beach volleyball. Walk a bit further and you will be greeted by the beautiful blue sky and glistening pool deck full of sun tanning vacationers. Have a resort staff member hand deliver you endless drinks as you lounge by the pool or on the beach.
The lobby bar tends to be the meeting spot for nightly pregame parties before heading downtown to the bars and clubs. Easy: you can travel for free and have the potential to earn limitless amounts of commissions in the process! Open bars will keep you with a drink in your hand while you and your friends lounge or dance on top of your complimentary STS Travel day beds. Enjoy exclusive FREE drinks at VIP Parties with Open Bar at Coco Bongo, Senor Frogs, The City, Dady O, Mandala Beach, Palazzo and the World Famous Caribbean Carnival booze cruise. You can even take to the skies to get a different point of view as you para sail over the glistening ocean. Of course, drinks will be flowing from the early morning until the night with your choice from 6 different bars.
STS Travel will also be holding drinking contests and dance contests in the spirit and tradition of spring break.
With a 360 degree Ocean View, the Lighthouse lounge & disco is located on the 4th floor of our main Casino building.
There are only a handful of such facilities in the world, and none that rival the variety and quality that Ocean World Adventure Park provides. It’s definitely our most popular spring break resort since the party never stops with daily contests and on-site DJs. The hotel features daily beach parties with contests and provides entertainment throughout the day leading into the evening. Within view and only a few steps down is a white sand beach and crystal clear ocean that is truly an unforgettable sight to see.
Also as promised all alcohol is included so go ahead and treat yourself to a specialty drink or classic Margarita.
We have special early booking discounts going on throughout the summer, but the longer you wait, these prices will continue to increase and top resorts will sell out. Fire shows, theme parties and different caves with different music make Imagine the most unique night-time experience in Punta Cana. Buy your Spring Break VIP Party Package now before everyone is scrambling for it at Spring Break!
Side excursions like these are easily accessible and are very reasonably priced so make it happen! We cannot forget about the legendary Calypso Disco located conveniently at the resort that keeps the party going until 3 a.m.! This exclusive disco offers a wide selection of music from all over the world, the best songs and most popular themes; as well as drinks for all tastes. It is definitely the most spectacular and classy Lounge & Disco Bar of the island, completely dressed in white, with comfortable sofas where you can relax and enjoy the unparalleled view and the best music. Soon enough, you’ll be on Spring Break making memories of a lifetime on a trip you’ll never forget (or remember)! Wednesdays night’s karaoke are the most popular, and Thursdays thru Saturdays are tropical nights.

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