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The Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve is found in the city of Jacksonville, Florida, in the United States.
The Fort Caroline National Memorial is found in the Timucuan Preserve, as is the Kingsley Plantation, the oldest standing plantation in the state. Archeological unearthing by an University of North Florida group has uncovered more data about indigenous people groups in the territory.
The Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve is totally inside the city furthest reaches of Jacksonville. The recreation center was created in 1988, and spreads 46,000 sections of land (186.16 km2).
The Preserve is kept up through participation by the National Park Service, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the City of Jacksonville Department of Parks and Recreation. On Black Hammock Island, they have uncovered leftovers of the second-most established stoneware in the United States, dating to 2500 BCE.

Jacksonville International Airport is the essential business airport in Northeast Florida, with planned service offered via Airtran Airways, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, jetblue Airways, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and US Airways. Discriminating wetland living spaces are secured inside the Preserve, which holds more than 300 secretly held parcels.
It is named for the Timucua Indians who had 35 chiefdoms all through northern Florida and south Georgia at the time of Spanish colonization.
Greyhound offers service west to Tallahasee and New Orleans, south to Orlando and Miami, and north to Charleston and New York, and in addition to local ends of the line, for example, St.
In the most recent 25 years, these Native American individuals have been perceived as unique from the Timucua, despite the fact that they talked a Timucuan lingo. The Jacksonville Greyhound Station is spotted in the heart of downtown Jacksonville, by the Everbank Center.
Reservations are taken for gatherings wanting to visit Fort Caroline (904-641-7155), Kingsley Plantation (904-251-3537), and the Ribault Club (904-251-2802).

Archeologists accept they have discovered confirmation of a Spanish mission on the island also. San Juan del Puerto, one of the most seasoned Spanish missions in Florida, was built here throughout the sixteenth century. Franciscan siblings were teachers to the Timucua and Guale Indians along the coast, whose domain incorporated the Sea Islands in Georgia and up to the Savannah River.

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