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Bachelors, masters and doctoral level academic attire including graduation gowns and academic hoods. Academic hoods are worn over the graduation gown to signify the degree obtained and the university of institution where the degree was awarded. The degree is signified by the color of the velvet on the hood, which is seen on both the front and the back of the hood. Please note that in the case of the PhD degree, the rich royal blue color is used, to represent the PhD, rather than the discipline color or field of study.

Because many universities use different colors to designate each campus, when ordering your academic hood, please be sure to let us know the location (campus) where you graduated, in addition to the name of the school.
Caps and Gowns Direct is reachable by phone, fax and e-mail for all your academic regalia requirements. Faculty members: Miss the ordering date in your local bookstore, but still want a quality doctoral gown and hood?
We keep deluxe PhD gowns and doctoral gowns IN STOCK, as well as tams and hoods, and we accept late orders.

We also have pleanty of LOANER gowns and HOODS available, in cases when you ordered too late to have your hood made and arrive before you need it.
Just let us know when you need to wear your regalia, and we'll rush you a loaner hood with your cap and gown -- at no extra charge!

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