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Ranked112in the USAFlorida State University is a very large public college offering many disciplines along with occupational therapy majors and located in Tallahassee, Florida. Some Florida prisoners soon will have an opportunity to participate in a joint new program built around the proven therapeutic value of art, said David Gussak, associate professor of art education and clinical coordinator for Florida State's program in art therapy, within the university's Department of Art Education.
Gussak has devoted most of his career in art therapy to helping prisoners deal with the self-destructive behaviors that have condemned them to a life behind bars. Working in collaboration with the Florida Department of Corrections, Gussak and his team of graduate interns led several studies in a variety of Florida's correctional facilities.
Encouraged by Gussak's research, the Florida Department of Corrections has thus begun the first steps to a major expansion of its art programs in prisons statewide. Laura Bedard, Department of Corrections deputy secretary who has taught criminology at FSU, has long promoted art in Florida prisons. Last spring, Bedard's department asked Gussak to be the guiding light for its new art program that will include writing and dance, as well as the visual arts. In our Academic Programs area you will find FSU Academic Programs suited for non-traditional learners and how to register for them, learn about Teacher Institutes, find out about our Returning Student Scholarship and more. CAPD Academic Programs provides several Teacher Institutes each summer for educators looking for continuing education credit units.

CAPD Academic Programs partners with FSU departments to offer a variety of courses for personal and professional enrichment, as well as for those working on part-time degrees and certificates. The Returning Student Scholarship, administered by CAPD, was established to provide financial assistance to deserving adults who wish to return to Florida State University and are awarded based on specific criteria. This college was founded in 1851 and is currently offering bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in 3 occupational therapy programs. But a new program launching this fall by Florida's Department of Corrections could be the closest thing to that. He said the state program is an outgrowth of a partnership his department has enjoyed with the state prison agency for five years.
Using art classes as therapeutic aids in prisons is hardly a new idea, but the effectiveness of such programs has traditionally been questioned because of a lack of statistical proof. Gussak has been charged with developing a detailed proposal that will describe an art program for correctional facilities throughout Florida. Some programs are administered by the department and in some cases CAPD manages activities such as marketing, enrollment, management and program fee collection. Florida State University is a little bit expensive; tuition price varies around $22,000 a year.

This partnership has produced the first quantifiable proof that art therapy in prisons really works, Gussak said.
Testing determined the level of mental functioning before and again after art therapy intervention. He's put together an interim committee that will assess needs and resources and formulate a direction.
If all goes well, a permanent committee will be formed to oversee and facilitate the program. Yinger directed the North Florida Parkinson’s Awareness Choir from 2007 to 2011 and completed the National Parkinson Foundation’s Allied Team Training for Parkinson’s in 2009.
She gained clinical experience with a variety of populations through her work with Healing Hearts Music Therapy, a private practice in Tallahassee, Florida, where she provided contract services for two school districts, several assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, a rehabilitation facility, and a psychiatric treatment center. Yinger served as the Chair of the Florida State Task Force for Government Relations, a joint effort of the American Music Therapy Association and the Certification Board for Music Therapists.

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