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She is currently completing her masters in Sports Nutrition combined with a dietetic internship at Florida State University in order to become a Registered Dietitian.
Even with a busy lifestyle, Sarah Grace never fails to keep her health and fitness in mind. Sarah Grace has since authored the inspirational memoir on her story, Chasing Freedom (click here to read more about!), co-authored a healthy recipe e-book series, Healthy Eats, privately works with clients in creating unique and effective fitness plans, and aspires to continue her work through this website as she becomes a registered dietitian. Her focus and main goal of Fresh Fit N Healthy is to share her passion of creating healthy dishes and recipes, along with workouts and nutritional advice, to motivate others in living out a healthy, whole, and active lifestyle.
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Thank you for all your help, you really have inspired me.Tiffany H.I bought your ebook and absolutely love the recipes in there! Thank you so much, this has made my clean eating routine so much more fun and enjoyable.Lindsay B. My name is Mackenzie Powers, I am 16, I live in a town of 1000 people in Saskatchewan, Canada. If you already own the domain you wish to host with us, please select "I already own my domain" so you can either transfer it to us or point to our name servers at no extra cost. I have been following you for some time now and you have been an incredible inspiration to me.
You inspired me to get through the crappy days in life and make the most out of the best days. This past year at school I took a Food Studies class and I have a large final project to complete.

All health information is based on my own personal research or opinion, I am not a certified doctor of any kind. I am considering going into sports dietetics when I finish school, needless to say, I am loving this project.
One of the things that I am looking to include in this assignment is get a personal touch from someone who has already chosen this to be there career. I thought of you immediately and I was really hoping that you could do a small little video or even just a written answer (because I know you are an extremely busy person!) that just tells why you chose to become a sports dietitian.

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